Agar tu hota (11)

Hi. I know, I know u all are really upset with me. But there was network problem in my house. That’s why. And let’s get back to story. U may have forgotten the story but I don’t know how to give links. So I can’t help…..

Agar tu hota(11)


Swara is in lawn drinking tea with everyone. Ragu was trying to make Swaku drink milk…

Sw – paa, when r u arranging anniversary party.
Sh – day after tomorrow princess…
Sw – and all the arrangements?
Su – all arrangement are done bacha. Dont worry about it…

La – Doll, can we go for a picnic
Sw – picnic, when?
La – today
Sh – I and mishti can’t come. We have work. U all go..
La – then it’s final. We r going today.. ragu do all arrangements..
Sw – Swaku, don’t trouble Minnie. Finish the milk. If u don’t complete it then no picnic.

Swakriti gulps down the milk.

Just then the door bell rings. Ting tong……

Swarms goes to open the door. As soon as she opens the door She sees a person covering her face with a bouquet of White lilies. She felt happy.

Sw – kaun?

The person reveals his face by moving the bouquet. He is Sanskar..

Sa – Gud morning princess.

Swara gets angry

Sw – u.. u came again. What do u want from me? Why can’t u let me live.

All come there listening her shouting.

Ra – bhaiyu
Swk – cute man.

Swara takes Swakriti to the room forcefully and shouts the door.

Laksh goes behind them.

La – doll open the door. I said open the door.
Swara opens the door. Lash enters and closes the door.

Sa – Namaste uncle aunty.
Sh – Namaste beta. I am sorry on her behalf. She always behave with you like this.
Sa – uncle when your daughter hates someone or something, she doesn’t even like to see that thing.
Ra – bhaiyu, we r going for a picnic. Wanna join?
Sa – yeah Ragu…

Ragini goes to Swara’s room and says them to get ready. Laksh goes to his room to change..

All gets ready. Shekhar and Sharmishta went out. And Sanskar to mm for getting ready, he will directly reach the spot..

At first swakriti comes being dressed in a pink top and shorts till her thighs.. she has worn pink goggles too.

Swk – Mickey, Minnie come fast.
Raglak – coming angel.

Lakh comes wearing a white t-shirt and Jeans with a red leather jacket.

Ragini comes there wearing a violet and white jumpsuit..

La – doll come fast..
Sw – coming.

Swara comes out wearing a cream sleeveless frock till her knees.. she is looking too Good…

La – Ragu, after seeing ur sister, I am regretting that I married u.. see she is very beautiful.

Swk – oyi, teasing my mumma, I’ll not leave u.
La – angel she is my best friend know. How can I tease her.
Swk – acha, then what were u doing then?
La – it’s my duty angel.
Sw – bas karo
Let’s go

All reaches the spot.

It’s a meadow and there is a river flowing through the centre of that land. In the opposite side of that river, cattle are grazing. In short the place was beautifull…..

All comes out from the car ..

Sw – beautiful.
Swk – What a scenery. Mamma I like this place very much.
Sw – me too baby.. I wish we lived in this place.
Swk – mamma, where’s mickey Minnie?
Sw – may be romancing.
Both giggles

Swara and Swakriti takes pics..

Precap – Picnic romance❤

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