Ae dil hai mushkil by Vrushy (chapter 3)


Naira could not get any sleep that night. As she tossed around in bed, she replayed the happenings at the beach in her mind. Everything had seemed so fine until Karthik said that. Though she had dismissed it as a mere joke, she knew he was serious. And what was worse, she had seen it coming. She had known about his feelings all along.

She had started feeling that something was changing between karthik and her, long back. The way he spoke to her. The way he looked at her. The way he had become over protective about her. And the way he became jealous whenever she talked to other boys of her dance academy.

she had long ago decided to tell him clearly why she didn’t want a relationship. And she had done that too, right ?!!
But he still went ahead with expressing his feelings. Why could he not just get it ?!!
She could not risk loosing him. She loved him way too much to hurt him and she was sure that at the end she would hurt him. When had she ever not disappointed the people who loved her !!

She looked out of the window and looked at the full moon. She smiled. The full moon night was full of mysteries for her. She had heard quite a few fables which had the full moon as their most important element. Tomorrow would be the epoch of a different life. She would be away from this city. This country infact.

True, it had broken her heart into a zillion pieces, walking away from her mendhak like that, making a complete mockery of the whole incident. But she could not be weak. No. As she was lost in her own world of thoughts, akshara came into her room to check whether naira had slept or not.
Akshara : Why are you still awake ?!!
Naira : Not sleppy.
Akshara : May I know who is the boy that has stolen the sleep of dad’s princess ?!!
Naira : There’s no boy !!
Akshara : Oh really now ?!! You are going to lie about it. You don’t love karthik ?!!
Naira was shocked listening to her mamma, was it that obvious ?!! She finally decided to talk to her mamma and let out all her secrets.
Naira : I do love him but I am scared mamma.
Akshara : Scared of what ?!!
Naira : Of letting him down in the relationship. Of not being able to live up to his expectations. Of hurting him and loosing him at the end. I know that I have trust issues. I couldn’t even trust you and misunderstood you. I coudnt even trust my mumma so what will be the gaurantee that I can trust him.
Akshara : First of all naira you should learn to leave the past behind. Until you let go off past you can never learn to live present to the fullest. Secondly, you did a mistake by not trusting me so what ?!! Everybody does mistakes, its just what you learn from them matters !!
Naira : He proposed me today but I acted as though it was a joke. I did hurt him by laughing at his feelings like that.
Akshara : Look naira , a relationship has to be made strong you don’t get it served in a plate. If you will be so scared of a relationship then you won’t get the happiness out of it.
Naira : So what should I do ?!!
Akshara : You love him right ?!! Then give him a chance . Give your relationship a chance.
Naira : I will think about it. Thanks mumma and sorry for all the sadness I have given you. I love you .
Akshara : I love you too my baccha !!

Precap : The singhania and maheshwari family giving farewell to naira. Her flight being announced at the airport and no sign of karthik.


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