Ae zindagi gale laga le…..CHAPTER 3


Hello everyone! I am back with the third chapter!


After some months,it was exam time which really stressed out Ridhi. Though she used to score excellent marks but she did not use to study the whole year ,only in the exam time. Today ,It was her math’s exam.She was the math’s topper but she had a dream of scoring 100 marks in maths which she hadn’t scored yet.after giving the exam she came out of the school  to her parents with a sad face because her friends made her belief that she had done a mistake in the exam.

Mother- Ridhi how was your exam?

Ridhi- Maa we will talk about it later!

Father- Why later ? Mujhe abhi baat karni hai!

Pushkar was standing behind them , listening and viewing them  bcoz his van was late.

Ridhi talking to her father in a high tone- Papa bola na baad mein baat karenge!

Father scolding her- Aawaaz niche! Mainbhi ucchi aawaaz mein bhi bol sakta hoon!

Ridhi showing her palm to him –  Bas aur nhi,bola na baad mein baat karenge!

Her father now was really frustrated because of her,so he slapped her on her face . Ridhi was now left into tears.

Father- Apne ma-baap se baat karne ki gameez bhool chuki hai yeh.

She ran from there to the park which was very close to the school and Pushkar followed her.


Ridhi was sitting in a corner and crying badly . Pushkar came and keep his hand on her shoulder from behind. She removed his hand with anger.

Ridhi- Mujhe kisi se baat nahi karni!

Pushkar sat beside her and said- Accha mujh se bhi nahi!

(BGM: MOH MOH KE DHAAGE{female version})

She hugged him and asked him that why was he there?

Pushkar- Tujhse kuch poochne aaya tha?


Pushkar- Yahi ki tu theek hai na?

Ridhi- Baahar se to theek hu lekin andar se tooti padi hu!

Pushkar- Kya hua ?

Ridhi- Exam ke time par main bas akeli rehna chaahati hu lekin mere parents chain se mujhe jeene kaha denge! Tujhe pata yeh time sabse bura lagata hai!

Pushkar- Ek baat bataau? Ek baar raja Akbar ne Birbal se kuch aisa likhne ko kaha jisse jab insaan khush ho wo dukhi ho jaaye aur jab dukhi ho to khush ho jaaye to pta hai unhone kya likha?

Ridhi- Kya?

Pushkar- Yeh waqt bhi guzar jaayenga! Pehle apne yeh moti pocho!

He wiped off her tears.

Pushkar- Aaj tum itni dukhi kyun thi?

Just then her mother came from behind but stayed silent and did not disturbed them.

Ridhi- Aaj ke exam mein me4i ek galti hogayi hai aisa meri class ki ladkiyon ne mujhe samjhaaya!

Pushkar- dikhaao kaunsa question?

She showed him the question and they discuss it for sometime.

Pushkar- Tumhaara yeh question to bilkul theek hai! Kaha tum bhi unki baato mein aa gayi! Tu bhi apni class ki ladkiyon ko acche se jaanti hai.


Pushkar- Woh dialogue hai na”dosti mein no sorry , no thank you”

Both of them smiles and a little smile occurred on her mother’s face too.

Pushkar – Chal ab chalte hai!

They stood up and saw Ridhi’s mother standing.

Ridhi- Maa aap yahan?

Pushkar- Namaste aunty!

Mother- Namaste beta! Chalo main tum dono ko ghar chodd du!

Pushkar- Nahi aunty main apni van se chala jaaunga.

Mother – tumhari van thodi der pehle hi chali gayi.

Ridhi- Maa vo Papa?

Mother- Woh to pata nahi scooter leke kahaan chale gaye.Tum dono ab chalo!

They dropped Pushkar and went back home.


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