Ae dil hai mushkil by Vrushy (chapter 5)


Chapter 5

Karthik had been all sprawled over the bed for the whole day. He knew it was naira’s last day in India. She had called him in the morning but he didn’t answer. He didn’t know what to answer. Later she had sent him numerous messages requesting him to come to airport to see her off.
He was so confused whether he should go or not. He knew that if he goes then he won’t be able to see her goo away from him. But if he doesn’t go then he might regret for the whole life that he didn’t go to see off his best friend when she was embarking on a new journey.

After a lot of battle with his mind and his heart. He decided what he wanted to do. He got of from his bed and walked towards his wardrobe. He wore the blue shirt that naira had gifted him on his birthday. Took the car keys and ran towards his car. He drove like a maniac for the next 15 mins. He finally reached the airport. He walked in and searched for her…….. his heartbeat.

That’s when he saw the long black hair that always drew him crazy. She was standing with her mumma, papa and her bhai. She was huging everyone of them. Though she was not facing me and I could only see her back, I knew for sure that she was crying.
As I was staring at her. Naksh saw me. I waved towards him. He told naira that I was here and she turned towards me. I was right, She was crying. Her little nose was all pink and her cheeks has tear strains. I was a bit taken aback, I never knew my naira was soo emotional. I always thought she was a strong girl who didn’t give a damm !!
As soon as her eyes met mine I could see the relief that passed all over her features. She left her suitcase and ran towards me. As she covered the distance between us I could clearly see the happiness that was present in her eyes. I knew what her intensions were, So I opened my arms for her. As expected she wrapped her tiny arms around my neck and I was thrown back a little by her force. We had hugged each other before but this time it seemed as if she hung onto me with all her life.
Naira : I thought you would never come. I thought I had lost you.
Karthik : Hey, relax I am here. I will always be here. We are best friends right.
Naira : No, I don’t want to be best friend with you.
Karthik : What ?!!

She broke the hug now and moved a little back so that she could see me. I looked into her eyes that had excietment written all over it. I was confused now. What was this girl upto ?!!
To my surprise naira bent down in front of me. She was on her knees in front of my. A gasp escaped my lips.

Karthik : Naira what are you doing ?!! Everybody is looking at us.
Naira : We have know each other for long. You know how insecure I am. You know about my trust issues. You know how I believe that I don’t deserve the love I get. Basically you know that I am flawed. But what you don’t know is that I am deeply, madly and completely in love with you. I love you with all my heart and soul. I know I have hurt you yesterday but now I have completely understood that there is no me without you. So will you be my boyfriend ?!! I think I am done with you being the bestfriend.
I looked at her in shock !!
This mad mad girl. Yesterday I proposed her and she had laughed at me, at some point of time I thought of taking revenge but then this was not a proper time. I made her stand up holding her shoulders and hugged her tightly.
Karthik : I love you naira. More than you can even imagine.
The flight to london was announced and I knew she had to go. We released the hug and walked towards where her parents and bhai stood. We walked hand in hand . I smiled slyly at all of them. She bid her goodbyes to them. She turned towards me .
Naithik : Go, drop her.
Akshara : Yeah, we don’t mind.

I walked towards naira and took her suitcase. The guard stopped me at the gate but then naira pleaded with him that she was going away for 2 years and could do with some extra time with her fiance . Fiance ?!! Aren’t we moving a little fast over here. The guard let us go ahead.
Naira : Are we still in the line of sight of my parents ?!!
Karthik : No. Why ?!!
Without another word naira turned and grabbed my collar and landed a rather savage kiss on my lips which I reciprocated with equal ferocity. Several minutes and a lot of embarrassed passangers later, we seperated.
Karthik : That was good.
Naira : I know. Anyway you have to wait for two years now. I hope you know that.
Karthik : Well I have waited for a long time. Two years in nothing.
Her flight was announced again.

Naira : Time to go.
Karthik : I love you.
Naira : I love you more.
I am thinking of ending this ff. I have my exams in the coming week and I won’t be able to update so very frequently. So all you people please comment if you want me to end it or continue with the story.
If you guys want me to end it than this will be last chapter but I will write an epilouge after this covering karthik proposing naira for marraige, their wedding and their kids .

While if you want me to continue than I would like to write more about how kaira deal with their long distance relationship and then some of their dates and then their wedding and all stuff.

So at the end the decision is yours. Please tell me through your comments.

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