Ae dil hai mushki l#15#bday segment

Hi guys!!ayushi is back!!ok so tried my best to make it funny!!do read and comment!!
So 3…..2….choo

Dev:u know I have never celebrated my bday!!
Sona:really!!mr Dev Dixit never celebrated his bday!!hard to believe!!
Dev:itna hard bhi nhi hai(it’s not that hard)
Sona:ok ok!!toh Kya aap Aaj celebrate karenge(so will u celebrate today)
Dev:I don’t know !!
Sona:main apko promise karti hoon ki aap Aaj ka din kabhi nhi bhulenge(I promise u that u will never forget this day)
Dev:Aisa Kya karne wali Ho??(what are u going to do)
Sona:pata nhi?lekin abhi Kya aap mere saath dance karenge(I don’t know!!but will u dance with me now)
Sona:aur kahan!! (Or where)
Dev:without music
While dancing!!

Sona:Dev aapne kaha ki apne Aaj tak apna bday celebrate nhi kiya but ur bday segments and pics!!(u told me u never celebrated ur bday!!but those bday segments and all)
Sona’s PoV
Sona Kya kardiya ab use pata chal jaayega ki main use stalk Kar Rahi thi(oho Sona!!what have u done now he will get to know that I was stalking him)
Dev:who do u know??
Dev:ABCD bolne ke liye nhi kaha!!(I have not told u to day ABCD)
Sona:aur nhi toh Kya??aapko Ko Kya laga ki main aapko stalk Kar Rahi thi(or what??did u think that I was stalking u)
Sona’s PoV
Kya karti rehti hai Sona!!
Sona:acha lets go home!!
Dev:u can accept that u were staking me!!
Sona:Maine Aisa kab kaha(when did I say that)
Sona:ok fine main apko stalk Kar Rahi thi!!(ok fine I was staking u)
Sona:r u blushing??
Dev turns to the other side
Dev:main……main kyun blush karne laga!!(no)
Sona:aap accept Kar sakte hai(u can accept it)
Dev:ok fine I was!!!
Sona:oho Mujhe pata nhi that ki Mr AD Mr BD Ho sakte hai??
Dev:AD!? BD!?
Sona:attitude Dixit and blushing Dixit

Sona:apke sath toh main waha bhi jaane ke liye taiyar hoon(I can go to hell with u)(mumbles)
Sona:kuch bhi toh nhi(nothing)oh no mere pass toh ghar ki Chabi nhi hai(I don’t have my house keys)Aaj toh yeh footpath hi Mera bed hai(this foothpath is my bed today)
Dev:oh yeah!!waise bhi ab Mera kaam hi gya!!ok bye!!enjoy!!(my work is done)
Dev starts going
Sona:ek second!! Hello mister!!
Dev stops!!
Dev:ji main apko jaanta hoon??(yes do I know u)
Sona:ji Haan!!aap Mujhe aise chod Kar nhi jaa sakte!!(yes!!and u bang leave me like this)
Dev:toh kaise chod Kar jaa sakta hoon??(then how can I leave u )
Sona:kaise bhi Chod Kar nhi jaa sakte!! Main apke sath chal Rahi hoon (u can’t leave me)
Dev:main khud manage Kar Sakti hoon(imitating Sona)
Sona:excuse me!!aap Mera mazaak nhi uda sakte!! (U r making fun of me)
Dev:main aapka mazaak uda raha hoon!!koi problem!! (Yes I am!!any problem)
Sona:Haan bahut problem hai!! (Yes)
Dev:theek hai toh phir Raho apne pyare footpath ke sath!?(ok so u live with ur footpath)
Sona:koi problem nhi!!kisi Ko!!(no problem)
Dev’ s phone rings
ABC channel:hello sir!!haapy bday!!
ABC:toh sir hum Aaj aa Rahe hai apke interview ke liye!(sir we are coming for the interview)
Dev’s PoV
Tu phir bhool gya!!Kal sabke samne Teri izzat ka faluda bane wala hai!!faluda hi kyon!!choclate,icecream,Kulfi Sab kuch bane wala hai (u forgot again!!now u r go Goa gone)
Dev:bday segment
Sona:hum phir bhool gye!!(we forgot again)
Dev:chalo pehle ghar Chalte hai!!(let’s go home first)
They go home!!dev gives Sona his clothes to wear!!
Dev’s PoV
????she looks so hot in my clothes!!i will never wash these clothes to keep her essence!!gross!!??sometimes i only feel that I am so gross?
They are on the couch and start telling each other stories,their likes,dislikes but soon sleep overpowers them and they drift off!!sona’s head is on Dev’s shoulder!!dev wakes up
Dev’s PoV
I woke up and the first thing I saw was her face!!definitely the best bday ever??she looks so cute and innocent while sleeping!!then I see the time it’s 9:00!!i get startled and wake Sonakshi too!!
Dev:wake up!!we don’t have time!!i am going to take a shower!!
After some time!!dev comes out in a towel!!
Sona’s PoV
????❤️?ohh Teri yeh hotness ki Dukaan nhi hotness ki factory hai factory???
Dev quickly wears clothes!!
Sona:Dev actually I don’t have clothes!
Dev:u go to the shower I will arrange something!!
Sona comes out in a bathroom and finds a beautiful dress kept there!!she looks stunning in that dress!!dev comes
Sona:how am I looking jaanu!!
Dev’s PoV
Yaar yeh mere Janamdin Ko Mera marandin banana chahti hai Kya!!ek toh waise hi Itni hot lag Raho Hai upar se jaanu Bula Rahi hai??
Sona’s PoV
Waise hi yeh hotness ki Dukaan correction!!hotness ki factory Hai upar se yeh black shirt????
Dev:I wanted to tell u that ABC channel is coming here!!
Door bell rings
ABC:hello sir!!hello ma’am!!!
First the cake cutting ceremony takes place!!
ABC:what are ur bday plans sir??
Dev:it’s a surprise for me!!?
ABC:sir we have a rapid fire Type of game
ABC:but whoever ans wrong has to drink this Karela juice
Sona and Dev’s PoV

