Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (Shot 4)


(Recap- Shania loves dev while dev and kavya are falling for each other)

Kavya was working in general ward while dev came he was too angry on an intern

D- abhigail I said you to not do the procedure

A- sir

D- shut up

Kavya saw this

A- sir btw if you are the son of Dean don’ Show your attitude to us i am also son of best doctor in this hospital dr Garv and all know about your mother’s past you too right

D- shut up

He was going to hit him but a hand stopped him she was kavya

K- dev you don’t have right to do this

He jerk she her hand and she falls he leaves

Miss natasha – dr kavya are you fine

She gets up and sees her hand her hand was injured she leaves

Dev was working in his cabin while Shania came

S- dev I want to talk u

D- about what

S- oho randomly

D- we are on

S- no we are on break

She sat he was going while she pull him and due to this he fall on her

Kavya came to talk about previous incident she saw them both were lost

She feels hurt and goes away

D- I am sorry

S- it’s ok dev

D- Shania you should go break is over

S- sure

She goes and jumps

In kavya’s cabin

Her pov

Why am I feeling hurted it’s good that they love each other


A nurse came

N- mam surgery of Mr khanna

K- okk

She goes kavya sees at her hand

Her pov

How can I do the surgery

She was going while collided with dev

K- ouch

Her files fall

D- sorry

He did not sees her

He picks the file and gives her

D- kavya

She was going

D- kavya stop

K- what happened dr dev

D- how did you got hurt and surgery

K- u should not worry

She goes and gives her case to another doctor dev was angry as she didn’t give him the case he was following and asking but she didn’t listen to him finally he pulled her

D- why are you ignoring me

K- you only wanted this

D- I was angry at that time

K- so much of anger

D- I did not wantEd to hurt you

K it’s  okk dev

D- thanks kavya

K- dev will you tell something

He caress her face

D- ask

K- the past of sdcah

He sighs

D- not now

They were lost in each other’s eyes

K- thanks dev

D- for what

K- for every thing the trust I have on you

D- will you tell me one thing

K- about

D- your past kavya

Her eyes were moist she was going when he stopped her and back hug her

D- please kavya

She hugs him

Unknowingly some one was watching them and was happy

Precap- kavya’s past

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