Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (It’s TOUGH – My Love) : Prologue


So Here’s my special surprise for you all. First of all Happy Diwali friends I know as always I’m Late but then its never too late to give good wishes right?? ?

Destiny has Different plans

You’re my journey,

You’re my destination

To live without you is impossible….

“She’s been shifted to another jail. They say that she needs medication” I turn to face her, “And what about the hearing?”

“It will be in the next week.” She pauses, taking a deep breath and trying to calm herself, “Do you really want to do this?”

I smile and shift my gaze at her, “I don’t want to, but will have to do it. She was my sister Kavita”

She cuts me in, “Even she is your sister Ragini.”

“That’s the true problem here isn’t it?” She sighs defeated “Fine, do what you want to, but I still can’t believe Kavya can do this!” Kavita leaves from their frustrated as I gaze at the window, the beautiful nature calming me even more. A tear leaves my eye and I chuckle, “Why do everyone and everything have to leave me and go? Why…”



“Swara Di! (Elder sister is called as Didi or Di)” I stare at her annoyed and she makes a puppy face, “Stop spoiling my name, how would you feel if I call you Ra or may be swa or..”

“Say what you want my Gini, but first listen to this” She starts reading something, oh wait, she’s reading the newspaper, “The upcoming business sensation of our Country Mr. Lakshya Goenka ” And I snatch the paper from her hand, “If Papa doesn’t get this then Daddu won’t get it and If he doesn’t get it then You’ll get, ask what?”

“Scoldings” she replies, gulping the fear in and staring at me. I walk towards Papa’s room and she follows me, “But then Gini just have a look at it first, see someone’s looking so handsome!” she teases, grinning from ear to ear, and I know what she’s trying to do “Swara Di, How about you say the same thing in the evening when they come here.” I lift my brows up questioning her and she pouts.

“Why should I praise him in front of so many people, “she turns her face aside and I look at her amused “Stupid people don’t deserve to be praised Gini ” she states folding her arms and bringing them near her chest and I smile shaking my head. My big sister behaves like my little toddler here, “Oh god Swara Di, Weren’t you praising the same stupid person a moment ago?”

“No” she says, her mouth forming an O, “I was praising mine would be…”

“What are you two doing here so early?” Maa (Mother) questions looking at both me and Di dubious. “The newspaper, Maa” I say forwarding the paper towards her, she takes it from me and sighs as though relieved, “Thank goodness, Ragu you found it or else tomorrow the newspaper boy would have been out of his job, Bichara” she says shaking her head and we both smile at her in return. As we turn to leave, “Wait a sec,” we pause and look at each other. “How did you both know that the newspaper was missing?” She questions staring at both of us for an answer.

“Maa actually…” Di smiles like a maniac and Maa rolls her eyes at her, “Shona, you need to stop doing this beta, you know na your daddu (Paternal Grandfather) and papa’s (Father’s) day doesn’t start without the newspaper darshan”

And we both giggle at her statement making her smile too. She taps lightly on both our heads saying, “Now go get ready fast, Chachu (Paternal Uncle / Father’s younger brother) will drop you today.” We both nod and leave from there.


And that was the day all this began, the day I wished to have been erased of my life or rather rewind and fixed. I turn towards the door and there he is mine….

“Hey,” he says and I smile replying back, “Hey there!” he chuckles shaking his head.

“Going somewhere?”

“Yup, thought to have a long drive with the other me”

“So I take it as a ‘Sanskar, I need some time, please?” I nod, smiling at him briefly as our eyes meet. He comes forward caressing my face, “I’m proud of you Ragini, I really am” He says and I know how hurt he is at the same time. I look at him apologetically and he continues, “You don’t need words to express how you’re feeling right now.” He touches his forehead to mine and I’m inconsolable, “You need to lighten the burden on your heart, cry till your taps have no water left in them” I hit him lightly on his shoulder smiling through my tears, “Bad one Sanskar”

“But you smiled didn’t you?” I nod “That’s what is important.” he separates from me and I moan, “Now go for your Long drive and come back before it’s too late. This drive will change everything Ragini, after this drive our lives and relationships will change forever…”

“But we’ll still be best friends Right?” I ask him wiping my tears and he nods, holding my face, “Best friends it is.” He kisses my forehead and leaves from there. I look at him leave hoping for him to turn but he doesn’t…

I get inside my car and start on the Fm,

“Paas aaye.. (Came close…)
Dooriyaan phir bhi kam naa hui (Still the distances didn’t lessen)
Ek adhuri si hamari kahani rahi (An incomplete our story remained)
Aasmaan ko zameen, ye zaroori nahi (For sky the land isn’t necessary)
Jaa mile.. jaa mile.. (Where ever we get… where ever we get…)
Ishq saccha wahi ( True love it is)
Jisko milti nahi manzilein.. manzilein.. (Which doesn’t get a destination)

Rang thhe, noor tha (There were colors, there was happiness)
Jab kareeb tu tha (When you were close)
Ek jannat sa tha, yeh jahaan (Like a heaven was, this world)
Waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa (On the sand of time like my name)
Likh ke chhod gaya tu kahaan (You wrote and left where)

Hamari adhuri kahani… (Our incomplete story…)
Hamari adhuri kahani… (Our incomplete story…)”

I shake my head, smiling at my life’s Irony, feels like everyone in the world knows Ragini Asthana’s first love story is going to be incomplete forever….


