Swasan FF: Our Angel Part 8


Hii , sry for delay. From now onward I will try to be regular. But only when if response will good orelse one part in one month. So silent readers cmnt na.
Kabir pov
As I turned back I found shona is standing , I just hope she didn’t listen my words. Or else she will surely kill me. I started to observe her face to know her next reaction. She angrily sees toward me and pick cushion from sofas.
“So what was you saying” shona said
“ umm what happen, yeah shona you remember my frnd. You know he is such idiot” I said to divert her mind
“ bhai don’t dare to change topic, I heard it you’re addressing me as ghost. Am I looking like you ghost?” she said
“ you think I was saying that you, don’t you know how much I love you. Seriously shona today you really hurted me so much” I said all these making innocence+ hurting face
I thought seeing me hurt she will become cool but next moment she started to throw cushion over me.
“ I hurt you na, let me show what is real meaning of hurting” she said
I saw her picking some vase from side table, she started to come near me. Fearing she gonna hit me I started to run in whole mansion.
“ arre where are you running, wait na let me hurt you. Today I gonna to murder you.” She said while running behind me
Kabir POV end

Shona’s pov
I am still running behind him, I am not going to throw this vase on him but seeing his fear I am enjoying it.
“ shona, are you planning to kill me? Arre atleast think about my gfs what will happen to them, if I will them. They will become widow before marriage only” he said
“ don’t worry bhai I will not kill you” I said
He look happy by my statement but I am also swara how can I leave him easily.
“ but yeah I destroy your face then all your gf will run away.” I said
He become horrified by it and hide his face with hands.
I pretend to throw vase on his face but stop by listening his furthers word
“ shona, listen I admit I called you ghost but I didn’t mean na. You’re my cute siso” he said
But unwittingly I hurt myself only. I hissed in pain, blood oozing from my feet due to some pieces get inside my skin. I painfully saw toward bhai, who seeing me with blood shot eyes. Bhai came toward me and make me seat on sofa. Now more than that pain its paining bhai is not saying anything to me. He always scold me at my this act but today he is not even looking at me. Oh God now I need to bear his anger. Forgetting my pain I tried to stand so atleast he can scold me. He angrily came toward me and again make me seat. He started to remove pieces from my leg. I don’t want to show that its paining, so I kept hands on my mouth. But due to so much I hissed in pain, he looked toward me.
“ bhai plz say something na” I said
He again started his work but being adamant i remove my leg before he could finish dressing.
“ till you will not speak I will not allow you do further” I said
He tried to continue his work but I am also his sister so how can I accept my defeat easily.
“ swara, let me do it” he said
Yup finally he speak but first time he called me by name. I felt sad but one side I am happy atleast he say something. Now he continuously started to scold me I am feeling very happy but someone said your happiness not last long.
“ I am very bad brother, only due to me you get hurt na. I should not tease you.” He said
Tears started from my eyes, he didn’t notice it because he was busy in scolding himself and dressing my wounds.
Swara POV end

Sanskar pov
I entered inside my room to change dress, I wore T-shirt and paint. I about to place my clothes but notice something inside my suit pocket. I took out it and started to smile like idiot. That was earring which I bought for my angel, my swara. My trances broken by some sounds which were coming from outside. I thought to check it. I reach hall and became freeze by listening kabir’s high pitch. I never saw him raising his vioce on anyone.
He was dressing someone leg, I guess she is shona. I still not seen her face she is looking down. After finishing dressing he stood up from there. Shona was still looking down I don’t know why but seeing her bandage it also hurt me. I feel like more than her I get wound. I saw toward kabir whose eyes were filled with tears, I guess shona is also crying that’s why she is not looking upward.
Kabir’s gaze fallen on me and came toward me.
“ is everything fine? I heard some voices that’s why I came here. And why are you scolding her see she get hurt na” I said
“ don’t ask, she is such childish can you imagine she hurted herself? “ he said
She still looking downward, I signal Kabir through eyes she is crying. Kabir went near her and tried to cupped her face. She jerked his hand, I move toward them to listen what is happening.
“ how could you scold my bhai” she said in choking voice
I felt, I knows this voice but I jerked my thought and continue to see their care for each other.
“ then why you hurt my sister “ kabir said
“ I did unwittingly na, you could scold me na but not my bhai na” she said
I admire her voice, I felt my swara is saying it. Her voice is also very melodious. I scolded myself comparing shona with my angel. I sided my thoughts and see toward them who are still fighting with each other. I don’t know why I am feeling my swara is near me but it’s next to impossible. She still not looking upward.
Sanskar’s POV end

Swara pov
I heard some familiar voice, I wanted to looked toward voice owner but I don’t able to lift my head. Bhai came near, I started to scold him. Now we both are scolding each other.
I felt some known fregance near me, I guess the owner of voice is near me. Bhai cupped my face and I finally looked upward.
Swara’s POV end

Sanskar’s POV
Kabir cupped her face.Whatttt??? Yeah this is my reaction after seeing her face. She is none other my angel. I freeze at my place only. Don’t know what will happen next but at this moment I want to scold her for such carelessness.
Slowly I back off from there and maintain safe distance.
Kabir wipes her tear, I don’t able to listen their conversation but I guess both are asking sorry from each other. She held her ear, I can’t explain how much cute she is looking. Kabir also held his ear, both started to laugh at each other act. She is looking more gorgeous while laughing. She still not notice me I thought to escape from this place because if Kabir came to know I love his sister then surely he will not going to leave me. Its not like that I can’t face him but no one will give his sister hand to that person who has nothing. I about to turn but alas! My bad luck swara saw me, her happiness faded by seeing me here. We both are staring each other, kabir notice it and clear his throat.
“ do you both know each other” he said with stern face
Before I could say anything she replied in yes.
” Yeah Bhai, I met him in park ” She said with nervousness
I took sigh of relief she didn’t told him about our coffee date or else today I was about to loose everything.

