agapius: manya and kriyaansh (Episode 11)


The episode starts with
Kriyaansh , mantu and jeh wishing amaya. Rey hugs her may you live 1100 years and be my best friend till i die because i love my evil friend he said while rest others laugh.
Kriya also hugs her she says you are the best person in this world i ever met.
Rey: what about me and mantu?
Kriya and amaya smiles not more than amaya she gives him a reply.
Mantu just shakes her hand and wishes her.
Amaya to herself how rude of him. He did not even hug me. May be he is still angry on my behaviour. But i need to clarify it as soon as possible.
Jeh: you all will just wish or cut the cake also?
Rey: yeah of course. No birthdays are complete without cakes.
Kezar: yeah right. You people do parties without me noe.
Jeh: hey chotu! ! How are you? Come !! We did not forget you.
Kezar: i am fine jeh bro. When did you come?
Jeh: few hours back. Let’s cut the cake.

They all cut the cake.
Kriya feeds amaya . Rey removes a piece a put little in her mouth and then applies all of it on her face. You look good in this face pack he said teasingly. They all apply cake on her face except mantu.
Amaya gets annoyed by his behaviour so she goes by her self and applies it on his face.
Everyone have a hearty laugh. They all dance on the birthday bash song. Finally they get exhausted and sit.
Amaya : you all sit. Let me take a wash and come.
Mantu: i also need to wash my chocolate face.
Kriya; you use my washroom. He complies and goes.
Jeh: guys i need to go back. So I’ll do my packing and take a wash.
Kezar: I’ll go home or mom will shout.
Rey and kriya are the only ones left in the hall.
Rey: i think you also need a wash.

Kriya: why?
Rey: because you look more dangerous than a witch and ghost.
Kriya: how rude you are? I hate you.
Rey: no you are the pretiest girl.
Kriya blushes.
Somone is blushing. But you can’t blush like my blush. Said rey.
Kriya: we are two different things. Your blush is a car and i am a human.
Rey;thats what my car blushes more than you.
Kriya: how rude. I really hate you.
Rey : i think you need something sweet. He applies the cake on her face.

Krita: idiot!! She also runs behind him with a piece.
He teases her that she won’t be able to chase him he falls down while running without lookin in front. She also falls on him as she came rushingly behind him. They share an eye lock.
Kriya applies cake on his face but he did not even feel as he was lost in her eyes.
Kriya: i caught you rey. And you look worsw than a gorrila.
Rey: you are so fat. I can’t bare your weight. Get off me.
She feeps awkard and gets up. By the time jeh comes out with his bags.
Jeh: guys where are the others?
Amaya i am here where is mantu? Her eyes were only looking for him.
Mantu comes. Rey: here he is coming.
Mantu: what have you all to your faces?
Amaya: you guys are like tom and jerry and more like kids.
Jeh : yeah look at yourself.
All laugh.

Jeh: amaya i am leaving take care of yourself.
Amaya: wait i am coming to drop you.
Jeh: no need i will go.
Amaya: don’t say no to birthday girl.
Jeh agrees.
Mantu: guys go take a wash othetwise neighbours will get die with heart attack seeing your faces.
Rey: yeah right. Bye jeh. Take care.
Mantu: i will also leave. Bye guys. Good night.
They all bid bye to jeh. Mantu also goes out along with amaya and jeh.
Mantu: let me help you carrying your bag.

Jeh: yeah sure, wait. He removes a parcel.
Amaya give this to chotu that video game freak will love this. I forgot to give him.
Amaya keeps it in the car. Amaya leaves along with jeh while mantu goes on his bike.
Mantu on the way thinks she really did not care about my ignorance. He reaches back to his house.
Amaya drops jeh to the station and calls mantu.
Mantu: yeah amaya say.
Amaya: are you free now?
Mantu: yeah
Amaya: can we meet?
Mantu: now?
Amaya: yeah now! Are you coming?
Mantu: ok fine. Where but?

Amaya: to the lake view park.
Mantu: ohh k I’ll be there in 15 mins.
Amaya: ohhk bye.
Mantu why on earth she wants to meet me now. First she only ignores me and now calls me to medt her. Only she knows what is going on in her mind.
Amaya on the other hand thinks i will tell you everything so that you don’t ignore me. But i really need his attention? Or i am telling him so that he stays away from my matters.
She reaches the park. She goes in and waits for him. This boys are like that only makes us wait all the time.
Mantu comes. What happenex? At this time?
She just drags him with her and makes him sit in the paddle boat.
They start paddling. She does not say anything.
Mantu: you wanted to do boating?
Amaya: no.
Mantu: then why did you call me here at this time?
Amaya: because..
Mantu: because??

Amya: you were intrested in my past.
Mantu: i am
Amaya : i need to tell you.
Mantu: ok not here. Lets go bavl to the shore.
Amaya: ohhk .
They go.

Amaya: you know i had a happy family. No saddness at all. But one day i came to know the real truth which my mom was hidding from many years.
Mantu: what truth?
Amaya: she was a victim of domestic violence. That man who i thought was the worst man in the world. Whenever we went to school he used to beat my mom. My mom who never let us know about this incident. She suffered all the pain by her self. And the day came when i came to know about the pain she underwent for years. She had given up. She lost hope and jumped in front of me from the terrace i tried my best to save her. But my hand could not reacj her. I could have saved her but i could not.
Mantu: añd your dad?

Amaya: jeh was my step bro but he s much better than him. He filed a complaint against him but in vain. That man bribed the inspector and took the case on he’s side.
Amaya breaks down. All because of me. I could have saved her but all because of me. I saw her in pain but could not bring justice to her till date.
Mantu: wipes her tears. Its not your fault. You did not even knew about your mom.
Amaya: but i could have saved her. My hands could not reach her. And that man who killed my mothet shamelessly calls me saying that he did not kill her.

She really opens up her heart to mantu. She was completely shattered. Mantu composes himself and hugs her. I am so sorry. Because of me you opened your past chapters again. I am sorry. She feels peace in his arms. He kisses her forehead and appologizes to her.
Thanks guys for reading. Hope you like it. Do comment

Credit to: bitsy

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  2. Thanx shivani and shree.
    Shree I’ll try to make it long. Actually i don’t have a laptop so i have to type through phone only. It takes time to think. But for sure I’ll make it long next time.

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