Ae dil hai mushkil (intro)


Hello friends ,I’M back with naagin again…..
This will be of naagin ,yeh hai ashiqui and swaragini…..
This is just an intro…..

Scene 1
At morning 6am:
Alarm rings…..a male voice says,”ishaani off the alarm”… he is none othe than RV…
A beautiful s*xy young lady wakes up and off the alarm…then she goes and get ready as a business woman…..
Suddenly her mobile rings, the voice in the mobile “mam, when are you coming?…
Ishaani:I’ll be there at 8am and hangs the phone……
She goes to RV and kisses him on his forehead and goes…..

Scene 2
At morning 8 am, in a temple:
A beautiful girl is shown playing sitar……ishaani goes to her and she calls her bhabi..(she is our ragini)….ishaani hugs her and ask her to come soon as her nautakani sister is waiting in the auditorium…they both go……

Scene 3
A girl is getting nervous about her performance…(she is swara)…
Other girl comes and tells her that next will be her performance…but swara tells her that without her sister and bhabi’s wishes she wont go to stage.just then ishani and ragini come and wish her.she happily greets them and go and perform….after her performance ishaani tells swara and ragini that she is going to meeting and ask them to go to house..they leave….

Scene 4
RV residency:
Rv comes down and swara and ragini hugs him saying that swara won the competiton….just then a young handsome guy comes from gym saying that her sister is the best….ragini and swara hug him too….(he is rithik)…rv asks about ishaani, swara tells him that she has a meeting with the woman business tycoon so she left…..then rv asks rithik to come to office soon and gets blessings from sharmishta and goes…..she asks swara and ragini to get ready as they need to go to an important place….swaragini goes….

Scene 5
Ishaani is shown in a meeting with a lady discussing about women welfare….(the lady is shivanya)…
Shivanya says”didi we are so professional these days..we are not even enjoying our weekend…now a days over work load and pressure….shall we go for a dinner tonight?..
Ishaani says”wow superb idea choti we’ll go tonight. I’ll inform everyone”.
She calls swara and tells about the dinner plan..she gets excited and tells to rithik….rithik shyly smiles and swara teases him and ask him to bring new bhabi soon…he then look the wall where shesha’s pic is hanged….

Scene 6
At evening…
Two kids come and hugs sharmishta calling her dadi….
She lovingly calls them as priyal and naina….
Sharmishta asks them to get ready soon as they are going for dinner out…naina excitedly asks does shivanya come there….she says yes and asks thme to get ready soon and leaves……
(priyal is rv-ishaani’s daughter and naina is rithik-sesha’s daughter)

Precap:shivanya and rithik dances on ae dil hai mushkil…….later ragini and laksh romances in rain…..

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  1. Fairy

    heyya dr…
    wowwww its such an awesomeeee storyyyy..everythng is amaznggg!!!!rags is sooo cute..n d family bondng is realllly veryyyy sweeeeettttt….keeeep rockng n stay blessed sweety 😉 😀

  2. Very good intro but I don’t understand Rithik and shesha

  3. SNY

    Awesome dr….

  4. Very good update soon

  5. Very good plz update soon

  6. Soujanya


  7. AahanaReddy

    Its awesome. Is shesha dead? Waiting for the next update and also Sanlak intro

  8. Jasminerahul

    I love the song ae dil hair I was longing to read a ffs with this title. Though I found some I didn’t interest me.but I found this ff very has my favourite pairs. Loved how you interrelated all characters. Shocking that Shesha is ritik’s late wife and they have a kid. So now ritik is moving on with shivanya.precap is so tempting. Waiting for sanskar too

  9. Rivanyaforever1

    Very beautiful concept
    Specially rivanya……i guess shesha is his ex wife who died…………..”…and ritik’s two children??
    Anyways please do continue soon

  10. A.xx

    Fav xx

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