Swasan FF: Our Angel Part 7


Hii, thanks for your response on previous part but response is very low. I think most of readers forget this story.
“ well this part is specially for shan , happy birthday shan.”
Sanskar about to say swara name but stop seeing his eagerness.
Sanskar: not so soon Mr boss, first I will impress her then I will introduce you. Who knows you turned enemy of my one and only one love story.
Kabir: I hope she reject you not only reject you but also slap you in front of everyone and kick yours a**
Sanskar mouth opened in ‘o’ shaped.
Sanskar: wahh! What type of frnd you’re?
Kabir: better than you. Atleast tell na how your angel.
Sanskar: ( dreamingly) like fairy
He sees toward kabir who is smirking at him.
Sanskar: I mean she is beautiful.
Kabir: even more than my shona?
Sanskar: I guess yes, well I didn’t meet your shona. So how I supposed to know how she look like but I can bet she will be not that much pretty as my angel.
Kabir: you’re saying it because you still didn’t meet her na, once you meet her I bet you will be forget your angel.
Sanskar: I don’t love my angel because she looks good. Well I don’t know why I love her. I don’t have any reason. So it next to impossible forget her.
He sees time and become tensed seeing it.
Kabir: office hour is finished you can go to meet you laila.
Sanskar: its not like that.
Kabir: go your angel must be waiting.
Sanskar shyly smiled and ran from there.
After changing into casual he rushes to coffee shop.
At 6:05 pm
Sanskar’s pov
300 seconds passed but there is no news of her. Will she seriously not come? No sanskar don’t loose hope she will definitely come, everyone not has cool boss like you. She must be stuck somewhere. Till she didn’t come I should take sit.
After grabbing seat in corner, he continuously started to see wrist watch.
1800 seconds passed but she didn’t come. Who said you to become overconfident. Now see result. I seriously wanna sing song for her. Yeah what was that song ha remember “
Inteha Ho Gayi Intazaar Ki
Aayi Na Kuchh Khabar Mere Yaar Ki
Ye Hamein Hai Yakeen Bewafa Woh Nahin
Phir Wajah Kya Huyi Intazaar Ki
(The limit of waiting has reached
I haven’t heard any news of my beloved
I have faith that she is not unfaithful
Then what is the reason for the wait?)
Seriously swara, why you still not come. See I am feeling like drunkard who is desperately wanting his drink.
With disappointment in his eyes he started to move from there but stopped sensing someone presence.
As usually his heart beat started to beat fast, his cheeks turns red, chillness started in his spinal cord.
He smilingly started to roam his eyes in every corner and noticed a girl confusedly standing near parking area. He went near her and with so much hesitation put his hand on her shoulder.
That girl wearing white long top and blue leggings. She angrily turned him before she could react he passes her sweet smile. She also passes him smile.
Sanskar: so finally you came but why you took so much time ?
Swara: don’t think I came for you, vo I was just passing from there thought to check you also.
He gently passes her smile.
Sanskar: so what you found? Am I reliable for your friendship?
Swara: vo toh I need to think more but for now I waana sit somewhere my legs are paining. I am standing here from 15 minutes.
He raised his eyebrows, she sees his act and understood he caught her lie.
Swara: okay – okay from 10 minutes.
He again do same, she looked down.

