Ae dil hai mushkil -naagin, Matsh, swaragini.. (episode 4)

Hi friends… This will be the last episode of ae dil hai mushikil…. Sorry for surprise ending but I think I bored you all by not updating episodes properly…and also I feel that I’m writing the story with same usual drama.. So I have decided to end this and start writing just one day episodes …. That will be entirely a different one from other ff…. Get Ready to read that…..
Here we go into the last episode

Scene 1
Rithika consumes sleeping pills and everyone rush her to the hospital….. Rocky cries and he pleads everyone to forgive him and tells that he remembers nothing….heart broken Shivangi says that it was her mistake and asks everyone to get Rocky and Rithika married… Ishani and Shivanya cry seeing shivangi’s state… They go to her… Shivanya assures her that her marriage will happen with Rocky and this is for sure…. Ishani looks on… She goes to doctor… Doctor tells everyone that Rithika is completely fine… All gets relieved. Rudra sees everyone and thinks…

Scene 2
Annapoorna tells about marriage of Rocky and Rithika but yamini opposes and tells about shivangi’s life….. All gets thinking…. Rv tells everyone that today will be the marriage of Rocky and shivangi… Shivanya is Happy… Rocky and shivangi look each other in a confused state….

Scene 3
Rudra talks to Rithika about Rocky shivangi marriage…. Rithika is shocked and gets angry… Rudra calms her down and says her to think as Rocky does not love her but shivangi loves Rocky a lot and even elders wish that this marriage should happen…… Even they consumated ….rithika thinks and asks him will u marry me…. Rudra is shocked but he thinks about shivangi and Rocky and tells her OK….
Scene 4
Rocky and shivangi marriage takes place…. Shivanya searches for rags, laksh, sanskar and swara…. Meanwhile Ishani sees rags fainted with slithering her hand… She sees a video in which swara and laksh hugging each other and a child calls laksh as Papa….. Ishani calls everyone… All cry and doctor checks her and says she is completely fine…. Sanskar,swara and laksh comes ….rags seeing swara and laksh scolds them both….

Swara asks her to stop and asks how can she think about her sister like this and tells everyone that “rags cannot become a mother…….knowing this, laksh enemy threatens him that if laksh does not give money then he will tell this to rags…. And also he demanded that I have to sleep with him a night…. Helpless laksh told me and we planned a game…. We told sanskar everything…. Yesterday night I went to his home… Just then sanskar came with police force and arrested him”…. Rags on shock asks about the video…. Laksh tells her that the girl name is Payal…she is just 3yr old kid…. She is an orphan and he decided to adopt her and give her a surprise…. Rags apologize to them….. All misunderstandings get cleared…..

Scene 5
All come down…. There they see rudra and Rithika in marriage attire…. Rithika apologize to shivangi….all bless them and send couples to their rooms……
Rudra tells Rithika that these things are not necessary and asks her to rest…. Rithika asks him what about his savings for their children… Rudra looks her and she nods yes… He hugs her… She tells him that she accepted him wholeheartedly and she is ready to spend with him…. He makes her fall in bed…. He removes her jewelry and they both have a passionate consumation…..

Scene 6
After some months
Ishani gets labour pain and she delivers a boy…. All welcome him… Just then Rithika and shivangi also become pregnant and after few years…. All couples have children and rags also gets pregnant by undertaking treatment… All gets happy and pose for a happy selfie….

The end….

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  1. Jasminerahul

    shocking that u ended it.anyways thx 4 not discontinuing it.this was 1 of my fav ffs.sad that u ended it.shocking that ritika tried to commit suicide.but anyways she is saved.liked rudra making her understand that she shudnt trouble rocky shivangi.Ritika proposing rudra n rudra accepting him was a surprise.glad that they got married n had a passionate consummation.nice scenes on rudra ritika.glad that rocky shivangi wedding happened.but u did’nt show any rocky shivangi scene which was essential.thank affair btw swalak.they were blackmailed n to hide from ragini that she cant b preg they struggled hard n good that sanskar got d culprit arrested.laksh adopting payal was nice.glad that ishani delivvered a boy.happy that all others including ragini got preg.but no rivanya scene n u didnt show ritik confronting shivanya after knowing shesha’s truth.also rudra shivangi’s past wasnt shown.but nice ending.will miss this ff

  2. Asra

    superbbb dear….nice ending…loved it…

  3. Siddhi

    It was nice but its ur decision but do start a new ff and pls read and comment on my ff naagin (rivanya forever) season 2

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