Ae dil hai mushkil (Part 2)

Happy pongal guys…..
I hope you enjoyed a lot…..
And sorry for late update as I am very busy in pongal celebrations..

Scene 1
At morning
Shivangi hugs ishani and congrats her… She nokh joks with Rv, swara ,rags, sanskar, Laksh
She then hugs kids and plays with them..
She then sees Shivanya and stares her…
Ishani notices this and thinks shivangi didn’t change at all and worries..

Scene 2
Ishani tells Rv that she is so worried about shivangi and Shivanya… (Fb is shown)
(in Fb…. Ishani’s mom gives birth to twins… They name them as Shivanya and shivangi… They both grow up and three are loving sisters… At their young age, their parents die in a car crash.. From then ishani takes care of her sisters well…. One day, shivangi looses the competition in which Shivanya wins… From then shivangi starts hating Shivanya and she leaves for Canada…)
Rv tells ishani that nothing will happen to their family and promises her.

Scene 3
Rithik comes to Ishani’s room and tells shivanya that they will go out.. Shivangi hears this and gets ready as Shivanya keeping sindoor and wearing mangalsutra and leaves with Rithik.
Shivanya sees them and understands that it was shivangi… And follows them…

Precap: Rv family aND maheshwari family leaves for picnic… Shivangi takes care of Annapoorna..
Shivanya and Rithik consumates… Swara -sanskar romance in a swimming pool.. Rags laksh bath together…

(Friends get ready to witness high romance from next episode…
A new male character will be introduced opposite to shivangi…. You can also suggest me some names for shivangi’s pair..)

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  1. Jasminerahul

    This FF is not getting updated on naagin forum.So I did’nt see it,but accidently I saw the banner at the side n searched 4 it in the ff forum n that’s how I got plz keep the title like this…Ae dil hai mushkil-Naagin,Swaragini, that it will get uploaded on Naagin page too.In the chapter number also there seems to be a mistake.They have posted it as part2.actually its part6.right?

    Surprising that Shivanya has a twin sister called shivangi n she left the place due to growing jealousy.sad that still she is jealous of shivanya n dressed up like her n left with ritik.Poor shivanya.In the last episode’s precap u had written Shivanya Shivangi conversation.but y Shivanya Shivangi conversation is not included in this chapter?plz include it.Want to know what shivangi’s intention is.Y did Shivangi return after a long time?How did Ritik become unconscious n y did Shivangi try to seduce him?Did Shivangi make him unconscious?
    With Shivangi’s entry this ff has become more interesting.I prefer Rocky with Shivangi as in Naagin2 they r a pair.
    What a romantic precap!I can’t wait for it.plz update d next part without any delay.I love this ff

  2. RSMsupriya

    Thanks for your comment… I’ll see to the tittle…. And keep reading ff

    1. Jasminerahul

      sure.this is one of my fav ffs n its a different story.i will not miss it.but plz update d next part soon

  3. Happy pongal.And nice

  4. It was awesome dear you have mentioned all situations very clearly just keep it up eagerly waiting for the next episode ?

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