Ae dil hai mushkil..frndship saga GAUSHIVIKA by kanfi – Episode 1

Hey annika..???m i right..??…”asked a confused boy facing the girl

Excuse me….!!do i know u??how do u know my name????…”asked the girl in irritating tone

I m shivaay…same school,,,rmmbr????….”said shivaay

Ohh yeah… competitor…how can i forget…!!!after a long time…how are you???…”asked anika

Thnk god u recognised me….I m fine…..what about u???frnds..????….”asked shivaay

I’ll meet u later…i m late right now…”said annika nervously n left that place

(So shivaay n annika were classmates in their school…now both are medical students in same college..Anika dont make frnds easily due to some past incidents and is kind of reserved person and on the other hand shivaay is vry frndly)

Shivaay is searching anika….he wanted to talk to her n ask her why has she behaved so strangely in morning…
He found annika in cafeteria….

Shiv–hii annika….why are u sitting alone here???u didnt make any new frnd???

Ani–I dont like anyone’s company…i m more comfortable with myself…

Shiv–wohhooo….are you the same anika whom i know????I mean u were so chirpy,,chattrbox kind of prson in school…always wander here n there like buttefly….

Ani–I dont need to tell you anything…will u plzz leave me alone otherwise I myself will leave….

Shivaay was shocked with this rude behaviour of anika….n he thought …”what does she think of herself…am i dying to talk to her…get a life anika…..i dont care how u live…..”……n he left that place…..

Like this 6 months passed…..
As expected anika is all alone..she doesnt have a single frnd…shivaay wanted to talk to her bt aftr that incident ,his ego didnt allow him to do so….
Both of them topped in frst semester….n there was a party for them….bt anika denied to join them…bt aftr insistence of whole class,she agreed…

Everyone is enjoying the party except two prsons….anika wasnt enjoying due to her reasons bt there is someone else too who is too much bothered about anika’s condition….

Anika asked waitor for a glass of water bt mistakenly it was exchanged by shivaay’s drink….
When shivaay took the sip of his drink ,he realised its water….he rushes to anika to stop her bt anika has drunk half glass of wine….
Drink wasnt that much alcoholic bt its enough for anika to spill the truth…..

Shiv–anika….(seizing glass from her hand)….are u ok….its not water….

Ani–what..,(in drunken state)….(starts laughing)… life everytime cheats me like this….(n she walks towards door)

Shiv–anika where are u going….wait I’ll drop you…

Shivaay makes anika sit in the car n they left from the party….
In midway,,,shivaay’s care broke down…

Shiv–shit…srry anika…my car just broke down n its too late to call any mechanic….we’ve stay in car….


Shiv–anika…can i ask something..??

Ani–yaa sure!!!!

Shiv–why u dont make frnds ???? N prefer to stay alone!??

Anika’s eyes get teary…!!her past incidents are coming as flashes infrnt of her eyes…n she just break down in shivaays arms….

Shiv–hey anika,..,what happened????plzzz stop crying….(wiping her tears.)
Ani–shivaay….u remmbr gauri???

Shiv–yeah..ur bestfrnd in school….

Anika n Gauri are the bestest frnds…..they are world to each other…..they cant imagine a single minute without each other….they know each other since childhood….
Gauri is very sensitive girl….she cant handle any emotional situation,,,,so anika stays always there for her…
After 10th…they have joined an institute for preparation of medical…n they share the same hostel….[for admission in any medical college,,student have to pass the test which is organised by institute].
Both are very studious…n everyone was sure that they’ll qualify the exam easily…..
Bt sometimes our planning doesnt match with our destiny…..

In their institute,,,there was a boy (played by daksh)..whom gauri has started liking….initially it was just crush like thing….,bt when gauri n daksh started talking,,,,gauri’s feelings for him started increasing…she didnt know about daksh’s feeling bt the way he was treating her,she has assumed he also liked her…

Ani–gauri….is there something b/w u n daksh…

Gauri–dont know about daksh yr..,bt i really like him,,..n he is so sweeet with me…

Ani–gauri dont assume anything otherwise u’ll be hurt…just share ur feeling with him…

Gauri–yeah u r right…i’ll talk to him tmrrww….lovee u yr….u are always there for me….tu nahi hoti to mera kya hota….