Lag gyi Lanka!!!bhagwan bacha Lena??plzzzz
ABC:favourite colour
Sona’s PoV
Everything is white in his house!!iske ghar ka naam White House Hona chahiye
Dev:hmm….she is ryt!!
Dev’s PoV
What’s her favourite colour????
Sona:I like ur shirt!!
(Dev’s PoV will continue)
What happened to her??
Sona:can I get a BLACK coffee!!
Paagal Ho gyi hai Kya??
ABC:sir u have to drink this !!her favourite is black!!
Oh no!!tabhi wih black black Kar Rahi thi!!thoda dimaag Chala leta toh ab yeh Na pina padta!!peeja beta Dev!!Jai mata di!!
And Drank one sip!!he started coughing Na she started laughing!!
Dev:Badi hasi aa Rahi Hai!!aage dekhenge!!
ABC:most annoying habit!!
Dev:she reacts without even listening to me!!
Sona:yah…..and he loves to annoy me!!
Dev sticks his tongue out and Sona too!! And they have a playful fight!!
ABC:ok so….this is for Sonakshi but u gave to answer as Dev!!
Sona:ok so I am Dev!!(sits like him)
ABC:the thing u love about Sona??
Sona:she is mine(in a heavy voice)

ABC:hmm….kill marry hookup??Riya…..Sriya….Sonakshi….
Sona:I will kill the other too and marry Sonakshi!!
Dev pulls her cheeks!!??
ABC:ok now Dev has to and as Sonakshi!!
Dev:ok so I am Sonakshi!!(sits like her)
ABC:one thing u love about Dev!!
Dev:he is mine
Sona:be oringinal!!
Dev:he loves me too much!!
ABC:kill marry hook up!!dev,Ved,Rahul!!
Dev:I will kill Dev!!!marry Rahul and hookup with Ved!!
Dev:arey agar main kehta ki u will kill the other two and marry u!!tab tum originality karti!!isliye!!!
Sona:isliye aapne apne aap Ko Maar diya
Dev:ohh ??I killed myself!!
ABC:ok Sonakshi!!dev wanted to become____________other than an actor!!
Sona’s PoV
??iske baarein mein Mujhe koi idea nhi hai!!
Dev:objection my lord!!
Ise Kya Hua hai?? Yeh lawyer kyun ban gya
Sona:u think a director may be!!
ABC:lawyer!!u have to drink this!!
Sona!!he gave u signs but u!!idiot!!
Dev:idiot nhi duffer!!
Dev:kuch nhi
Chal peele!!!
Dev:dekhenge!!dekhenge!!(imitates Sona)
ABC:thanks a lot!!!
Dev:thanks to u!!
And they leave the house

Precap:Dev:come and sleep with me on the bed!!???

Phew!!!finally ?haath mein dard Ho gya?

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Mere dard Ho Rahe haath ka Vaasta!!
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Biee guys
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Ok bye!!i am going to sleep but u have to first go to the comment section?
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Love u all

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  1. ShrutiP

    Awesomeee ayushi…. Mujhe bohut hassi aa rahi thi padhte waqt….loved it…post soon yaar…???

    1. Manya

      Thanks a lot yaar??
      Will post soon❣

  2. Your wish my command…?????
    Waah waah..!! Waah waah..!!???
    Super fun it was…. awesomeeee….!!??
    “”Objection my lord””????
    And the precap….prank or what..?????
    I guess he’s gonna tease her…but lets see…
    Will be waiting for the next one..??.


    1. Manya

      Thanku so much??
      Precap ke liye toh wait Karna padega?
      Will post soon
      Love love?

  3. Richa144

    Loved it..It was too good.. Please post soon

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  4. It was really fun to read the episode thanks a lot for posting the episode and sorry for messaging you again and again but what can I do I had get addicted try your best to post the next episode soon.

    1. Manya

      Thanku so much princess??
      It’s okay dude??
      Will post the next one soon❤️❤️
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  5. Lizaa

    Tq to fulfil my wish…???AD!!BD!! nice thought..
    Rapid fire round????
    Precap is interesting…

    1. Manya

      As I told u ur wish my command?

