Swasan FF: Our Angel Part 10

Hii, Thanks for your response on previous part. I noticed there are many Ae dil mushkil on telly . its difficult for me to finding my ff only. So thinking to change name. New name will be “ Our Angel” how’s it??
Kabir notice closeness between them, one side he was happy seeing his sister smiling with someone other side feeling angry because he knows sanskar will never able to love her. He has fear if shona will fall for him then she can’t handle any heart break. He thought to see some more days and then decide what to do.
Whole week passed, in this week swasan become more close Swara started to meet him frequently. Both used share about each other life. There was diff glow on swara face nowadays, she also not able to figure out these changes in her. Two people notice it, one sanskar who was very happy seeing change in her. Her eyes showing happiness whenever she used to with him. Other person was kabir he was also haply seeing real smile on her face which was no more fake but still he has fear. He observed some unknown feeling in her eyes. He thought to talk to sanskar before it become so late.
Next day

Swasan went on their own ways.
At office
Kabir called sanskar in his cabin to talk about shona.
Sanskar; you called me?
Kabir,: first take a seat.
Sanskar took seat and sat in front of him.
Sanskar: now tell
Kabir: see I clearly come to point. I want you to maintain distance from swara.
Sanskar stood up and become confuse+ angry listening him.
Sanskar: what do you mean? Did I do something wrong?
Kabir also stood from his place.
Kabir: see sanskar, she already bear so much. I don’t want to take any risk for her.
Sanskar become hurt by listening it.
Sanskar; what do you mean by it? Am I looking like Casanova who will broke your sis heart and use her?
Kabir: I didn’t mean it.
Sanskar: no I understand what do you mean. But you also listen I am not like that and yes I am not going to listen you. Because she is my

Before he could complete someone knocked on door.
Person: sir someone came to meet you.
Kabir: send him inside.
Person nodded in yes, sanskar realised what he was about blurt whereas kabir was confused by his words.
Both of them eyes lit up seeing that person.
Kabir: shona you here.
Swara makes faces and sat on kabir chair.
Swara: why I can’t come in my bhai office.
Sanskar adoring his angel behavior. Kabir totally forget about sanskar’s presence.
Kabir: definitely you can but I know there is some reason. So tell me fast.
Swara: very bad bhai you knows me so well, vo I need to borrow your frnd for some hours.
Kabir ; why????????

Swara: arre chill down bhai,I am not kidnapping him. Today I am free and I need to go xyz place as you know that place
is little far away from main city. So I need someone na.
Kabir become mad listening her but thought to control his anger. While sanskar smiling like idiot listening her. He started to dream about his angel.
Kabir: I can come with you na.
Swara: no, you do your work. I know you want to escape from work na. But I will not let it happen. So better concentrate on it.
She turned toward sanskar who was in his dreamland.
Swara: sanskar
But no use
She sees toward Kabir for help.
Kabir being irritated he threw paper ball on him.
Sanskar : vo ha good mrng I mean you here.
Swara burst out in laugh while kabir suppress his smile.
Swara: ohh Mr day dreaming, where were you lost?
Kabir says slowly ;Angel’s dream.
Swasan sees toward him.

Swara: did you say something?
Kabir vigorously nodded in yes and no.
Sanskar( teasingly): ha Kabir say na do you said something?
Kabir: ( monolouge)definitely I will kill him. How dare he make fun of me?
Before he could say anything swara interrupt them.
Swara: when you will decide what to react then let me know. Till then I am going.
She held sanskar hand and went from there. Kabir came in sense and realises now nothing can happen . he slap his forehead and reminiscing changed in swara’s behavior since sanskar has came. He still not able to figure out what to do?

Both reached at xyz place.
Swara : sanskar , you used to become dumb in front of bhai.
Sanskar: nope, in front of you.
Swara: me???
Sanskar: I mean when you both meet me together.
Swara: leave it, do you remember na why i came here today?
Sanskar: to meet me
Swara give deathly glare to him.
Swara: idiot creature, tmrw is bhai’s birthday. So we need to plan everything.
Sanskar: I was just kidding na, you both brother sister are too much.
Swara: don’t dare to say even a single word for him.
Sanskar: (monologue) brother says to maintain distance from his sister and sister says not to say anything about her brother. These unique piece in my life, why god? Don’t you like my happiness? Uff now you already sent them then only give me way to handle them also.

Swara: oh god again day dreamer, nothing can happen with him.
Swara: sanskar, bhaiiii came
Sanskar started to jump from his place and started to look here there to find kabir.
Sanskar: where is he?
He literally stared to breath heavily.
Sanskar: swara, don’t go from here. Or else he will again started to take my class.
Swara : really you’re idiot creatures, how could bhai will come here.
Sanskar: you said na
Swara: uff my mistake, I was kidding.
Sanskar: seriously, I could die due to..
Before he could complete she keep palm at his mouth.
Some moments flashes in her mind, someone on death bed.
Swara: only I have three people in my life, I can’t afford to loose anyone.

After so many days he again saw pain in her eyes, he curses himself for reason for her pain.
He nodded in yes.
She realizes her position and remove her hand.
Swara: let’s start to do shopping for him.
Sanskar: so from should we start.
Swara: hmm dress
Sanskar: not bad idea angel
He again slap for his carelessness.
Sanskar; ( monologue) you’re your self biggest enemy of your love story. Whatever come in mind just used to blurt out. If you have so much guts then propose her na.
Swara : angel???
She felt unknown pain in her heart. She sees toward him but he was busy in scolding himself.
Swara: nothing can happen to him.
She went from there without disturbing him.
He was still in his dream.
People were seeing him in amused manner, a child came near him and shake him.
Child: bhaiya are you playing statue- statue ? If yes then I will also play.
Sanskar came in sense and ran from there with jet speed.
He noticed swara at one shop who was seeing shirts for kabir. He went near her and keep hand on her shoulder.
Sanskar: you know in which problem you leaved me.
He told her what that child asked him.
She smiled at his childishness and continued her shopping. She took one shirt and checked on him. How it will look on kabir?

Swara: will bhai like it?
Sanskar: its kk not so good.
She again started to see other shirts, sometimes she used to reject or else he. After lot of struggle both finally found white shirt which they mutually liked.
Swara pay bill and started to see ties. Otherhand he started to roam there to find something for someone special.
His gaze fell on saree, he imagine swara wearing it and looking like angel. He saw it price which was high from his budget. He became disappoint from it. He started to go from there. He noticed some jewelry shop, an idea popped out in his mind. He went there and took pendant from his neck.
He kissed over it.
Sanskar: sry ma, but that girl na, she will buy everything for her brother but not spent even a single amount on herself. Pls forgive me for it.
He sold it and went back to that shop.

He bought saree and anklet for her.
Otherhand, her gaze fell on s shaped pendant she went there and saw price. Same problem happen with her.
She has only limited amount from which she needs to buy some more things for kabir.
She took out her anklet.
Swara: when my parents never cared for me then what use of their memories. These memories only give me pain.
She sold it and bought pendant for someone.
After doing completing dress shopping, they went to carter and ordered some stuffs for birthday.
Whole day both roam here and there for making prefect arrangement for kabir.
While returning home she noticed poly bags in his hand.

To be continued….

I don’t know next part will be early or it will take time.
What do you want Bpgysh or Adhm or I should say our Angel???????

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