Swara: okay you win, I just came here.
Sanskar: yeah this is fine but my stomach is really empty because I was waiting for you since 1 hour.
Swara: who said you to wait for me? I told you na I will not come.
Sanskar: but now you’re here. Now come with me for our first coffee date.
Swara: this is not any date.
Sanskar: okay not any date but you could drink coffee with your new frnd na.
Swara: that could I do.
Both smilingly ahead toward table. Both took their seat.
There was an awkward silence between them. Both thought to break their silence.
Swasan: so what are you doing?
Both looked toward each other and burst out in laugh.
Swasan : first you
Again they sees toward each other.
Swara: let me speak first
He nodded in yes.
Swara: In mrng , you asked me to wish you All the best. Can I know reason?
Sanskar: surely, today was my job interview and I..
Swara: you’re selected. Am I right?
He nodded in yes.
Sanskar: how do you know it? Don’t tell me you’re following me?
Swara: nope, your face is showing happiness. I guess its not due to I came here. So there must some strong reason. That’s why I guessed it. You have to agree with me I turned lucky for you.
Sanskar: who said it my happiness is due to job. My biggest happiness is only you. In front of you those are very small.
Swara: what happen?
He brushed his thought and sit straight.
Sanskar: yeah you turned lucky for me.
Swara: hmm I am
Sanskar : arre give some credit to me also.
Swara: hmm let me think
Sanskar: ( monologue) you’re right you’re truly my lady luck.
Swara: again lost, do you have some girl frnd?
He nodded in no.
Swara: then?
Sanskar: nothing, lets order some coffee.
She nodded in yes, he ordered coffee. After taking some sip, he decided to know something about her family.
Sanskar: by the way how many members in your family.
Listening family word, her face turned pale. She looked downward.
Swara: I am orphan.
Sanskar: vo sry I don’t mean to hurt you.
Swara: don’t be sorry now I am happy in my world. I have a brother who loves me more than anything.
Sanskar; (monologue) why every girl needs brother. That day when I just kidding to marry shona kabir warn me. She also has brother if her brother got to know about me then he will surely going to give me strong punch.
He keep his palm on face.
Swara: what happen?
Sanskar: nothing, you told you’re orphan then I mean brother.
She smiled and take sip of coffee.
Swara: every relation are not meant of blood.
Sanskar: right, so he is not your real brother.
Swara: hmm but he is very possessive about me. I wish in next birth I get brother like him only.
Sanskar: so in every birth I need to do struggle. In this birth itself it seems to your brother will biggest hurdle.
Swara: did you said something?
Sanskar: do you listen something?
She nodded in no.
Both silently started to enjoy their coffee.
Swara: well don’t you tell me about your family.
Sanskar: like you I also have no one. My mom died some years before. I just came Mumbai to fulfill her dreams.
Swara: ohh, so nowadays where are you living?
Sanskar: you’re directly asking me address not bad.
Swara: I didn’t mean that.
Sanskar: arre I was kidding, I am living with my frnd.
Swara: you’re very lucky.
Sanskar: how I supposed to be lucky?
Swar: hmm nothing leave it.
Both finished their coffee, sanskar pays the bill.
Swara: so now I should go, kaki must be waiting for me. And I also have to visit bhai’s house.
Sanskar: if you don’t mind I can company you till your home.
Swara; no I can go alone.
Swara: ( monologue) if bhai will see me with him then surely he will loose temper. Its better I should go alone. I also promised him to meet his frnd.
Swara: no no I also need to buy something for bhai. You will become late due to me.
She went from there without giving him any chance to speak. He took out something from his pocket.
Sanskar: I thought to give this earning to her but she even not want show me her home. I guess she don’t considered me as a good frnd.yup its kk I will not loose hope. Someday I will surely become her best frnd not only her best frnd her life partner.
He suddenly remembered she has brother. His face turned pale and started to walked toward kabir’s house. Totally unaware of what destiny is planning for his love story.
Otherside, swara reached her house. After listening some lectures from kamla’s kaki, she changed her dress and went to meet kabir.
Sanskar reached home, kabir asked him to fresh up today he wanna introduce him an important person of his life.
Sanskar: whom?
Kabir: its surprise bro.
Sanskar: I just pray your surprise don’t turned shock for me.
Kabir: go first freshen up, my surprise must be coming.
Without further argument he went for fresh up.
Kabir: where is this girl? She always do same whenever I wanna show her something or share some happiness she disappeared like ghost.
Voice: oh so I am like ghost.
He turned toward voice and become shrinked seeing next person..

To be continued…..

Do kabir with turned villan of Sanskar’s love story?
Will sanskar come to know swara and shona being same girl?
Do after knowing swara being kabir’s sister he will back off?

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