Swasan FF: Our Angel Part 9


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Sanskar’s POV
Without giving any answer kabir went away leaving me confusedly. Am I that much bad? This question arises in my mind. What does his silence mean? He was saying angel parents will agree for me, does same not apply to him. Do he not believe me? Many questions started to coming in my mind. My trances broken by someone’s sob. I looked here and there to find who is crying. This sound coming from swara’s room. I became panick and went to see her. I about to enter inside her room but stop by hearing muttering sounds. Yeah she was talking to herself something.
” No pls don’t do that, whatever you will say I will do but pls leave them” she was muttering those sentence again and again.
I can’t see her like this, I went inside her room and held her hand. She tightly held my hand. She stopped muttering and slept peacefully.
I tried to free my hand but she again start to mutter something. I go close to her to hear what is panicking her.
” pls don’t go, I will die. They will kill me. Pls save me” she says
I stopped freeing myself, she again slept peacefully assuring someone is with her. I too fell asleep there only. Bright sun lights disturb my sleep. My hands were paining like hell.
I freed my hand and unknowingly kissed her forehead. I realized what I have done, I rushes from there.
I lie on bed and thinking about her. My trances broken by someone knocking on my door.
” can I come in ” kabir asked
” since when you started taking my permission ” I replied
” vo I came to give you answer of your question ” he said
I became confuse what about he talking?
” which question ” I confusedly asked
” you asked me I will give my shona hands to you or not” he said
I nodded in yes , he came near my bed and handed me one dairy.
” open it” he said
” why..” I tried to argue but he ordered me to do so.
I took dairy from his hand and open to see what is inside it.
I became shocked by seeing inside it.
In that dairy he has written what qualities he want for his shona’s life partner.
My eyes literally popped out seeing his wishes.
His first wish was in her eyes not even single drop of tears should come.
I remember yesterday incident when I unknowingly gave her tears. Means I am rejected already. I gather further courage to read more.
His second wish was he should love her more than him. I don’t know I love her more than him or not but I know I love her more than myself. I felt little happy seeing it, it mean I have chance.
His third wish was he should be rich so he could give her good life. Uff again I am going to rejected but yeah I will try to work hard for it.
I read all his wishes, in some wishes I felt rejected and in some I felt like dancing happily. But yeah again most dangerous wish was he should live as ghar jamai. Seriously as ghar jamai I can’t able to do it, I have some self respect yar. I disbelievingly sees him.
” I know you will never agree with my last wish, that’s why I don’t want you to my shona’s life partner ” he said
Before I could answer him he cutted me.
” see you later” he smilingly went from there.
I hit my head.
” great sanskar, in whole world you only find her to love and god you also find this idiot for my angel.” I said to myself.
I leave all this at destiny and thought to take small nap.
Swara’s room
Again those memories haunted me but one thing was diff from others night I don’t felt insecure. I don’t awake in middle night. I felt like someone was near me, he/she holding my hands and assuring me I am with you. I checked my hands, I found some blood patches. But I didn’t get any wound then whose blood is this. Umm it must be bhai’s blood. Expect him who can endured pain for me.
I went for checking him, I was passing through sanskar’s room. Unknowingly I entered inside his room and sat beside him.
I caresses his hair and my gaze fell his face how much cute he is looking while sleeping he turn other side I some how save myself
I notice my nails which was dried with some blood.
” was he with me for whole night ? But why ? ” I again asked myself
But now this question not important I have to clean his wounds. I bring water and first aid. I started to clean his wounds, he hissed in pain. I bowed air on it. He become okay, i felt relief seeing him like that. I dressed his wounds and properly make him sleep. I kissed his bandage and went from there without disturbing his sleep.
Swara POV end
This all seen by someone, anger raised in him seeing it.
Kabir pov
