Ae dil hai mushkil (Part 4)

scene 1
After few weeks…
All are busy in decoration…swara and ragini argue about who will take haldi to bride.. Ishani comes there and asks them both to take haldi and says Shivanya is very lucky… They tell that they are also lucky as they got wonderful Bhabis… Swara and rags leave…

Scene 2
Rv and ishani discuss about Rithik and Shivanya marriage rituals… Rv tells her that he will be in Shivanya’s side and they both will do kanyadan as Shivanya and ishani parents are dead… Ishani gets teary eyes and also gets glad…suddenly ishani faints…. Sarmishta, Rithik, Rv, Priyal, naina worry… Doctor check her and tells everyone that ishani is pregnant….all gets happy… Rithik tells naina and Priyal that very soon they will get a new toy to play and ask them to take care ishani well… Naina and Priyal tell ishani that they need a brother.. All laugh and teases Rv and ishani….

Scene 3
Shivanya’s Haldi takes place…. Ishani comes and applies Halli first… She cries as she misses her mother…. Shivanya ask her not to cry as her baby will also cry… Swara and ragini teases them. But sanskar and laksh saves them as they are the brothers of ishani and Shivanya… Swara asks from when… Laksh tells them that from now onwards they are their brothers and will take care of Shivanya’s marriage well as it is their sisters marriage…. All smiles…

Scene 4
At eve
Mehandi ceremony takes place and all the girls are applying mehandi and they write their respective husband’s names…. Priyal and naina play and sees a dog… Naina goes after it as Priyal went to take ball… Priyal comes there and calls Choti…. …suddenly someone kidnap naina…. Shivanya feels something wrong and tells ishani about it… She ask her not to worry…. Rv and Rithik sees them tensed and asks about the matter… They tell… Shivanya ask about the kids… They tell that they are playing… Laksh comes and tells that they are missing… All gets shocked… Priyal comes crying and injured… Ishani asks about it… She tells that someone kidnapped naina and she ran behind the car but she got injured as the lady in the car throwed stones on her…. Swara dresses her wounds…. Rv gives police complaint… Shivanya ,Rithik ,laksh, sanskar, ragini, Rv goes to search naina….

Shivanya – Rithik, swara-sanskaar, rags-laksh marriage takes place….
Priyal and naina are safe and some lady try to seduce Rithik in his room… Shivanya sees them..

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Was waiting for the update.Please show a Rivanya scene.want to see how ritik will react to shivanya after knowing the truth which was revealed in the last part.ishani sweet.please show ishveer scenes.haldi scene was so beautiful. naina getting kidnapped was a shock.kidnapper hurt priyal cruel. Kidnapper is a is she the one who tries to seduce ritik?Is she shesha?is she alive?please show the romance of the newly wed couples.can’t wait for the next part.

  2. Rivanyaforever1

    Shesha i am sure its her…..who kidnapped her

  3. A.xx

    amazing but want couples scenes and want dialogue convos xx

  4. Good going

  5. Jazzy


  6. Jasminerahul

    update soon

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