Ani–chal senty na ho zada sojao…love u tooo…..

(Daksh wasnt that much good as gauri n anika in studies….bt he dont like to be defeated ,,n definately not by girls…
He was frndly with gauri as he wanted to distract her from studies which was okay for him….he used to borrow her notes…take her help in tests,…)

Gauri–daksh…i want to say something to you…its totally my point of view…if u didnt agree with it ,,its ok…

Daksh–what happened gauri??

Gauri–daksh i’ve to say that i like you or may be more than that….i like ur company….i like to chat with you…i like everything about you…

Listening all this daksh was happy,,,his plan is working…gauri is distracting from her aim….n now he’ve to just deal with anika….

Daksh–really gauri!!!!i also feel the same for u…u r really spcl for me….

Listening all these words gauri hugged daksh….n they proceed to their class room….

gauri is chatting with daksh …

Ani–gauri,…what are u doing yr…i can undrstand u like him…bt dont forget why are we here….frst focus on ur studies….we’ve mega test after a week….

Gauri realizes her mistake…
Gauri–srrry ani…see m holding ears….yaa…these days lots of distraction,,,bt i promise i’ll be back with bang,.n i’ll top in the test….(smirking)

Ani–achhhaaa….lets see who’ll top….
They pass smile n hug each other n went to sleeep….

Gauri tells everything to daksh n ask him that we should frst concntrate on our studies….we’ll talk each other on weekends….my career n you both are imp for me,..

Daksh–ok gauri no problm….

Last 5 min are left….
Daksh has asked gauri to not write her name on test paper as he’ll take it at last min to match his ansr..n if her name is wrttn ,may be they’ll caught by the teacher….
Gauri did the same thing…n in last 5 min she handed over her page to daksh…..

Gauri n anika was so excited for their results,..they reach the hall area n start searching thier name on notice board…..
Daksh’s rank 1st n anika’s rank 2nd……AniRi search for gauri’s name….bt gauri’s name wasnt there in top10…..

Gauri was just shocked,..she knew she has worked hard..
Gauri–(fake smiling)….yeah ani….u r in top 2….its party time…i m going i’ve to arrange so mny things…will meet u at night….n she left from there…

Ani–(to herself)…i know gauri,how r u feeling right now,,,i told u to be serious at ur studies…(being sad).

Anika was stilll in institute as there was some kind of celebration….

Ani–where are u gauri….u r not picking up my phone too….i think she must be in hostel….i should also leave


Anika enters the room…why is so dark here….
Gauri where are you…..she switch on the light….


*gauri is hanging to the fan*

Anika rushes to gauri n somehow put her down..

Ani–hey gauri,.gauri…what happened…wake up,,.see plzz dont do this kind of stunt..(tears started flowing from her eyes)….why is this tear flowing from my eye….just stop there…nothing has happened to her……gauri(slapping her cheek)…..wake up….dekhna what i’ve brought for you….hey gauri plzz dont do this,…u were saying we’ll do party,,,,,see i’ve brought ur fav biryani….why are u not listening…….okk i’ll never scold you…..(ani is literally shouting).,,plzzz gauri ankh kholna n…,,

She hugged her tightly…hey gauri,,,why did you do this…we were frnds forever n….plzzz open ur eyes..(anika was crying badly)..gauriiiiiiii

Other girls from hostel reach their room…everyone was shocked….they rushed to anika to console her….n everyone was crying

Ani–what are u doing…haan,…why are u crying…meri gauri ko kuch ni hua…mzaak kr rhi h ye…(smiling at her)….see she’ll wake up soon…..gauri uth jana dkh ye log kya kr rhe h….

Girl1–anika,…she is no more…she has left us….control urself…

Ani–are u mad..just stay away from me….

Anika’s eye caught a piece of paper near gauri’s body..,
She read it..

Gauri–hey ani….I know tu mujhse bhht naraaz hogi….bt u dont know how m i feeling right now….I just want to end my life….U know how much i worked hard for that test n that daksh,,he ruined my whole life….u were right….i should have listen to you..after seeing result,,i went to daksh n he told me he has never submitted my ansr sheet,,,he has put his name in my ansr sheet…n all his promises,,love,,everything was fake….I spend two yrs with him bt it hasnt any meaning for him…..I cant live with this guilt anika,,,,i m leaving you,,srryyyy….bt u’ve to promise me…u’ll become the bestest doctor…..n u wont stop ur life….pinki promise…..

