Ae dil hai mushkil by Vrushy (chapter 6)

Hello everyone.

2 years later.

I entered the podium, with all might, my face beamed out of contentment, I could hear rounds of applauses, I heard the host announce my name, her sweet sounding voice said ” The next student to be graduated is naira singhania.”
I walked on the stage to receive my degree. I turned towards the crowd that had gathered. I was looking for that one person who would take my breath away. Finally I found him standing among the people clapping for me. He raised his hand and gave me a tumbs up. There he was. My heartbeat. My karthik.

Yesterday night I was all sad and depressed. Mamma, papa and bhai couldn’t come to my graduation ceremony because tara bhabi was eight and a half months pregnant and it was assumed that she would go in labour anytime. I understood that she needed them more than me. But still it felt very odd that I was getting graduated in the absence of my family.
But then today morning karthik had called me to inform me that he was already at the london airport and was coming to my graduation ceremony directly. I had been soo happy and excited at that time. And now here he was smiling at me as I received the degree. I mouthed an “I love you” to him and blew some flying kisses and he seemed quite embarrassed. Well I was still on the stage and I was asked to move forward as there were other students who had to be graduated. But I wanted to keep standing there and cherish that moment all through my life…..

I stepped off the podium and I saw mendhak walking towards me, he gave me a hug and peck on my forehead and whispered “congratulations jaan” and I pecked him back on his cheeks and showed my gratitude towards him, we walked towards an empty pair of seats. I had to wait till the whole ceremony got over so as to take my luggage and submit my room’s key. Finally my semester had ended and I had my masters in dance. I was ready to go back to my home and start my own dance academy. I looked at karthik and he smiled at me, this time I knew what his smile meant, it said I will always love you and be with you forever, I smiled back at him .

We sat the whole ceremony holding each others hands and all the while smiling at each other. When it finally got over I went to my room to get my luggage and submit my keys to the warden. Karthik was waiting at the university gate for me. He had boarded a taxi and was speaking to someone on his phone. Well he was a busy man now. He had also completed his management degree and now was heading one of Indias largest MNC’s. He was the CEO and from what bhai had told me over skype he was doing ver well. I was so very proud of him.

As soon as he saw me he ended his call and walked towards me. He picked up my luggage and kept it in the car. Very chivalorously he also opened the cars door for me. Ahhh, my gentleman. I climbed in and we started towards the hotel that karthik had booked for us. On the drive I took out my cell phone and dailled home. I informed everybody about all the happenings and all were very happy. To my surprise mamma and papa already knew about karthiks arrival. I told them that we have booked our flights for day after tomorrow. Its an early morning flight and we will reach there by evening. I bid my farewells and looked at the man sitting beside me.

Naira : You told my parents about you coming to london ?!!
Karthik : Obviously, I went to ask permission from your dad. I wanted to know if he was ohkay with me attending your graduation.
Naira : What ?!!
Karthik : Yeah, he warned me to be in my limits and not do anything hanky panky.
I laughed heartily when he said that.
Karthik : He also asked me to book two seperate rooms for us at the hotel.
Naira : So we are staying in different rooms ?!!
Karthik : No. I have booked only one room. But for your dad , we would be staying in two seperate rooms.
Naira : Haww…. I won’t lie to my papa.

Naira said being all melodramatic.
Karthik : Ohkay then I will book another room.
Naira : No. No. Its fine.
Karthik chuckled at her response.
Naira : Anyways even if we stay in the same room I know that nothings gonna happen. You would start with your theory of “saving it for marraige”.
Karthik : Well evrybody has their own beleifs and I would like to wait till marraige.
Naira : Ohhh cummon, you are just old school.
As we had been talking, the taxi reached our destination and we got out. The bellboy carried our luggage to our room. As soon as he left I closed the door and hopped on the bed.
Naira : So what are we gonna do for the rest of the night.
Karthik : I thought about taking you out for a date. What say ?!! Our first date ?!!
Yeah, we had been dating for two years but then it was a long distance relationship so this was officially our first date.
Naira : Yeah. why not ?!! Let me get ready then. Where are you taking me ?!!
Karthik : Surprise. Surprise.

Precap : Kaira’s first date.

Sorry guys, I know there’s not much in this update but then I had my exams so I was not able to think. But the next chapter will be really good and that’s a promise. Please do comment. Keep smiling and loving YRKKH.


  1. Hales


    |Registered Member

    Yr dont say there is nothing in this episode!!
    Infact i loves this one so so much!! It has so much of awsum kaira romance n u potrayed it so well! U r an amazing writer! Good luck with ur exams 😀😉👍

  2. shilpaI

    U never disappoint yaar whatsoever was simple but beautifully written
    waiting fir the next ….
    All the best for exams

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