Ae dil hai mushkil # 20 # dance Basanti

Hey guys!!i am so ready this time?mujhe hi believe nhi ho raha?!!And guys this is the 20th part of the my ff!!!Thanks to all my readers who commented and supported me❤️love u all❤️❤️
So I want to tell u all that my father’s job is out of India so he lives there and comes to meet us once or twice in a year and he is coming on 23rd April?toh agar delay Ho toh plzzz maaf Kar dena he will be here till 20th May and then he will come next year?so plzz understand?
So 3…….2……..Chooo

They are sleeping hugging each other and Dev gets up first!’

Dev’s PoV
I was sleeping peacefully till Mr sun came and disturbed me by sending sunrays?!!but when I woke up I found Sona hugging me and trying to hide his face in my chest as the sunrays were disturbing her too!!i tried to put a hand near her face so that she can sleep peacefully!!but she woke up!! I thought that girls don’t look good early morning but she was looking awesome??

Sona’s PoV
I was sleeping peacefully but when the sunlights disturbed and I was trying to bury my face in my pillow I realised it was too hard(bcoz its Dev’s chest?)but I ignored it bcoz it was Dev’s house!!but then something was blocking the sunlight from reaching me!!i finally opened my eyes and I was so shocked and embarrassed to see my position?I was hugging Dev and when I looked up at him our faces were inches apart I could feel his breath over my face!!but then I realised and quickly got up and he too got up!!
Dev:good morning!!
Sona:what were u doing??
Dev:what will u eat for BF!!

Sona:I asked something!!
Dev:u ignored my statement and I did the same!!
Sona:good morning!! Now tell me??
Dev:I was…………….a……….b………
Sona:not again Dev!!
Sona:rehne do Dev tumse Na Ho paayega(it’s Ok Dev can’t do it)
Dev:mujhse kyun nhi hoga(why can’t I??)

Sona:ok so tell me??
Dev:(trying to change the subject):I am going to take a bath!!
Sona:Maine kaha tha tumse Na Ho paayega(see I told u u can’t)
Dev:I can’t hear u!!
Dev goes to the bathroom and Sona prepares the BF!!dev Came out!!
Dev:u made the food??
Sona:no my ghost boyfriend made it!!
Dev:ohh!!he is a nice boyfriend!!

Sona:I know!!
And they both laugh??
Sona:ok so u enjoy the BF I am going to have a shower!!

Sona:do u have more clothes?
Dev:no!!clothes me!!no chance!!i just have one pair which I am wearing?
Sona:zyada sarcastic hone ki zarurat nhi hai(no need to be sarcastic)
Sona:actually my Boyfriend wants to wear it!?! Ofc for me idiot!!
Dev:ohh wait I will get it!!
He brings a shirt and jeans
Sona:Tumi ekdum boka!!

Sona: these are boyish!!
Dev:should u have girlish clothes then???
Sona:that’s also correct!!but how can I wear this??
Dev:that’s ur problem!!
Sona:I can wear this but u have to go out also!!
Dev:told u it ur problem!!!
Sona:u r mr smart think something!!

Dev:one sec what did u say mr…..??
Dev:let me think!!no idea!!
Sona:try to get idea!!
Dev:??not getting any idea!!i guess Mujhe idea aa sakta hai if u say please(I can get an idea if u say please)
Dev:I am getting the idea once more
Dev:almost there!!once more!!
Dev:reached!!but it is not coming out once more!!
Dev:ok so listen u can tell ur ghost boyfriend to bring u clothes!!
Sona was listening very carefully at first but then she???
Sona:I will kill u Dev!!u were making fun of me!!
Dev:any doubt??

Sona:doubt!!doubt toh ab tumhari zinda hone pe hoga!!aisa gayab karungi ki 12 mulko ki police bhi nhi Dhundh paayegi(doubt!!there will be a doubt of u are alive or not!!u will disappear like this even police will not be able to find u)?
Dev:I would like to tell everyone that if u find me dead then arrest her for killing me??
Dev:someone save me!!
And they start running here and there!!

Dev is pinned to the wall and Sona is coming towards her
Dev:plzz Mujhe chod do!!(plzz leave me)
Sona:abhi pakda hi kaha hai(when did I catch u)
Dev:leave me!!

