Ae Mere Humsafar OS (Naagin)


It was a pleasant and warm morning. Ritik and Shivanya were sleeping peacefully in their cozy bed; afterwards they were tired because of the party previous night. Shivanya opened her eyes and broke her deep sleep due to the falling sun rays. She got up and sat on the bed. She was looking at Ritik when she realized that it was 7 O’ clock already and Ritik can’t bear hunger for a longer time. She quickly got up and went to freshen up. She came out wearing a red saree with golden border . Then she came to the mirror . She put her bindi, then jhumkas and wore the waist chain . She put her hands to tie her blouse dori when Ritik came and tied it .

“ So, you woke up ! “ Shivanya said .”Yes my beautiful wife “ said Ritik hugging her from back. “Leave me Ritik ! I’ve to put the sindoor “ said Shivanya holding his hand remove it from her waist . “ It’s my birthright to put sindoor “ said Ritik holding the box of sindoor . He put sindoor on her maang .

“Now let me go, I’ve to make the breakfast for you “said Shivanya with a smiling face.”Ok go “ said Ritik.She was about to go when Ritik pulled waist chain and she held him to save herself from falling .

“What are you doing “ said Shivanya with a angry face . “ Just trying to romance with you “ said Ritik removing the hair strand from her face . “I promise I will come to you after I make the breakfast “ said Shivanya. “ Ok ! but give me a true promise “ Said Ritik .

Shivanya went to the kitchen and started making food . It has not been nearly five minutes when Ritik came and hugged her . “Now what happened ?” said Shivanya . “ I was missing you “ said Ritik with a puppy face . “ Please Ritik ! Let me work , I promise I will come to you “ said Shivanya with worried look . “ I’m not going to talk to you “said Ritik and went away.

After making food Shivanya went to the room . She searched for Ritik but did not found him . Then she searched whole house but Ritik was not found . She sat in the bedroom and started crying thinking and blaming herself for Ritik’s absence . She was crying when she spotted a bouquet of red roses in front of her . When she turned she saw a smiling Ritik . She pushed him.

“Where were you ?” said Shivanya . “ I went to buy flowers for you” said Ritik keeping his hand on her shoulder . “ You should have told me . You know How much I was worried ?” said shivanya . “ Atleast for this excuse you cared for me “ said Ritik smiling . “ I’m not talking to you” saying this Shivanya sat down .

Ritik came on his knees and held his ears but Shivanya turned away . . Ritik went her and hugged from back . He whispered sorry in her ears . Shivanya hugged him and cried .

“What if something would have happened to you?” Said Shivanya hugging him. “Nothing would happen with me until you are with me “ said Ritik bringing his face near to Shivanya. “I love you “ Ritik whispered in her ears . He removed her hair strand and kissed her forehead . He made her lay down . He bent to kiss her lips . They kissed . She unbuttoned his chest kissed his bare chest . Ritik removed his palu and kissed her neck . They both got tangled and wrapped in each other .They covered themselves with the blanket.

Next day Shivanya woke up and as usual was going to the kitchen when Ritik held her hand . He pulled her and she fell on his bare chest. “Go and wear your shirt”said Shivanya blushing . “What has to be happened , its happened . Then why are you blushing?”said Ritik. He wrapped his hands around her waist and then slowly moves towars her blouse dori which was not tied .He ties it and says “It’s my work,know?”. She smiles and hugs him. She got up and was going to the door when she felt uncomfortable and nostalgic. She sat down on the sofa and called Ritik for help. “Ritik ! Ritik ! Please come down ”shouted Shivanya. Ritik rushed up and sat beside Shivanya .”I am feeling nostalgic and my head is paining ”said Shivanya holding her head . “ You come and rest , I am calling the doctor “ said Ritik with a worried face.

After sometime Doctor came up and checked up her . “SHE IS PREGNANT” said doctor with a smiling face . Ritik jumped up and hugged Shivanya touching her stomach .

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    The romance is sweet and nice

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    Awesome episode, love it, well done. 🙂

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    You will definitely win the contest

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    Nice is dear u rocked .

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    Love it RS. Rivanya’s consummation scene was really best.

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    Liked it so much

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