****************FB ends****************

Anika is still hugging shivaay n crying vigorously…
Ani–i lost my only frnd…without whom i haven’t imagined my life….(sobbing in b/w)…
I dont trust anyone….my innocent frnd who has just started enjoying life,,,everything get ruined…!!
Why this happened to her…..!!

By this time,,,shivaay is also crying…he can feel the trauma through which anika is going….firstly he calmed himself…the he wiped anika’s tears n cupped her face…

Shiv–annika…it would be so mean,if i say i can understand ur pain….i cant even imagine what u’ve been through….bt i can promise you,,i’ll be always there to reduce this pain….I can never filll the emptiness of gauri in ur life…bt i’ll try to introduce new colours in ur life….i’ll never impose myself on you’ whenevr u feel,,u can talk to me..!!

N then he hugged her n realised that she has slept….
He lay down her on back seat cautiously…

Anika wake up n have headache due to yesterday’s hangover…..she remmbrs everything,,her convo with shivay…(I told u she isnt heavily drunk)

Ani–shivaay….I want to go home….

Shiv–yaa sure….car is prfctly fine now….

On the way,…
Shiv–anika may i ask one thing,.


Shiv–after all that happened to gauri….what happened to daksh???

Ani–I’d filed case against him…n aftr copy rechecking,,its found that hadwriting was of gauri,,,n he was jailed…
U know what shivaay,,gauri was right..,she had told me that she’ll top n indeed she did…!!!


As decided by shivaay,,,he didnt force anika to befrnd with her…he wanted anika to be comfrtble with him…whenever there was any break,,,anika herself used to talk to him bt only about studies….
Shivaay has started liking her…bt he wasnt expcting anything from anika….

On his b’day…..anika was the frst one to wished him by texting….
He was shocked at frst,,,how she got her nmbr…bt he then thought forget all this,,,she has wished me,,,thats too much…..
Shivaay has asked anika for dinner n she said yes…

On dinner date….

Ani–shivaay u r really a nice person….after that incident i’d stopped believing anyone….bt u are different….U always wanted to befrnd with me bt i never give you that chance…bt now i’m asking you….will u be my frnd.???

Shiv–of course anika i’ll love to be ur frnd…u r really spcl to me…

Ani–shivaay ,,i really trust you….bt before starting our frndship,,i just want to say something….I’ll give my 100% as a frnd…bt plzz dont expect anything else from me….I dont want to complicate our lives…

Shivaay was shattered by her last line as somewhere he has fallen for her….bt he was happy that she will be there as his best frnd….

Shiv–i’ll never break ur trust…..frnds..?????forwarding her hand…

Ani–no……(shivaay shocked)…..FRIENDS FOREVER….!!n yeah….i m really a mad prson,,so u have to deal with it…

Shiv–anything for you madam…!!!!


RAABTA SONG PLAY in background…..

Khte hain khuda ne is jhan me sabhi k lye
Ksi na ksiko hai bnaya kr ksi ke lye
Tera milna hai us rab k ishara
Mano mujhko bnaya tere jaise hi ksi k lye


Kuch to hai tujhse raabta…
Kuch to hai tujhse raabta..
Kaise hm jane hame kya pata..
Kuch to hai tujhse raabta…


Tu hamsafar hai phir kya fikr hai
Jine ki wajah yahi hai mrna isi k lye,.

Stay tuned for next part….

Hi guysssssssss…….
I’ m wrting after soooooo mnyyyyy days…..
I m really hoping u all have enjoyed it….
I’ve wrttn it with a lot of emotions..n while wrting gauri part,,,i was soo emotional….
Plzzzzz guys put ur commnts below,,atleast two lines long….plzzzzz…..

This one is esp for rufi,,,,lovee uu dear….see i’ve wrttn it in just one day…..

Plzzzz guyss read n commnt…..n i’ll write second part on the basis of nmbr of commnts….
Loveee uuu

Insta id [email protected]_6

Lots of love

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  1. Sam-99

    hey kanfi im happy that ur back with a superb emotional story ………..really im happpy to see ur ff ………..gauri’s part was heart touching ………….the whole update was nycccc ……hope u get good number of comment so as u to continue …………….love u drrrrrrr

    1. Kanfi

      .lovee uuu sumi….
      I think its ur longest commnnt….

