Ae dil hai mushkil (Part 1)


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Scene 1
Shivanya is confused seeing her cupboard that what to wear… She calls ishani but she does not answer. So she calls Rithik and shyly asks what she will wear… He tells about the white Saree which he presented on their engagement…. She says OK and asks him to be on time. He also tells OK and hangs…..

Scene 2
All arrive at the hotel….. They all compliment each other….. Shivanya hugs priyal and Naina… She asks about Swara… Ragini tells her that she went to meet her friend and she will join them later… Then they all go inside and order the food….

Scene 3
After meeting her friend Swara starts leaving… Suddenly her car stops…. She checks it and thinks where to find the mechanic.. Suddenly a car comes and a handsome man comes out of it… She shockingly asks you…. He says yes it’s me……she hugs him by calling Sanskaar….he asks how is she and how is ladoo, Rithik and ranveer, ishani and Sesha… Swara Tells him that Sesha is dead during her labour pain and tells that Shivanya and Rithik got engaged and ask him not to talk about Sesha in front of Rithik.. He says OK and offers to drop her… She also agrees and goes with him…

Scene 4
There announces dance performance of Rithik and Shivanya…. They both dance on ae dil hai mushikil…….all admire them…. Then ishani and rv dances for tum hi ho…. Shivanya tells everyone that her Didi and jiju make the best pair…ragini also tells same… Just then Swara and sanskar come.. All gets glad seeing them… He gets blessings from sarmishta and asks about shekar… She tells him that he went for a business trip… Then he greets everyone and leaves as he got an important call from the office…. All enjoy the dinner and leaves…

Scene 5
Sarmishta then tells her family that she has brought an alliance to ragini… Ragini is hell shocked and she angrily reacts and goes…. Rv says leave her she will be normal after some time and asks everyone to go and rest…. Priyal and naina comes to ishani and Rv and asks them to tell a story… Then ishani Says that there was a boy who doesn’t even know how to tie his pant and laughs…. The kids also laughs… Rv gets angry and tells kids that yes there was a girl who don’t even know to fly a kite…. Ishani scolds him… They both have a cute argument… The kids ask them to stop and tells that they will hear from Shivanya and goes.. Ishani tells Rv that she is happy for Shivanya and Rithik… Rv tells her yes and this should have happened before 5 years itself and sleeps…. Ishani then thinks and sleeps…

Scene 6
Ragini comes to an isolated place and talks in a call that why did he ask her to come to this place and scolds… Suddenly someone hugs her from behind and asks why is his ladoo is so angry… She then turns and sees Laksh…she asks him to go and tells him that she won’t talk to him and tells about the alliance… Laksh says nothing will happen and ask him to believe him… Suddenly rain comes and laksh rags romance in the rain…. Then Swara calls ragini and ask her to come soon… Then laksh-rags leave….

Precap: Rv and ishani play with their leg under the table… Sarmishta teases them… Naina and Shivanya share a cute bond.. Laksh-rags and swara-sanskaar engagement

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  1. Fairy

    raglak scene ws cute…lived it….superb update dr…keeep rockng n stay blessed 😉 😉 😀

    1. Fairy

      sry its *loved it..

  2. Jasminerahul

    ritik telling shivanya to wear d white saree he gifted sweet.sanskar’s entry was is sanskar related to this family n y was he not aware of Shesha’s death?Shocking that shesha died during her delivery.rivanya dance on ae dil hai was romantic.kyunki tum hi is d best song 4 ishveer.the story telling scene of ishveer was funny.guess they were telling their own story.loved raglak scene a lot.rain romance was too good

  3. RSMsupriya

    Thank you fairy…. And Jasminerahul…
    You both are encouraging me well..
    Thank you so much

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