Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le…… (My life My story)

Ae zindagi gale laga le….

Hii! I am new here. I am writing a story basically based on my life. So, here’s the plot. Hope you will like it. 

Ridhi Bansal, a girl who lives in delhi and studies in 7th standard, always wanted to have a normal family. Her family doesn’t have a society status nor there is love between any relationship. Her family always argue among themselves and sometimes she also get scolded for no reason. She has a friend in school, Pushkar, whom she considers her best friend. She always listen to her heart and do what she wants. She and pushkar always argue but are ready to help each other at any time. Ridhi is a fan of a serial and loved it more than herself. She doesn’t like girls and if she  has to choose between boys and girls, she will surely choose boys becoz she thinks that girls always betray and butter others (with many experiences). She loves her brother the most although there is an age gap of 9 years between them. Fond of romantic and sad songs. She is a bright student but not in the top favourites list by teachers as she doesn’t like being behind them every time. More than being bookish, she likes to be a logical person like Pushkar. She loved the tellywood industry since she was 2. Thus,  She wants to become a film director in future. Later you will come to know more about this story. 

Sorry if I bored you and for the mistakes. I can not be regular becoz of my studies. Pls comment. Negative or positive reviews, both r excepted. Thanks for reading. 

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  1. Good start shagina… Loved it very much… You know the story is somewhat similar as mine… The thing is that I don’t have any friends… Story is mind-blowing… Eagerly waiting for the rest of the story.. Hope you will write soon….

  2. Shagina

    Thank you ma’am
    Have a good day

  3. Aadya

    Will surely like to read this story!!

    1. Shagina

      Have a nice day

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