Dev:humka chodi diyo
Sona:what do u think I will leave u if u speak in different languages!!and why should I leave u
Dev:bcoz u want clothes!!
Sona:u have them??
Dev:koi shak(any doubt)
Sona:then what was all this drama?!
Dev:that’s bcoz I like sorry love to irritate u!!
Sona:I will not leave u now!!
Dev:that’s bcoz u look very cute when u r irritate!!
Dev?this means I am free

And is about to leave
Sona:Itni bhi Kya Jaldi hai(what’s the hurry??)
Sona:chod diya jaaye ya Maar diya jaaye Bol tere saath Kya Sulukh kiya jaaye Basanti(should i leave or kill u tell me Basanti)
Sona:yes Basanti!!
Dev:what do I have to do??
Sona:U have to dance

And plays the song!!laila main laila????????
Dev:change the Song atleast
Dev:I am dancing!!chal Basanti Aaj Teri izzat ka Sawaal hai(dance Basanti it’s for ur respect)
And he starts dancing!!
Dev:I am dancing and u r laughing!!

Sona:what to do u r a pathetic dancer
Dev:keh toh aise Rahi Ho like u r Shakira(u r saying as if u r Shakira)
Sona:don’t underestimate me!!
Dev:I am underestimating u!!
Sona:I will show u!!
And she starts dancing!!dev is admiring her when his phone rings!the director called them!!as they are late
Dev:it’s all bcoz of u
Sona:bcoz of me!!!
Dev:yes kisne kaha tha Gabbar bane ke liye(yes who told u to become Gabbar)
Sona:and who told u to hide my clothes!!
Dev:excuse me these are my clothes

Sona gives him a what look
Dev:I mean……….I purchased them so they are my property
Dev:I am going to eat the breakfast and leave u will only get late!!
Sona rushes to the washroom and comes out wearing the clothes bought by Dev!!she found a not with keys

Eat ur BF fast close the door and come down I am waiting!!but u have 10mims only I will leave after 10mins!!right now the time is 11:10 so I will leave at 11:20!!
Sona checks the time and it’s 11:18 and she leaves without eating her BF
In the car
Dev:on time!!
Sona:I know that’s why I didn’t eat the BF!!
Sona:u said that u will leave!!
Dev:from when did u take my words seriously!!
Sona:that’s also correct?
Dev:let’s go
Sona:but I am hungry!!

Dev:ok let’s go to a cafe then
They go to the cafe

Precap:director:perfect!!just prefect!!dev u r excellent!!it looked as if u were jealous in real
Dev:bcoz I was?????

So hey guys!!

This time I am early AF?!!
And plzzz I want nice comments!!!
And guys can u all plzz tell me what my ff means to u??or any suggestion or improvement required I will be more than happy?
And silent readers u can just type a word good or bad plzzz
Love u all ❤️❤️
Will post soon

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  1. ShrutiP

    Kya kahu ranbhir ki stalker…
    The episode was superrrr se bhi uparr..
    Loved it and Love you….
    Post soon…???

    1. Manya

      Ranbir ki admirer hoon main???
      Love u too❤️❤️
      Will post soon

  2. Sgatik

    Funny episode. Pls post next soon

    1. Manya

      Thanks a lot❤️❤️
      Will posts soon❣

  3. Aarti32

    Wait a minute!! Kaun ho tum?? Aur Mannu ko Kahan chhupa rakha h!! Itti jaldi to wo kabhi bhi post nhi krti..Aj to wo Ranbir k dialogues batane mein lagi thi..To post krna impossible h..Ab jaldi batao Kahan h meri pagli behna??
    Jst kidding!! D episode was aweeeeeeesomeeeeeeeee ??
    Aaj bhi RK REFERENCES ko miss kiya maine..Next episode mein zarur hone chahiye..Get dat!!

    1. Manya

      Aap pehle yeh Batao aapka ff kaha hai???
      And Aaj bhi the bas Jaldi Jaldi likha toh mention nhi kiya!!usko you main bhool nhi sakti?Next mein mention Kar dungi?
      Love u ❣

      1. Aarti32

        ?? Maine abhi tak type nhi kiya..Kal pakka post kr dungi..Gambhir ki kasam

  4. Muthash

    Aww… cutee…. and the precap…. its amazing…perfect, just perfect?