  2. AMkideewani

    Fantastic and emotional, feeling sad for Gauri and Anika??????

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk uu sam…??

      Yeah that part was emotional???

  3. Fenil

    Wow Knafi
    Its so awesome
    Aflatoon chappy.
    Yrr emotional chappy.

    Salty Tears are not stopping from my eyes yrr.

    Innocent Gauri trapped in Daksh bad motives but good that he got punished but whats the matter Gauri ends her life.

    Anika made herself in some limits and now those limits or say lines will crosses by Shivaay and Anika by Friendship.

    Loved it to the core.

    Rufi ki bachhi mere se long comment mat dalna.:P:P:D:D:D:D

    1. Kanfi

      Again knafi??
      Gauri committed suicide as daksh cheated her n her dream of qualifying medical was shatterd..
      N i told it in starting..she cant handle emotional situations…

      Thnk uu sooo much fenil….
      N u know what..rufi k commnt zarur lmba hoga??

    2. TUFriendsForever

      Bhai check my comment it’s tooooo short one

  4. Soumya85

    Wow di you are back and with a bang
    Really amazing and so emotional i was literally crying while reading gauri and annika part?
    You have written very well di
    The dinner date part was also awesome
    I’m egarly waiting for the next part
    I can’t wait anymore!!
    I’m in love with this story
    Pls post soon
    Love you ??????

    1. Kanfi

      I m sooooo happpy u liked it….
      Loveee uu somuu..??
      I’ll try to come soon


    Dear kanfi
    Gauri ki story padkar main bhi bahuth emotional hogayi yaar??????????story is superb??????keep it up?

    Take care?

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk uu uff…
      I m glad u liked it????
      U too take care

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear… Back with the bang

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk uuu nikii???

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk u dear?

  7. RadhikaSharma

    Hey kanfi di, wonderful chapter. I liked shivika’s chemistry. It’s different from other stories. And aniri friendship. Wow. It was really emotional. Poor gauri. Hope shivika’s friendship turn to love soon. Waiting for the next…

    1. Kanfi

      Loveeee uuuuuii radhss????
      I m glad u liked it..

    2. Kanfi

      Thnk uu radhs????
      I m happy u liked it

  8. Pooja26

    wow !!!!! loved it !!!!!!!!
    post asap….

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk u dear???

  9. Mona_2005

    It’s just fab di. I was really missing you and your earlier FF but this was a you di and gauri part was so emotional. Each emotion was clearly written . Thanks di for writing such a ff

    1. Kanfi

      Awwwee soo sweet of u yr…
      Lovee uuu dear???

  10. Alekhika20

    Amazing update

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  11. Its sooo beautiful kanfi..!! It honestly made me soo emotional. I literally have tears in my eyes right beautifully you depicted friendship and pain for the lost one. Seriously kanfi you deserve loads and loads of comments and praises..!! And i mean it when i say that you are an amazingggg writer…luv u loadsssss ????

    1. Kanfi

      Awweeeeeew lovee uuu soooooo muchhhhh…..

  12. Aastha_Reddy

    Annika… Poor girl seems too much attached with her only best friend Gouri. I was being emotional about this mark- cheating- love topic this morning with our friends in IB written episode page. You wrote the thing that was deep inside my heart from last six years and I was unable to share my problem with any one. I finally did it and you just, I don’t know what I am feeling now. It really hurts after being cheated by friends in exam and Annika like friends are not always present in All Gouri like girl’s fate to give too much of Love. I am feeling relaxed now from today morning and trust me I am crying after reading this one shot.
    On the other hand Shivaay and Annika…I will wish them to be together as a couple soon as Shivaay seems to be a good guy. Waiting for the next.
    With LOVE @ Kanfi.

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk u soo muchhh astha….
      N yaa its really dusgusting feeling…to be cheated by someone close….
      Bt we shouldnt hold things for long..sometimes let go is the best solution…n if u find someone to share our emotions is the best thing…
      I m really glad u liked it..
      Lovee uuuu????

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    I’m glad you are back dear….with seriously a bang on update….wow…..loved it to the core….totally khidkitod update
    I had posted some new updates in your absence I would be further glad if you will read them and comment too…
    I hope this will work if not then pls visit my id as you know ur comment meant a lot for me….
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      Love u??

