Ae dil hai mushkil by Vrushy (chapter 2)



Naira could not believe her ears. It was as if someone had played a bad joke on her. No. The worst joke ever. Surely karthik did not mean what he had just said? Haha, yeah. He was always fooling around. This was probably another one of his jokes.

There, karthik waited expectantly. The weight of the silence seemed too much to bear. He finally cleared his throat to draw her attention. She looked at him blankly. No joy. No happiness. No blushing. No smile. Had he said something wrong? Something she did not want to hear? She finally started to move. Move away from him. No! This couldn’t be happening! She had not even replied !! She could not leave like this !! Karthik started walking towards her. He reached next to her and caught her by her shoulders, naira looked back at him.

And then she did something unexpected. She started giggling. Her giggles soon turned into a hearty laughter. Karthik couldn’t understand the sudden transformation. Something was wrong for sure.

“What ?!! ” naira snapped.
karthik was totally confused and was at a loss for words. She repeated her question to no avail. Finally she said, “When will you stop playing these dirty jokes ?!! Grow up, man. It was not at all funny.” Saying this she patted his cheek and left.

He could do nothing but stare out at the sea, which was now nearly black in color. She had considered everything a joke? How could she? Why didn’t she realize that his words truly mirrored his feelings for her? Why couldn’t she understand that her going away would create a permanent void in his life ?!! Was his love so hard to understand. Everybody had seen the love he had for naira in his eyes, even her own family. But here she was, who thought it was all a joke !!
Her rejection wouldn’t have hurt me more than this. She was not acknowleding the love I have for her…..Why was she doing this ?!!

Back in his mind, he already knew the answer because she did not believe in love . She had lost all faith in relationships.She thought that she was unworthy of any attention that she received from others. She was his bestfriend and she wanted him to be the same and nothing more. maybe he would just have to content himself with being her best friend. Maybe he will always remain that. May be she would never love him as her soulmate !!
Karthik walked back home all the while thinking if he should go to see her off at the airport tomorrow . It was his last chance to see her. He would then meet her after 2 long years. But would he be able to control his feelings then ?!! when he sees her going away from him ?!!

Precap : Naira talking to akshara about karthik. Later her flight being announced at the airport but still there was no sign of karthik. Naira wondering if she had lost him forever !!

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    Ohh nyc one …hope kaira becomes one soon!☺

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      Yeah, they will be kaira very soon.

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      Thank you 🙂
      Will upload next one today itself !!

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂

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    Loved it… waiting for update

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      Will update next one soon !

  4. Awesome one….

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