    1. Manya

      Thanks a lot❤️❤️❤️

  5. Aamu

    Ummm…… was awesome yaaaaaar…
    I just loved it…
    As usual….hindi dialogues..just maaaaar daaaalaaaaa….
    Basanti dance??????????????

    Hahaa…how can u write sooooo wellll…?????
    I just love d way u write…
    Precap seeems interesting…dev jealous??
    N yaa…about wat ur ff mean to me…
    I just love to read coz…i make me laugh…
    I hav fun reading dis…wen i read dis my mood get freshenup…
    Wen i m angry before reading…i got cooolll…coz i go busy in laughing…
    I m called mad..(haa! My family actually calls me..bcos of my antics n nautanki)…becoz i laugh alone…
    Ur storyline is just…???
    Ab kya bolu..bohot sara bol diya…haa..!
    U know mene tumhare ff k kuch epi(in which i love ur dialogue) ke screenshort kiye hau..n wen i m free..i read…
    U really made me enjoy..
    N u know…me hindi dialogues sikhne lagi hu..i mean..muj aate hai…
    Infact i speak hjndi only…n ofcourse u speak many dialogues…but i got new n many more from urs…me kabhi bolti hu…to meri sis puchti hai k aise dialogues tu laati kahase hai..! I jz say…..DevAkshi is d reason…wo cnfused hi rehti hai??
    Okay…bohot badda essay de diya…
    But sachchi jo b likhe mene sachchi likha…
    N yaaaa tumhare dad aa rhe hai..
    Enjoy with him…..
    But haaa bhul najana…weeekme 2 baarto post kar hi dena…me miss karungi…??
    Well bahbye..
    Love u…

    1. Manya

      Love u Aamu??????
      Tune Sachi screenshot liye hai????
      And Haan main bhi apne dialouges use karti hoon ya phir Agar koi aur bolta hai toh main pick Kar leti hoon?❤️❤️?
      Haan I am very haapy papa aa Rahe hai?
      I will try to post bcoz then he will come next year??But will surely try❤️
      Love u loads and loads❤️❤️❤️

    2. Manya

      And I am glad ki my ff cools u down and waise Tu paagal nhi hai bcoz u have a reason to laugh❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Aamu

        Haa woh bhi hai..
        Reason to hai..lekin meri family ko thodi na pata hai..?!!
        K me ff read karti hu..i mean pata hi lekin ni pata..chalo chodo..its cnfusing…
        N koi ni tu tere papa k saaathkhub enjoy kar….
        Me misss karungi fir b….tuje jab tym mile to post karna….
        Tymhare papa 1 year k baad aayenge…
        Mere papa to mere saath hi rehte hai lekin kuch kaaam se jab 5-6 days out of city jaana padta me boho sad hoti hu…to me samaj sakti hu…?.
        Anyway..senti ho gayi na…?
        I know it doesnt sui me..
        So pls tere papa k aane se pehle to post karde…??
        N me sachchi screen short leti hu…!
        Secure kar k alag folder me rakha hai k koi use dekh na le..!
        Warna meri sis hogi to muje pareshaan karegi?
        Chalo koi ni…
        Jldi jldi dev ki jealousy wala epi post kar do..
        I m waiting..
        Love u…??

  6. Richa144

    I loved it..Let them express their love..

    1. Manya

      Thanks a lot❤️
      And they will soon?

  7. Your ff means our happiness…our laughter…our contentment…and what not….
    Just love it…your are a kiddoo…(though not that much young?)…but write so very well…

    Now i think its time that you bring the love confession in the scenario….and before that a chhota but serious waala fight in between devakshi….due to jotin ofcourse??????

    Enjoy to your heart’s content with your dad…no need to hurry up in posting…because we can wait…??

    Love love…????

    1. Manya

      Thanks a lot❤️❤️❤️
      And Di…….wait and watch the confession will be soon and then lots of DEVAKSHI scenes??
      Love u?