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    Awesome….fabulous part dear I’m really happy ur back now.. waiting for next update soon

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk uuu dear..
      I m glad u liked it…
      Love u??

  16. Sagithya

    Hey kanfi … Hw r u…
    Today’s episode was awesome emotional n heart touching one…
    Felt so sad of gauri… U killed Her…
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    1. Kanfi

      Hii sagi..
      I m fine dear..
      How r u??
      I m glad u liked it…
      Lovveeee uuu bhhht sara ????

  17. Ahsana98

    Love you Fathi..It’s was almost one month you completed your previous ff LANLL ,IE June 11 . You promised that you will come back with a new ff but u come back with a new ff after one month.Iam happy for your come back, you are come back with a bang dear.

    #I like you new ff dear .The first part
    was very emotional. While reading
    Gouri ‘s part I was emotional, feeling
    bad for goury ,she was betrayed from
    Daksh who she thought her love. She
    was commit suicide in that situation, I
    can understand how she feels that
    time,If anika with her in that time then
    she is not do like that .Anika ‘s believe of not friendship with anyone that was justified .Shivika’s friendship was started.Shivika is not only friends forever or love birds.Iam sure their
    friendship turn love soon. I feel it was
    anika who propose shivay first.

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    While reading Gouri’s part I was remember that movie, iam waiting for next part your ff .update soon dear. And send me the link of your ff through Hangout.
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      Oh my god ahsu…
      Suchva long commnt??
      Loveee uuuuuu sooooo muchhh…..
      U rrmmmbreed the last day of my sweet of u…
      I havent watchdd that film..
      I’ll try to post soon n wll share the link too…
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  18. Sairish

    heyyy kanfi di..
    don’t mind me calling you di..
    I know that u don’t know me but I know you quite well..akansha di used to talk about u ..but now as of her exams are going on she has removed her account on insta temporarily..i know u might be know I the Same …
    coming to the chappy
    this was hell emotional
    I’m having my eyes moist..
    after completing the reading part i was left speechless and was spellbound..
    gauri killed …aniri(gauri and annika) part were tooooooooooo emotional …
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    lots and lots of love

    1. Kanfi

      Hii sairish…
      Yaa u can call me di…
      Yes akku is back as her exams are over…
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    2. Kanfi

      Yeah she is back…
      We’ve talked!!!!Its like i’ve seen username bt i couldnt rmmbr when we’ve talked?
      Gd mrng dear

  19. wow this is too cool….i’m in loved with your unique ff….truly amazing…….quite emotional…but still okay… are really creative….please update soon…thanks for this lovely epi

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  22. Thedreamsoul

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      Ur commnt made my day yr…

      Loveeee uuui soooo muchhhh…
      Yaa sure i’ll
      Lovee u???

  23. Riana

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    I was damm mussing ur writingss…
    And coming to the episode…
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    1. Kanfi

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      1. Riana

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    Sweetie you made me numb, with your awesomeness overloaded writings ! Thank you for giving all of us here a masterpiece, you are an amazing se bhi upar writer.
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    1. Kanfi

      Thnk uuuuu soooo muchhh jerry…
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  25. TUFriendsForever

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    Shivaay going forward n talking.thank god he is not showing his tadi here.Jovial SINGH oberoi

    N dii u love medical this much?? Like u made anika n Shivaay studious here n medical too Ohh goddd
    N Shivaay competitor of anika.but I guess Shivaay was smart ??? because he Is my bhai.

    N then the party.She denied for the party were She is the main heroine.
    I liked the party idea.N in drunk state revealing truth.

    Shivaay has a good jesture to drop her home.Break down at perfect time.
    N gauri past ???????? emotional
    ??????? bechari anika n gauri
    She committed suicide for betrayal ???????
    Daksh ??????????? but one fault was of also gauri why did she give her paper she should have denied.
    Anika can’t even think of the thing that gauri is ________ I can’t type it too???.that part soooo emotional.n the letter Ohh godd so emotional

    Anika breaking down in shivaay’s arms n shivaay’s dialogue there was just ??????perfect.

    Then anika herself ready to forward hand of friendship was good n the last one don’t expect more from me was a correct one at Anika’s place.
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