  6. Fuggysona

    wow ayushi it is fab
    wow iwas laughing a lot
    it is really wow awesome..
    and that sona as dev and dev as sona is wow
    he says that she will kill him and marry the other is to check her possessivness right???
    soo sweet..
    i really loved it
    and lawyer is wow
    sona’s fav is black and dev is white
    i like only that 2 colours
    i did not even expect…
    both failed in answering but they passes in their exams of love
    and precap
    ooooooo….wow come and sleep with me in bed”””
    it is really fab
    at first she will fight but lateron she will accept..right..

    1. Manya

      Thanks thanks and thanks?
      I have to wait to wait till the next episode?

  7. Darshana

    Mera toh has has ke pet dukh raha hai..aayushi u should be in kapil Sharma…
    sona:ab toh yeh footpath hi mera bed hai.
    dev :ok fine(going)..if this happened in the show then krpkab will top the list of TRP…but anyways..
    b’day segment chota nahi Tha..maybe it was big but it was so good that i felt it so short…?
    how much ever u write it feels so small on reading..idk why?????????
    post soon
    love u?

    1. Manya

      Omg??main and TKSS??aur krpkab aise bhi best hai??
      ??tumhe yeh ab hi Chota Lagta hai?Sochna padega iss baare mein??
      Will post soon
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  8. awesome. post soon…

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    Manyaaaaaa I just love yrr plzzz post soon ????

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    2. Manya

      And yeah love ur dp?

  10. Priya9876

    perfect B’day segment just perfect..!!
    sona dev k dress me.. wah ji wah!! badhiya
    AD! BD! was too good..
    Precap is intresting sona se drunk to nhi.. i guess..
    thx 4 wrirting bachha..
    bt itni late tak jagna is not soo good….. EPisode late post karo chalega…but iske wajh se late sona wo nhi chalega…..

    1. Manya

      Thanks a lot Priya Di??
      Di abhi holidays thi isliye raat Ko jaagtu thi and Subah Soti thi??but kal se tuitions start hai Jabki result bhi nhi aaya?Bache ki jaan lenge yeh log??
      And normal routine par aa gyi hoon Di!!
      Will post soon!!no probs di❤️
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  11. Riti1107

    The birthday segment was perfect just perfect;););)
    Post soon

    1. Manya

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  12. Nikkita0194

    Itna emotional likha hai I want to cry
    Aur dekho kisi ke dabav me ake guse jaldi me post nahi karna aram se post karo aur kuch nhi bolungi bas itna bada msg pehle hi likh chuki akal nhi haina khud toh likhti kuch bhi nhi hu bas comment karti rahti hu

    1. Nikkita0194

      Aur mujh idiot aj tumhara dil bhi dukhaya hai

      1. Nikkita0194

        Dekh lo mere white white dat

    2. Manya

      Thanks for the comment
      And I have sent u a PM do check and reply back??
      It’s okay kitni baat bolu?
      Love u yaar from the bottom of my Heart ab sad sad Mat reh aur apne white White daant dikhao??Good girl??

  13. Aamu

    Hey aayushi..
    Iy was indeed a funny n cute 1
    I jz loved it….
    Again der dialogues were killing…
    Just maar daala???
    I loved it…..
    I loved many dialogues…but sab likj nahi sakti na..!…
    But d most i loved was’hotness ki sukaan nahi factory hai factory..’??
    “Janmdin ko marndin banana chahti hai kya??”
    “Lag gayi lanka me aang(smthng like dat i dont remembr whole..)????”
    Dis 3 were hell funny
    Post nex sooooon
    M waiting??

    1. Manya

      Awww??Thanku tahnku Thanku so muchhhhh❤️❤️
      Will post soon ??

      1. Aamu

        N i will b waiting?

  14. Priya12

    Ayushi, if u write like this…I will just die laughing…. ur writing…
    Can anybody write this much funny ..omg..
    This epi feels short 4 me..
    I luv this line…
    “Objection my lord”….
    I can’t specify my likes becoz…
    I just luved full epi…
    Post asap

    1. Manya

      Awww??arey re marna nhi??
      Itna funny hota hai???Mujhe toh nhi Lagta?But I am glad u love it??
      Will definitely post soon?
      Love u❣

  15. Heshine

    Oh my god Ayushi…this really mad my day dear…such an awesome epi…loved it….Devakshi were epic in ur series…!!???such innocence… My God…! Pls post soon dear pls..!! I can’t wait any more….and the precap..who said to whom…?!

    1. Heshine

      Did dev said to sona…??!post soon

    2. Manya

      Thanks thanks and thanks❤️❤️
      Dev said that to Sona?
      Will definitely post soon
      Love u❤️❤️

  16. Aarti32

    Super funny episode tha..??
    Kaise likh leti ho tum itta awesome awesome stuff..Mujhe bhi batana ha!!

    1. Manya

      TBH dimaag mein aata hai and main likh deti hoon!!zyada dimaag nhi chalati??

  17. Aarti32

    Dekho Maine sare episodes aaj hi padh k comment kiye h..Episode 6-15 I guess..

    1. Manya

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    Awesome ….and precap???????????????

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