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Hello everyone..Saanvi here..Thanks for the tremendous support guys.. Comments crossed half century on first episode..Very happy to see your encouragement..I’ll try to live up to the expectations.

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Scene 1:
At college:
Sanskar- Where is my assignment?
Ragini- Have some shame..You said I’ll do half and you do the other half and slept like a dinosaur.
Aunty said if earthquake comes also Sanky won’t wake up..So I went away.
Sanskar- What? It means you didn’t write?
Ragini- I wrote mine!
Sanskar- What about my assignment?
Ragini- It’s yours so you should write…
Sanskar- I have heard people cheat in love but here my friend also cheated me..My assignment..Hu hu hu..(starts fake crying)
Ragini- I’m seeing you from so many years..Do your nautanki (drama) somewhere else..
At that time a girl comes walking from the other direction..
Sanskar- Hey beautiful!!
The girl starts blushing..
Sanskar- Don’t blush..When you blush your beauty becomes double and I can’t handle that..
Ragini bangs her forehead in a casual way and thinks- He started again..Sanky and flirting are twins I guess..
Sanskar- What are your plans for today?
Girl- Nothing!
Sanskar- Oh no..Such a beauty is free in the day and I’m such an unlucky person stuck with the assignment.
Girl- So sad..Shall I write it for you?
Sanskar- How can I give it to you dear..Your soft soft hands would be stressed and I can’t see that..
Girl smiles and says- Nothing will happen..I will write it..Give me your notes.
Saying so she takes the required papers and leaves the place.
Ragini- So you will go out with her in the evening..
Sanskar- NO..
Ragini- But you said her..
Sanskar- Evening mere friend ka accident ho ney waala hai (gives a naughty smile) (My friend would meet a accident in the evening)
Ragini (irritatedly)- Sanskar…
Sanskar- Ha meri jaan..
Ragini- You are disgusting..
Sanskar- That’s why I’m your friend..
Ragini gets irked and leaves the place..

Scene 2:
Next day morning…
Ragini is casually surfing the internet and sees something and gets shocked.
She immediately picks her scooty keys and moves out in her casual tee without even getting ready properly.
She keeps calling a number but the person opposite doesn’t pick the call.
She immediately drives to Sanskar’s home.
She rings the door bell continuously.
Annapurna from inside- Coming coming..Don’t ring the bell!!
She opens the door and is slightly shocked to see Ragini in such a state.
AP- Ragini beta..What happened?
Ragini- Aunty where is Sanskar?
AP- He went to Sahil’s home yesterday..He said that he will sleep there only.
Ragini- Ok aunty bye.. (hurries to leave)
AP- But what happened?
Ragini (turns back and says)- I will tell you later..I don’t have time!!

Scene 3:
Ragini rushes to Sahil’s home.
Sahil who is standing in the corridor looks at Ragini and gets surprised.
Sahil- Ragini you’re here?
Ragini- Where is Sanky?
Sahil- He is sleeping!
Ragini goes inside..She picks up a jug placed on the dining table and moves to the room where Sanskar is sleeping..
Sahil- Kya karney ja rahi ho? (what are you going to do)
Ragini (angrily)-You stay out of it..
Sahil becomes silent looking at Ragini’s anger…She throws the jug of water on Sanskar and calls out his name loudly..
Sanskar wakes up all frightened and disturbed..
Sanskar (angrily)- What is this?
Ragini takes out her phone and shows it to Sanskar- What is this?
Sanskar’s face turns pale and Ragini bursts out into tears…
Ragini- Everything happened because of you..
Sanskar- Ragini listen to me..
Ragini- You ruined my life.. I hate you!!
Sanskar- I don’t know anything like this would happen..Trust me!!
Sahil- What happened yaar..Mujhe kuch samaj mey nahi aa raha (I’m not understanding anything)
Sanskar- Get out!!
Sahil- What? (Confused expression)
Sanskar- I said get out..(Serious tone)
Sahil walks outside murmuring- Wonderful!! It’s my room and they both are sending me out..
Sanskar (holding Ragini by her shoulder)- Did you call him?
Ragini- I tried many times but he isn’t lifting my call.
Sanskar- Wait a second..
He picks his phone and dials some number. The other person answers the call.
Sanskar- What is all this Swara.. You got married?
Swara- Yes..
Sanskar- Where are you?
Swara- At my house..Don’t come down and create a scene here..Meet me in the park beside Chocolade.
Sanskar- Tell your so called husband Laksh also to come!! (Angrily hangs up the call)
{Chalo…Everyone guessed it would be RagSan marriage but it SwaLak marriage happened 😛 }

Precap: SwaLak reasoning out their decision and the impact it makes on RagSan!

Credits: To my lovely readers 

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