Ae dil hai mushkil (Part 2)

scene 1
Morning at Rv house
Sharmishta feeds kids …
Rithik, Swara ,ragini, have breakfast and asks about Rv and ishani… Sharmishta tells her that they didn’t come down still…. Just then both comes…. Swara and rags teases them that they are planning to gift priyal and naina a baby… They both shyingly smiles.. They both have breakfast and play with their legs under the table.. Sarmishta teases them.. Then all leaves for their work… Sarmishta tells rags that today her engagement will happen and asks her not to go anywhere….swara and ragini gets shocked… Ishani notices them and goes to prepare for the engagement…

Scene 2
Swara tells sanskar about this… He says her not to take any tension as he knows about ragini and laksh relationship…a.nd he will handle this…. He asks her to be with ragini as she is a child still and be crying… Swara says OK and goes to ragini who is crying…. She hugs her… Ishani looks them and leaves….she calls Someone and tells something which is muted…

Scene 3
At evening
Shivanya goes to school to pick priyal and naina…
Priyal tells Shivanya that about the competition for parents.. She says that surely ishani wins… Naina gets sad ..Shivanya sees her and cheer up her saying that they will go home sooner as their bua’s engagement will start… They leave

Scene 4
At home
Ishani makes Priyal ready….. Shivanya goes to naina who looks upset… Naina cries hugging her..
Shivanya pacifies her and makes her get ready… She cries seeing seshas pic and apologies to her saying that if Shivanya wasn’t there in sesha-Rithik life then naina won’t suffer like this… Naina then comes calling mumma..she goes…

Scene 5
Rags sadly get ready and yells at swara that laksh is not attending her phone from morning… Just then ishani and Shivanya come and take them down as groom family came… Rags hesitantly goes…
At down she shockingly sees that the groom is laksh….
Annapoorna says everyone that both families are strongly related from ages and they all know about laksh and ragini from childhood…. Rags and laksh smiles…. Rags thanks Sharmishta…..just then ishani tells everyone that today two engagements will happen… All are clueless except Sharmishta,and Annapoorna..Sharmishta tells that her both daughters will get engaged… Swara is hell shocked …ishani tells her not to get shock as her groom is sanskar… All get happy and happily both the sisters get engaged to both brothers…. Rithik teases Shivanya…..
Shivanya asks him to be quiet as there is still a month for marriage… He then tells he can’t wait till that and drags her without knowing anyone…and pushes her to the bed and gets closer……

Precap:rihik reads sesha’s Dairy and cries……..he asks Shivanya why did she done this to her…

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Ishveer scene in the beginning was romantic. Surprised to know that laksh is ragini’s groom.shivanya naina scenes were emotional. Ritik getting closer to shivanya.omg. ..

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  3. A.xx

    fab and wonder what’s in the diary xx

  4. Asra

    superbbb dear….

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