Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le…CHAPTER 1

Ae zindagi gale laga le….

Hii! This is my first ff.So here is the first chapter!


A girl is getting ready for school at 5:30 am.

The girl- Maa!The lunch is ready or not?

Maa-Ridhi! Two minutes bacchaa!

Ridhi-Since ten minutes you are saying that.You know na if i will get late for the academy,Sir will give me punishment.I can bear anything except his punishment.Why did our school get him only for the hockey academy? I mean there are many people in this world who are proffesional in hockey but why this Akroo Sir only?

Maa-Mind your language bachaa! He is your Coach naa!

Ridhi- Sorry Maa! Is now the lunch ready?(The mother nods yes) Oh thank god!

She took her lunch box and went to her school with her father in a hurry.


Every student had reached there and Mr. Rajiv(hockey coach) was going to start the practise ,just then Ridhi came.

Mr.Rajiv-You are late!

Ridhi-What!(she checked her watch)It is just 1 minute Sir!

Mr.Rajiv-1 minute or 10 minutes,late is late.Come on 10 rounds!FAST! And you all(to other students)5 rounds.

Ridhi-(in mind)Akroo Sir ! Why always he is behind me!

Some how the school went off and she returned back home.she went to her mom who signed her to keep quite and said

Maa-bahut der baad soya hai,utth gaya to waapas poore ghar ka satyanaash kar denga [he has sleft after many hours,if he wake up ,again the whole house will be destroyed]

Ridhi-(whispers)Ok maa!

They left him and went in the other room!

Maa-So how was your day?

Ridhi-Aaj achanak aap mein yeh maa ki mamta kaha se jaag utthi[suddenly from where this motherhood have arisen in you]

Maa-bhale hi main tumhaari jitni lagti hu lekin huto ek maa hi naa [although i look like i am of your age but atlast i am a mom only]

Ridhi-Aap aur mere jaise never I look too small in front of you

Maa-Abhi nhi[not todaay]when my neil will come naa he will judge me

Ridhi-Pls don’t start it now!I had also watched NAAMKARANN and loved it too but you,aapi sui 24 hours sirf do hi insaan pe aa ke khatam hoti hai1st Pushkar 2nd That non existent person

Maa-NON EXISTENT?Oh you better understand He is there in this world

Ridhi-U r grt maa! I consider myself as a complicated person to be understand but you are nevertheless worth than me

Maa-Yaad rakhna ke tu beti iski hai!

Ridhi-on one hand you have dreams that I can go to IIT and on the other hand you dreams about your son-in-law

Maa-tu ab yeh saar baatein chodd[now leav these talks]


Her mother started watching TV and she completed her homework.After some time she too out her headphones and listened to her favourite song and sang along too

<ore manwa tu to baawra hai,tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai baawre……(iktaara)>

The night came ,they had the dinner and went to sleep

Everybody slept except ridhi.She was crying and cursing god for not not giving happiness in her destiny and finally after some time she doxed off.


PRECAP-Pushkar and ridhi’s fight

Hope you liked it! Sorry if I bored you and for the mistakes!  THANKS FOR READING!

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