Ae dil hai mushkil # 6 # newspaper

Hey guys how r u all??i want to tell u all that this might be the last episode bcoz my finals are near and I have given my laptop,phone and IPad to my mother??so I will not be able to access TU so I will post the next epi when my exams end??so plz Mujhe aur mere ff Ko Bhool May jaana??
So let’s start this episode?so 3 2 choo
Sona woke up and saw the newspaper it had his and Dev’s photo while dancing and the groupfie too which was cropped and zoomed on them??

What’s going on between Dev and Sonakshi!!its really hard to tell!!Some day they are digging on the sets like enemies and some day they are Dancing in a party like boyfriend and Girlfriend???what do u think??are they enemies or a couple ???let us see what people have to say(people’s opinions)
Raghav mehra

I think they are girlfriend and boyfriend!!!i think they had a fight that day and that’s why they were fighting!!?
Shreyasi Sharma
I too think they are girlfriend boyfriend God see their chemistry onscreen!!they really look like a couple?
The online polls too say this only??
Sona’s PoV
Yeh mere saath Ho Kya raha hai???jab Mujhe Lagta hai ki everything’s good phir se Sab kuch Kharab Ho jaata hai and yeh media waale bhi Na Bina Baal ki Khaal nikal Rahe hai??I think I should talk to mr Dixit yeah I should do this only
Dev’s PoV(He too read this)
Mere saath Aisa Aaj se pehle kabhi nahi Hua!!?pata nhi Kya hogaya Hai mere saath??Mujhe lag raha hai Mera bad luck bhi bad chal raha Hai??I think I should talk to ms Bose once!!!and she must be upset bcoz all this is new to her!!!i should talk to her?
They both get ready and leave Sona and Dev’s car come from opposite directions and stop in front of each other
Sona and Dev get down
Sona and Dev:I
Sona:first u
Dev:first u
Sona:first u
Dev:first u
Sona and Dev:I

They have a good laugh when Some people come and start staring at Sona and the newspaper(as if checking that she is the girl in the newspaper)Sona starts felling awkward
Dev:then go??
They leave and Sona smiles
Dev:meet me in my vanity after the shoot is over we will talk over there☺️
They have a peaceful shoot and then the director again calls them
Director:oho!!!dev,Sonakshi omg another breaking news?this is amazing our show is becoming the most talked show of 2017 and the most viewed too and the credit goes to both of u??I love u both and now I am arranging another party for this
Director:what happened??
Dev:woh sir I am a lil busy too
Sona:me too sir
Director:I don’t u both have to come
Devakshi:ok sir ??

They both keep standing there
Director:will u have something tea,coffee??
Sona:cappuccino without sugar actually I am on dieting(waise Sona Ko dieting ki Kya zarurat hai??)
Dev:sorry sir we are leaving
Dev drags Sona out
Sona:why did u drag me from there I wanted my cappuccino?
Dev:tumhe Lagta hai ki tumhe coffee milti???
Sona:toh aur Kya milta??
Dev:termination letter idiot
Sona:who r u calling an idiot ???
Dev:u !!

Precap:DEVAKSHI get drunk???

Ok so guys I will try posting one more episode before giving my phone but i am not sure
Do comment an tell me how did u find the episode?
Bye guys❤️❤️
Love u all??

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  1. Rj12

    Oh c’mon Ayushi we can never forget ur ff, and if anyone does forget ur ff mujse bura koi nahi hoga ?? aur that person’s punishment will be I’ll stop writing my punishment ?

    And this episode was super!!! Loved it ????? Waiting for DevAkshi for being drunk ??

    1. Rj12

      Instead of ff I wrote punishment ? Btw it was meant to be thei punishment will be I will never write my ff ????

      1. Heshine

        Hey Rithika,! We didn’t yaar…!! We do remember her ff..!! I’m no one would forget this ….!!as it relates to the original scenario…!!????
        So please don’t punish us with such a rigid penalty, after all we didn’t..!!??? And all the best fa ur xams too..!! And post ur epi whenever u get time to…!
        And ayushi! U too post ur ff at free time..!!

  2. Director sir scene, newspaper one and street one… Man checking if she is sona ???? all were amazing and superb like rest of the episode…
    Best of luck with your exams… Jaldi jaldi de kar wapis aa jao

  3. Priya12

    Ayushi…we will never forgot u and ir ff and we will wait 4 ir ff….and epi was fabulous …
    All the best 2 ur exams….write well…

  4. Dessertqueen

    Nice n funny… 🙂 good work Ayushi!!!

  5. Heshine

    Hey Ayushi…!! This was really amazing dear…!!??????well, all the very best fa ur xams…!! Know! How these xams retard us…!! But hope fa the best…!! All the best, once again…!!?????❤❤and yeah coming back to the epi…!! I really couldn’t forget this awesome ff yaar..! Hw

    So stop taking stress during ur xams and do well…!!

  6. Awesome

  7. Plzzz post one more episode but a longer one before you go off

  8. V.V.harshita

    Hey Manya it’s really vry funny ??and plzs post soon

  9. Rakshita

    Hey Manya. I was a silent reader but ur ff is so engaging that I need to write now. It’s awesome. We can all understand that you SHLD give priority to ur studies. We won’t forget ur ff. So concentrate on ur studies now and then on ff!!!??❣❣

  10. Awesome episode dear. Best of luck for ur exams

  11. Hey Ayushi,
    This one was fantastic! The best thing about your FF is that it can give anyone a good dose of laughter and I’ll always remember that. Now, I know your studies are really important, so I want force you or say much, but please do try to write at least one more episode, alright? And one more thing: Even if you force us to, I doubt if anyone over here will be able to forget your FF. Undoubtedly, it always got a smile on everyone’s face and that’s what makes it so special! Well, I think I’ve said a bit too much for now, considering that you’ve gotten studies to do as well. So, do consider my request for once and try writing another episode, if possible. Plus, the precap makes me want to read the next episode even more!
    Anyways, wishing you all the very best for your upcoming finals! Hope you end up doing wonderful magic in the papers just as you do in this FF and manage to bring out a smile on the faces of your teachers like you do to ours?
    Loads of love,

  12. Chanpreet0815

    Ayushi don’t worry we will not forget u and it ff. I liked it ff. As usual its awesome. Post soon dear.

  13. Niki645

    An amazing and hilarious episode!!!!
    Best of luck for ur exams… and plssssssssssssss post whenever u get time??

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