Kabir came toward me.
” So you already met my Shona” he asked me like he going to shoot me for it.
I simultaneously nodded in yes and no.
” I already warn you na” kabir said
I gulped in fear, do he going to kill me. Ohh God I still didn’t confess my love.
” Vo I …” I tried to justify myself but I guess my voice box became useless
I started to look here and there.
” Bhai, leave taking his class na. That was coincidence moreover how could he know I am your sister” she said
” Ha kabir I didn’t knew na, moreover her name is swara na” I tried to change topic
” Yeah only i called her Shona” he said
” Bhai now you tell me how you both know each other” she said
” Shona, you remember I told you about one my frnd. He is that one only” he said
I smiled at them but behind this smile I only know how much I am terrified.
She smilingly nodes in yes.

“ by the way bhai your frnd is too fast” she said with smirk
I knew what she meant to, Kabir looked confusedly.
“ shona.. “ before I could complete both cutted me in middle
“ swara” they said
I looked confusedly toward them.
“ sanskar don’t mind but only bhai can call me by this name.” she said with lot of emotion
Kabir also agree with her.
I don’t know why initially I felt bad when they stopped me but seeing her emotion I understand both have lot of attachment with this name. I smilingly nodded in yes.
“ so swara what was you saying I am fast” I said with smirk on my face
She look little afraid,I knew she must not tell anything about me to Kabir. So I decided to pull her legs. Meanwhile kabir is looking most confuse person in this world.
“ do anyone tell me what is happening here” kabir said with irritation
“ nothing Kabir, before coming here…” I tried to say something but she give me death glare
“ bhai nothing, now I need to go home. Kaki must be waiting for me” she said with fake smile.
“ nope, you’re not going anywhere tonight. I know there you will start doing work. So take rest here” kabir said with full concern

She tried to argue with him but no use kabir went from there to keep medicine. I naughtily move toward her.
“ so what was you saying, I am too fast” I said
“ if you were not bhai’s frnd na then surely I had smashed your head” she said
“ what I did? You only started na. I just continue na then you are blaming me” I said
“ ohh Mr second daremabaz don’t try to become over smart . I know you are afraid of bhai.” She said
“ I am not afraid from your brother, he is my best frnd. So what I need to afraid from him” I said trying to make my image in front of her
“ really I saw when bhai was asking about how you know me? your face was looking like someone give you shock” she said
“ no nothing like that I just became nervous “ I said
She catch my lie and playfully slap me on shoulder.
“ Yeah I admit I became afraid, he was asking me like I propose you” I said it to know her reaction what happen if I actually propose her.
Her face became pale, her eyes formed with tears. Without saying anything she tried to stood from there but due to bandage she fall on my shoulder. As usual her touch make me shiver, I looked toward her to know what happen to her. Her eyes showing some unknown pain like eyes want to convey something.
“ vo sry I need rest, my legs are paining “ she said looking down
I don’t know what I should rply her I want to ask reason of her tears but I guess I still don’t have that right. She again tried to move from there. She again going to fall but this time me and kabir held her. Kabir again going to scold her but noticing her tears he kept quiet.
We both help her reaching in room. She sit on bed and wipes her tears. She smiled at us but this smile not reaching her eyes. I saw toward kabir who is also trying to find reason of this pain but I guess there is something which he also not know.
“ shona, is everything fine. Do this idiot say something you?” he said
“ nope bhai, just suddenly my legs started to pain that’s why tears came in my eyes” she said
I know she is lying but choose to not speak between them.
Sanskar POV end

Kabir pov
I know she is lying but I also know she is not going to share reason of her pain with anyone. I also keep quiet due to sanskar. May be she is feeling uncomfortable with his presence that’s why she don’t able to open herself. After giving medicine we both came out.
“ sorry sanskar in these matter I forget to ask you about your angel” I said
Listening Angel name his face turned bright.
“ its kk, not to worry. I guess my love story will not going to bed of roses. There was so many hurdles, today new villain also entered “ he said with disappointment
I became confuse by this, sensing my confusion he started to laugh I understand he is joking with me.
“ so what is her name, don’t tell me you still don’t know her name and dreaming about your future with her” I said
“ I knew her name but I have a confusion. “ he said with sad voice
“ tell me what is it?” I asked
“ nothing you will not understand” he replied
I insist him to say.
“ acha if you’re saying so much then listen do angel’s family accept me. I mean I am not financial stable and also I have no family “ he said
“ hmm yes its big prblm, you know every family has dream to choose best for their child. That life partner who can love her + take care of her in every situation. I know money is not everything but its also true without money nothing is there. You need to financially strong to ask your angel hand from her family. I am sure they will not deny. You’re dream partner for every girl. So after financially strong no problem. Your angel is so lucky that she is getting you.” I said.
“ if in angel place, swara will be there then still your answer will be same” he said

Precap: kabir’s shocking answer

You guess right kabir will be not villain but yes he will possessive brother.
What do you think swara became sad after sanskar’s words? Is there any love mater or something more than it????
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