Ae dil hai mushkil (Part 3)


Scene 1
Shivanya and Rithik starts to getting close just then naina comes and they three leaves… They three share a cute bond… Ishani and Rv sees this and smiles…

Scene 2
Swara asks sanskar that did he know about the engagement he tells yes and asks her how is the surprise
She tells it is fantastic and see rags and laksh… They also share a cute lovely scene…

Scene 3
All guests leave and maheshwari family also leaves… Here all go and take rest…
Priyal and naina come to Rithik and tells about a doll in store room.. So he goes there to get it.. There he sees a dairy of Sesha… He gets teary eyed and takes that too…

Scene 4
In Rithik room..
He reads the Dairy….(flash back)
It is shown that Shivanya and sesha are friends and Shivanya loves Rithik and sesha feels jealous but she acts to help her in getting her love… but Rithik loves sesha ….seeing the love for sesha, as he thought that the gifts, greetings are all sent by sesha and 1 day sesha acts to be drunk and tells him that she loves him… He too believe and start to love her…. Shivanya comes to know this but sesha tells her that Rithik loves her and what can she do…. Shivanya forgets Rithik and goes to us…
Sesha is not interested in Rithik, she just want a rich status and money, so she marries him… And life goes smoothly…. Sesha doesn’t like Shivanya as she knows about Shivanya love…ishani finds about the love of Shivanya and the real motto of sesha…. She decides to tell to Rithik..

But sesha handles the situation and make everyone against ishani… Then slowly everyone except Rithik comes to know about sesha… And all hates her… Just then sesha becomes pregnant but she aborts as her beauty will spoil… She hides the report of pregnancy… Swara and rags find out and the family celebrates the arrival of baby but still hates sesha… She doesn’t know what to do… Suddenly Shivanya returns and sesha tells her about abortion… She scolds her and gives the idea to get intimate with Rithik again… Sesha mixes pills in Rithik drink… Rithik’s head pain and he goes to his room… Suddenly sesha comes and tells Shivanya to wear a mask… That looks like sesha because sesha had a photoshoot so she went there..
Shivanya had no other go so she went to Rithik’s room.. .there Rithik thought her as sesha and they both get intimated…. Morning Shivanya cries to sesha… She gets angry but controls… After a month Shivanya tells sesha that she is pregnant… Sesha gets shocked and tells her an idea that to give her baby… Shivanya also agreed and tells everyone that sesha has medical complications and she need to be treated in us… All agree single heartedly… Both leave to us…. After 11 months the baby is the 11 months sesha became alcoholic and worse…. Her health detoriate and she dies… But seeing Rithik’s devastated condition Shivanya hides truth and tells everyone that it’s because of labour pain… Then Shivanya takes care of baby…
At last page of the Dairy… Sesha wrote that she cheated Shivanya so god gave her punishment… She wrote this Dairy on her last day of life… Shivanya continued writing about her death and other things… She then throws into storeroom as no one should know the truth…. Reading this Rithik is shattered…

He thinks about old days and old gifts and Shivanya. And naina… He then goes to Shivanya home and cries how can she do this to him…. He tells her everything… They both hug and cry… Shivanya gets a promise that he won’t tell this to anyone… He promises….

Precap: Rithik Shivanya marriage…. Ishani gets pregnant…. Rags and swara gets kidnapped

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  1. Fairy

    Awesome chappy…keep rockng n stay blessed dr 😉 😀

  2. Nice and loved the episode. is naina rivanya daughter or not plzzzz make it clear and plzzz update soon

  3. A.xx

    Nice chappy xx

  4. Asra

    superbbb dear…

  5. mouni roy fan

    Please please please update the next one today.I am eagerly waiting

  6. Wonderful

  7. Jasminerahul

    what a twist!shesha was not a bechari as i thought.shivanya who loved ritik only sent him gifts.but thinking thats they were sent by shesha ritik fell 4 her.shesha married ritik only 4 money.shocking.she even aborted the baby 2 maintain her beauty.Shesha even turned everyone turn against ishani when she found out her truth.oh poor ishani.shesha forced shivanya to wear her mask n d drunk ritik got intimate with her without knowing d truth.s its shivanya who gave birth to ritik’s punished shesha for cheating them n thus she died due to over alcoholism,this was an expected twist n rocking.precap is shocking.update soon

  8. RSMsupriya

    Thank you all

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