Swasan FF: Our Angel Part-4

Hii, thanks for your response on previous part.
After enjoying cool breeze in part, both sanbir left for home.
Next day
As usual day shona came to meet kabir.
She smiled seeing his messy room.
Shona ; ( monologue) I don’t know what will happen to him after I will go from here, who will be take care of my bro. He even not able to take one glass of water himself.
She started to clean room. After sometime kabir open his eyes and called her name.
She came forward and handed juice to him.

Shona: bhai, what is all this? Is the way keep room? I am saying you marry someone, so my burden can be less.
Kabir started to make faces and come down from bed. He directly stand before mirror.
He pointed finger toward mirror.
Kabir : hey, do you listen? What she is saying? Marriage yuck, I can’t. Ya I am only saying to you. Don’t give this innocent look to me..
Shona stand in front of him.
Shona: what is prblm? You are handsome moreover you have everything which a girl want from her partner.
Kabir make shona turn, he pointed toward mirror.
Kabir: do you know, who is he? He is kabir mehra, who is a spoil brat .who likes late night parties, drink and many more thing. Girls are dying to marry him, not me but Kabir mehra. Kabir is nothing without his surname name. People knows him as son of great business man. He doesn’t has any identity. Yet you want him to marry. Whoever will marry me na her life will also spoiled like mine.
His eyes turned moist, she turned toward him and wipes his tears.
Shona: I don’t know any kabir mehra, I just know kabir. Who is very good from heart, ya he just need to leave some bad habit. I know one day this whole world will say “ he is kabir” …

Kabir: ( interrupt) leave these things, don’t spoilt my beautiful mrng. ( he hit his forehead) upps I forget I need wake him warna he will be late at his first only. He must be busy in his early morning dreams.
Shona: okay yo go, I will clean all mess.
Kabir: ya thank you, love you.
Shona: bhai..
Kabir: kk only love you.
Shona: better, love you 2. Now go and wake your frnd.
He run from there meanwhile shona clean his room and went from there.

Sanskar ‘s room
Kabir entered in his room with spare keys,he become shocked seeing him.
Sanskar was sleeping hugging pillow tightly with smiling face . His face is red as tomato.
Kabir : ( to himself) is the way of sleeping? And why his face is red like tomato.
He noticed sanskar ‘s is saying something. He went near him , try to listen his words.
Sanskar: ( mumbling) angel, you are very beautiful. I wanna spent my whole life with you. Where are you, do I am not handsome? That’s why you still not notice me. See na angel I am also good looking. Just come to me once.
But he don’t able to understand, what he is saying. He thought to wake him, he places his hand over his shoulder to wake him. But next moment sanskar held his hand and pull him over himself.

Sanskar: so angel , you finally came. You know how much I am crazy for you .
Sanskar started to touch angel’s hair.
Sanskar: angel, why your hair is so rough? Didn’t you use good shampoo.
He touched angel’s cheeks.
Sanskar: angel, your cheeks are also rough. You should have soft one na. Don’t you use creams.
On other hand kabir doesn’t able to understand anything, now it’s going to beyond his limit. Sanskar kissed his cheeks, he started to move toward his lips.
Sanskar: can I kiss you once?
Kabir become frightened by sudden behavior, he immediately pulled himself from his clutches and breathed heavily.
Kabir: ( to himself) thank god, today you save my dignity.
While sanskar was still busy in his angel’s dream. He took pillow and take it near his lips, his lips almost going to touch it but…
At mean time,Kabir took a jug of full water and pour all over it .
Sanskar open his eyes with jerk.

Sanskar; is the way to wake anyone?
Kabir: I don’t expected these kind of behavior from you. You are going to snatch my dignity today. If today on time I don’t act wisely then dignity almost gone.
Sanskar sit on bed and started to remember his dream. Again he started to blushing remembering dream. He give shy smile to kabir.
Sanskar: I was…
Kabir sees his red cheeks , he teasingly smiled at him.
Kabir: ( interrupt) omg sanskar, you are blushing. It means it’s girl matter.
Sanskar shyly nodded in yes.
Kabir sit beside him but maintaining some distance remembering his recent action.
Kabir: who is that girl?, what is her name? , do you love her?, is she also love you? How you both met?

Sanskar: enough question, I don’t who is she. I don’t know her name, she is my angel. I also don’t know it’s love or merely attraction. I also don’t know ever she noticed me or not. But I am becoming mad for her. I met her at station.
Kabir: oh, it’s means love at first sight. How she looks?
Sanskar: I don’t know.
Kabir stood shockingly.
Kabir: what do you mean? Are you serious?
Sanskar : I just know her eyes is most beautiful eye I ever seen. Her voice is most melodious voice I ever heard. In short if I say I am in love with her eyes, which always attract me. I don’t what is this feeling? But whatever feeling is this, it’s most beautiful feeling I ever felt.

Kabir: you are totally become mad for her just imagine if she looks like chimpanzee or like …
Sanskar: ( interrupt him) I don’t mind, I just wanna meet her once but my heart is saying she will be most beautiful girl in this world…
Kabir started to laugh at him.
Kabir: okay maznu, now enough of your liala dreams. Go and ready for job. you don’t know Mumbai traffic.
Sanskar immediately rushed for becoming ready.
Nearly after half an hour, he came out in proper office dress. He took kamla Kaki’s blessing and hug kabir.

After 2 hour
He reached xyz cooperation, he entered inside the office.
At reception,
He inquire about his job, but for his disappointment he not get any satisfying answer.
They told him wait for half an hour.
After waiting for half an hour, he again enquire about his job but again only disappointment got his hand.
After waiting of 5 hours, he decided to go to boss cabin and enquire himself.
Security tried to stop him but without giving anyone heeds he rushes inside cabin.
He angrily hit his hand over table.
Sanskar: from 6 hours I am waiting for my job but they are not telling me anything.
Boss turned his chair, sanskar become shocked seeing him. While boss give him winning smile.

Sanskar: Mr Aman verma
( aman: role play by Naved aslam, nearly 50 year old)
Aman: oh my boy, so you finally reached here. But for your disappointment it was all fake.
Sanskar held his color.
Sanskar: how dare you enter in my life again?
Security try to hold sanskar but all getting in vain.
Aman: what you all are doing? Throw him from here.
Before any could touch him, he shout.
Sanskar: no need to do it, I myself leaving this place.
He moved away but before going he turned once and angrily sees aman verma.
Both give tashn look to each other.
Nearly evening
He sadly sitting in park. Tears flowing out from his eyes, a small girl came and offer him handkerchief.
Girl: uncle take it, di told me boys don’t look good while crying. They should be strong enough to handle every situation.
He took handkerchief from her hand and make her sit in his lap.
Sanskar: where is your di?
Girl point toward someone.

To be continued….
Next part: let me think, when I should post?????

Are you not liking this concept? Or I am not able to present correctly. If it’s my fault then pls tell me,I will try to improve my self.
Bye , take care and love you all…

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