I was passing through sanskar’s room. I saw shona sitting near sanskar and dressing his wounds. Most surprising act was she kissed his bndage seriously. Is something going between them? Do she felling for him?these question came in my mind. I sided my thoughts by thinking she only did it because she can’t see anyone in pain. But why she went in his room? She always came to my room na then what happened today? No kabir don’t think anything wrong there must be some reason. I trust my shona and sanskar. If there will be anything like that they will must tell me. Most importantly sanskar loves someone so no tension for it.
Kabir POV end
After 3 hours,
Sanskar wake and become astonished by seeing bandage at his hand.
Sanskar’s POV
Bandage but who did it and when I get injury in my hand. Umm I guess yesterday night when my angel held my hand tightly then I get it. Its okay anything for my angel. Now most important question is who bandage it?? Do ma did it or kabir? But ma will come here after 8 na and kabir awake when swara went in his room. Then It must be my angel work, so angel you also care for me. I should say thanks to you na but in my style.
After freshening up I went to her room but my bad luck she was not there. I searched for her in whole mansion but again I get nothing. I thought to ask kabir, he must knew whereabouts of my Angel. I entered inside his room but he was also there. Where this both brother and sister went.? I asked myself. Off curse I didn’t get any answer.
In way I found kamla ma, she was preparing breakfast for us.
“ ma, you saw angel” I asked
“ Angel? Who is she? Is again kabir baba started to bring girls?” kamla ma asked me confusedly
I slap my forehead for not controlling tongue.
“ Angel, who is she? I asked where is swara?” I replied to pretending she must heard wrong.
“ no I heard carefully, you said where is angel?” she said
“ Arre ma, your ears become weak with time na so you listened wrong name” I went from there saying it.
She tried to stop me but I run away.
I went in garden and found angel sitting there with closing eyes. I can’t stop myself staring her but sanskar stop staring her or she will kill you. If not she then her brother will surely do.
“ hey, good mrng swara” I said
“ good mrng” she replied
“ can I sit with you, if your brother doesn’t has any problem” I said
She angrily sees me but later burst out in laugh and nodded in yes.
“ you’re too funny, seriously you are afraid of him” she said
I smiled at her.
“ so what …” I said
Before I could complete she replied forget about yesterday. I saw toward her how could she came to know what I was going to ask her.
“ don’t worry I don’t know any magic, I just guessed and by seeing your reaction I think I am right. Am I right? “ she said
I nodded in yes
“ vo I need ….” She said
This time I interrupt her.
“ yeah yesterday only I was there and I also don’t know any black magic” I said
We both started to smile at each other.
“ hmm but why” she asked
What I should rply, if I will say I like to stare her.
“ tell na” she again asked
“ you was saying something, so to claim you I hold your hand” I said
I started to stare her.
Sanskar POV end
Swara’s POV
I asked him reason of with him. His rply gave me tension, do I blurt about my past. No I can’t, I know if he will come to know he also start to hate me like others. He will also make my fun. He will also feel pity for me. I don’t want that, I hate when someone sees me with like that.

“ do you heard something? “ I asked
“nope, you’re saying so slowly na that’s why I missed it” he said.
Thank god ji he didn’t listen anything or else I also don’t what must have happened.
“ Do you hiding something from everyone? You can share with me. I assure you it will not effect our relation, I mean our frndship “ he said
I smiled at him and keep silence.
“ its kk if you don’t want I will not force you to tell you anything. Whenever you feel I am capable for it, you can say me” he said with hurt expression
“ sanskar, why are you saying like that. Its nothing like that I am very happy “ I tried to smile for showing there is nothing for worried but I guess I am not successful.
“ Do anyone say you, your eyes speaks lot?” he said
I understood what he meant to say, I ignored it and sees other side.
“ how’s your hand? “ I asked him to avoid that topic
He understood I don’t want to talk anything about that.
“ fine, but I will wait for that day. When you will share your pains with me” he said
I nooded in okay manner.
Again it scene by kabir.

Precap: Growing friendship between swasan, kabir and sanskar fight.
Sryyyyyyy for short part, I was little busy. But yeah next time long part pakka.
Next part: Saturday or Sunday.

Ccredit: to me only( Anniya)

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