      1. Okay..sweetheart…
        Will wait and watch..??

  8. DramaQueen1004

    Ayushi as usual tumhari epi amazing thi
    Itni funny dialogues tum likh kaise leti ho?
    Aaj ka epi padke bahut maza aa gaya
    It made my day
    Aur jaldi post karne ke liye thnks
    eagerly waiting fr d next epi
    Love u loads dear

    1. Manya

      Thanks a lot???
      Will post soon?
      Love u too❤️

  9. Akshita

    I want some romantic moments yr??
    post soon?
    lots of love ❤
    Akshita ☺?

    1. Manya

      Ok Di ur wish my command?I will try to fit romantic scenes and after the love confession there will be loads of them so u have to wait?
      Will post soon
      Love u too??

      1. Priya9876

        Ohoooo!! Romantic scenes..???? ache din aane wale hai…??

  10. Awesome episode

    1. Manya

      Thanks a lot❤️

  11. Darshana

    Hey sachi iss bar jaldi post kiya…good!?
    it was amazing episode..loved it?…dev ka dance i just cant imagine??????
    u r ff means a lot for me…it is like a mood changer for me..after studies a read of ur works..makes me????????….
    its okay if u don’t post early this time..can understand..but try to post whenever possible as its really hard to wait?
    u too know na i love u loads??

    1. Manya

      Thanks a lot Darshu❤️❤️❤️
      I am glad that my ff changes ur mood
      Thanks for understanding?
      Yes I know and u too know that I love u?❤️❤️❤️

  12. Riti1107

    Just Imagine Dev Dixit doing Laila Main Laila?????
    Sona as Gabbar really nice ??
    & The ghost boyfriend is still there??

    Your father is coming … Make the most of it … So I won’t say post soon but can we expect another update before 23 ?

    1. Manya

      Thanks a lot riti❤️❤️
      And sure I will post??
      Love u❤️❤️

  13. awesome. it was too funny. loved it.???

    1. Manya

      Thanks a lot❤️❤️

  14. Nikkita0194

    u konw what tumhara ff mujhe lagta hai low network area me wifi ke jaise bhari dhup me ek ped ki chaw ke jaise kisi apratim pyase ko mile pani ke jaise shabri ke mithe bero jaise amrut mathan me mile amrut jaise
    i m loving this ff want to grow with this ff n by the way luv u …
    n tumse boht pyar karti hu specially tumhari writting skills se kuch mujhe bhi sikhao naaaaa………………………….
    where ur father lives n i know its really hard 2 live without ur father
    but u forgot a promise jane do yadd rakh ke koi faida nhi hi
    shayad samjhi ni its .k
    luv a lot
    take care
    n enjoy each n every movement with ur father dot miss it as these r very prisious 2 u
    post asap

    1. Nikkita0194

      *ur – our

    2. Manya

      Awww love u yaar❤️❤️❤️???rulayegi Kya pagli?
      Itna pyaar karti hai tu mujhse?❤️❤️
      Kaunsa promise??
      And my father lives in Kuwait it is nearby Dubai?
      Love u❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Nikkita0194

        airlift ki yad aai

      2. Nikkita0194

        mai toh bus butter chopad rahi thi
        kidding yar luv u 2

  15. V.V.harshita

    Really funny dude ?????????
    Awesome post soon ….and I am feeling really sad fr u coz u would see ur father once a year ….I knw hw hard it is -Akshada and Harshita

    1. Manya

      Thanks a lot Akshada and Harshita Di❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
      And don’t feel bad for me I have a habit from my childhood❤️❤️❤️
      Love u both❤️❤️❤️

  16. Heshine

    Oh my god….!!!Ayushi…!❤❤❤❤???????????????❤????????????????????☝☝☝??☝?☝☝☝☝?☝
    This was really perfect episode dear…!
    Loved it to the core…!
    I really enjoyed their cute antics…! And dev’s concern towards sona…!?????
    Really fantastic…!
    Sorry, I couldn’t cmnt in the previous I read juz today…!
    And yeah..! Pls post the next epi soon..! Bcas the precap boosts me to read asap..!
    Love u dear…!❤❤??