So, our elder siblings seem to have the same problem” I look at him astonished as he completes, “Commitment issues!” I chuckle making him smile.

“Why does she hate you so much? You’re so cool” I say and he brushes his hair replying, “And now I’m hundred percent sure you both aren’t sister’s!” I furrow my brows in response, staring at him and he starts making an excuse, “I meant, she always keeps taunting me and you always complimenting me, Err you both are exact opposites”

“Opposites attract Lakshya jiju! ” And here comes my sister Kavita Gadodia another elder one. To say frankly, my all sisters are just elder by age but by brains and behavior they make me feel like I’m surrounded by teenage girls, what could have been better than this? I question myself as she continues, “You promised he would be coming tonight and I left all my important meetings and work just for him. And see what your Bhai Does!” she states, making Lakshya worry now. He gets up and walks towards her, “I’ll call him, maybe he’s…”

“Stuck in traffic?” she questions or rather more probably completes him.

“You seem to Know Him” I emphasize “So well sister” I chuckle making her roll her eyes at me. “Don’t poke your stupid nose in this matter little one or I’ll have to leak some secrets of yours to Badepapa (Father’s elder brother/ Paternal Uncle) and Daddu which so well includes the other two princesses of our House too!” I stick my tongue out at her and turn my face to the opposite side. Lakshya starts laughing like a maniac and I’m annoyed even more, “What the hell are you laughing at?”

“Your Nose!” I touch my nose and turn towards my dressing table mirror to check it, “What’s wrong with my Nose?” I look at it worried and he shakes his head, “Your Face…”

“My Face?” I touch my face now, my Kajal seems a bit spread, a little bit but okay nothing seemed much wrong. “Idiot you look like a Red tomato when you’re angry, that’s what he meant. Right, Lakshya?”

And now they both are gone, I grab my pillow from the bed and throw at my sister, who bends and it goes and lands straight on someone’s Face.

“I’m so sorry…” I go forward and take it from him.

“It’s okay, our siblings are the culprits I know!” he says as though sympathizing me.

“She never misses her shot Sanskar, Guess it’s a punishment for coming Late!”

“Do I even know you?” He smiles grabbing my hand and ignoring my sister completely, “Who’s she, Miss. Beautiful?” I blush “Uhm,she’s one of those villainous sister’s Cinderella had” I reply with a serious expression. “Hmm…”

“I thought she was the Wicked Step Mother!” and Now the pillow lands straight on Lakshya’s face for such an awesome reply. And Now we both Sanskar and I start laughing as Kavita is glaring at Lakshya who pouts at her cutely, my hand still held by him, tightly. A strange feeling engulfs me, but I don’t acknowledge it at that moment…


As I drive out of the big gates of our mansion, tears start blurring my vision, I’m crying inconsolably at my loss. I lost everything, at this moment I feel like I have nothing left with me. With my Di, gone forever and Now the first love of my life would be leaving me…

“No Gini, It’s you who is leaving him!” I turn to look at my other side shocked.

“Di!” I mumble shocked and surprised at the same time, “You…”

“Gini, don’t do this,” she says, looking at me concerned, a tear trips down my cheeks and she smiles at me sadly, “You’re doing wrong, Don’t punish yourself my sister.”

“How can you say that, Di! I’m not punishing myself. I’m doing this for our Ruhaan”

“And what about Lakshya? Do you love him? What about you and Sanskar ?”

“Kavita Di, loves Sanskar and for Lakshya he is okay with it, we would stay as friends and parents for our Ruhaan” I say wiping my tears and staring at her. She shakes her head, frustrated, “This is not Fair Gini! And I can’t let you do this. You aren’t a sacrificial lamb, You have a life and… ”

“And I have decided what I’ll do with it” I complete her.

“But Destiny has Different plans my sister….”

Something happens, I’m unable to get up, my eyes feel heavy and there’s immense pain. There’s blood everywhere, my car has been crashed and the glass pieces Ouch! It hurts a lot, but there are no tears in my eyes nor am I pleading for help. May be the pain that I have gone through in the last few days have made me so numb that this doesn’t hurt me anymore.

“Di!” I call out for my sister in a hope to see her again, I try to get up but my body doesn’t support me. I hear some footsteps approaching me, as my eye’s close, Darkness surrounds me someone comes and holds me. She taps my cheeks, trying to wake me up, I smile sadly because it’s not whom I expected. But then before I could know her identity, I doze off………

A new story and hopefully some improvement in my writing skills too. Don’t forget to VOTE and COMMENT down your views. I planned it earlier as AE DIL HAIN MUSHKIL but changed the title to My Love – IT’S TOUGH (On Wattpad). Now I’ll be doing Sangini and this alternately. Fingers crossed because this is going to be alot twisted and funny, Suspense thriller is on the cards people. Keep reading and loving ?

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