    1. Heshine

      And yeah…! Spend time with ur dad too..! U can post the epi…whenever u r free…! Enjoy dear..!????
      Hope u understand..!☝

    2. Manya

      It’s okay heshnie Di❤️❤️
      I will definitely try to post soon
      Love u too di??????????

  17. Priya12

    Sry for the late cmt dr….
    It was amazing…mind blowing dr…
    Its funny and hilarious…
    And I used to read ur ff last…becoz if I read ur ff last means I will be happy and will make a n8 as a happy n8 and can sleep peacefully…some times this is the reason for my late cmt dr…
    If I m sad …it will make me happy…
    My mom have asked me onetime…u r sad now but ab kya hua…ek min me.. ur pagal bankar hass rahi hun…
    I can’t say …I m reading ff…they don’t know that I m reading ff..
    I will control my emotions…
    And I can understand….
    Papa ke saath time spend karo dr..becoz the time u wasted will not be getted back…
    Spend time with ur much u can..
    We will wait 4 ur update..k..
    I should thank u..becoz u have changed my mood many times…
    Ur ff is like a mood changing tablet dr..
    Zyada bol diya..sry…
    Bahbye…gd n8..
    Luv u…priya aka padmajaa

    1. Manya

      Thanks a lot Priya❤️❤️❤️❤️
      I am glad I can make u haapy when u r sad❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
      Thanks for understanding❤️❤️
      Ok then I am ur mood changing tablet from now??call me that??
      Luv u too??

  18. Nehal

    Wow wow wow I read your chappy two times and did not get bored I read it before studying and now I am going to study with fresh mind.your ff gives me happiness ❤❤ please post before your father comes and then enjoy with them I can understand your situation my father lives with me but even if he goes out for a day then I get bored ? I don’t like to study that day. Your ff had some effect on me I am addicted to it

  19. Nehal

    Wow wow wow I read your chappy two times and did not get bored I read it before studying and now I am going to study with fresh mind.your ff gives me happiness ❤❤ please post before your father comes and then enjoy with them I can understand your situation my father lives with me but even if he goes out for a day then I get bored ? I don’t like to study that day. Your ff had some effect on me I am addicted to it you r such an amazing writer

    1. Manya

      Thanks a lot nehal❤️❤️❤️❤️
      Chalo study well?They are very boring ?
      Sure dear?Will post before my father comes?
      Thanku Thanku Thanku❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
      Keep commenting❤️❤️
      I love u??

      1. Nehal

        Cbse ki 11 is so tough school khulte hi homework milgaya now I have just half hour to watch tv?

      2. Nehal

        Cbse ki 11 is so tough school khulte hi homework milgaya now I have just half hour to watch tv? But I took comm without maths so it’s a bit ok but my friends they are so much depressed coz of science and maths

    2. Manya

      Ohhh I an in 10th and Alwar have boards this year??teachers have already finished around 4 chapters ?And my school started on 10th April??they will kill us

  20. Priya9876

    Congratulations Ayushi for 20th episode..??

    Dadu comming …enjoy baby enjoy…
    Family time…yeeeiyee!!

    Coming to the epi:

    Hillairious ……i m blushing?.. Laughing like a idiot…??

    Super se upar wala epi…. Welldone Ayushi?
    ?? Chod do mujhe choodd do… Generally ye lines girls ki hoti hai…

    Naach basanti naach????

    Whn dev’s phone rang i was like ??? kabab me haddi…

    Dev ne pehle se hi girlish dress le rakhi thi? y ??? Kyu?? Kiske liye???

    Jaanu bohot acha tha Episode…. Enjoy a lot

    1. Priya9876

      Opps i forgot…

      Well ur ff means a lot to me…??

      For me u r d cutest writer of this TU page….
      Everything is superb..well balanced wid every emotions…. In each n evry EPISODE i enjoyed a lot a lot a lot….
      Thanx for writing such a cute
      ❤Aae DIL hai Mushkil ❤

  21. Juhi16

    Omg omg omg….mere dilo dimag me srf aur sirf ek hi song chl rha h:
    Iske alava likhne ke liye kuch bhi nhi h….except….Likhte rh manya..likhte rh…hr limit ki height pe chad ke hamko hasate rh….???
    Full 2 Fattack Fantastic Jhakkas…
    Agla vala jldi post kr drna?

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