Ae ajnabee apna mujhe tu laaga (episode 7)


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Everyone is in the hall. Dadi is ready to leave. Om walks to her and hugs her;
Om: Pls don’t go.
Dadi: I m not going 4 forever. I will return soon.
Pinky: But at least wait 4 Shitia.
Dadi: I will meet them at the airport.
Dadi walks to Anika. She caresses her face.
Dadi: Take care of urself and take care of Om too.
Anika nods. Dadi leaves.

Party’s preparation is going on. Om’s and Anika’s friends r also present there. One of the friends says that tomorrow is party but there is no excitement. There should be some music, some dance….what say guys??? Everyone reply in positive. One of them play music. Friends ask Anika to join them but she replies that she has much work. They ask Om but he denies too. Om and Anika stand there some distance apart watching their friends. Some of them come and pull them on the stage by their hands. Om and Anika bump into each other. Anika looks towards Om in confusion. Om smiles. She smiles back…… They dance on the song Nachne de Saare…
Someone comes and turns of the music. Its Pinky.
Pinky: Anika, so much of preparations r left and u r dancing here.
Anika: Sorry Aunty…
Pinky: Do it fast. Shitia may be arriving any time.
Everyone walks down the stage. Anika stands there and guides the workers. Pinky leaves;
Friends plan something among them. They go to Om.
Friend: Its not fair. Its Shivaye’s party and his favourite brother is not doing anything.
Om looks in confusion. Friend explained;
” look tomorrow is the party. U should give a surprise to him. U should do something special like….ummm…like u can dance”
Om(shocked): What? No way! U all know that I don’t know it.
Friend: Then only that will be a surprise. Just think about that, Shivaaye will be very happy. At least u can prepare 4 him.
2nd friend: But he needs a partner.
Friend: Arrey Anika is there na. Look she is already standing there.
Om: But, but..listen to me…
They push them on the stage and the next moment he is standing in front of Anika. She is busy in giving instructions to the workers. He looks at her. He looks at her eyes….innocent eyes then at her cheeks, they r very pink. He smiles looking at them and is lost. Next his eyes move to her lips. He tries to say something as if they r talking to him.…

Dil ki maange thodi thi kam
Had dua bhi thodi maddham

Tune kaandhe pe sar jhukaaya jab
Jaise dargah pe baandhe dhaage tab
Bina maange hi mil gaya hai sab
Meherbaan hua hua
Meherbaan hua hua
Meherbaan hua rab

Meherbaan plays…

Anika looks at him. He walks towards her. They stand face to face. Suddenly the lights goes of. Anika looks around in confusion. Everyone turns on their mobile’s flashlights. They demand 4 dance. Om extends his hand towards Anika. She smiles and gives her hand into his….

Haathon ko tere apne
Haathon me le leti hoon
Ki taqdeerein apni saari padh loon

Aankhon mein tere chhupte
Armaan main dhoondhta hoon
Bas tu soche aur poore main kar doon

Abhi abhi toh hum adhoore the
Poore ho gaye tere roobaro
Ye bhi dekhe naa
Kahaan main khatam, kahaan tu shuru
Aankhein Teri
Girti hain jab
Ab toh needein aati hain tab

Humko lagta hai kuch dino se ab
Tu ibaadat hai tu hi hai mazhab
Bewajah kaise,kyu,kahaan aur kab

Meherbaan hua hua
Meherbaan hua hua
Meherbaan hua rab…

The dance completes. Everyone claps. Anika turns to leave but is stopped. She turns back and sees Om still holding her hands. ” Om” she says. Om leaves her. She smiles and leaves.

Shitia arrive. Om and Anika enter in the hall. Tia runs to her and hugs her tightly.
Tia( still hugging): Anika, Anika, Anika… I m so happy. U know we enjoyed very much.
Anika is choked. Om laughs but hides it when Anika gives him angry look.
Tia: Come I will show u my shopping.
They r about to go. Just then the phone rings. Shivaye receives it. He stands holding it for some moment and then drops the phone. Om rushes to him.
Om: What happened Shivaye?
Shivaye is shocked.
Om( impatiently): Shivaye tell me what happened?
Shivaye: Om…Dadi…
Om: What happened to Dadi?
Shivaye: Her plane crashed.
Everyone is shocked.


Everyone is standing around Dadi’s pyre. It is raining as if the heaven is mourning too. Panditji calls to light the pyre. Tej, Shakti, Shivaye and Om light the pyre. Om cries like a kid.

Everyone is in the hall. Janhvi is consoling Tej, Pinky is consoling Shakti while Tia is with Shivaye.
“Where is Om” she thinks and searches for him. She walks towards his room. She thinks Of Dadi’s words and almost runs to his room. Om is standing alone like a stone. She walks to him and makes him sit on the bed. She keeps her hands on his shoulders.
Anika: Om speak something. Say something pls.
Om doesn’t respond. She keeps her palm on his cheeks.
Anika: U can cry Om. I m there with u. But pls don’t keep mum. Its said that when we cry our heart out it gets relieved. She hugs him.”pls say something Om.” Om breaks into tears. Anika is pained. She closes her eyes and cuddles him more tightly and caresses him. Shivaye watch it and fumes.

Servant comes and informs that everyone is called for mourning assembly. Om and Anika move apart and Anika does it unwantedly. Om leaves.
” Why it gave me so much of relief? Why didn’t I wish to free myself from his touch? Why is that I want to be with him always?” Anika thinks to herself as she walks to the hall.
” Will u not even look at me? So much of anger!” Anika turns and finds Shivaye there. She starts leaving but he comes in her way.
Anika: Stop it Shivaye!
Shivaye: U didn’t forgive me yet?
Anika: U r married now. U must be with ur wife.
Shivaye: That was a mistake Anika. All these days I thought only about u. Every seconds every minutes I only remembered u. I can leave Tia if u wish.
Anika is shocked. She walks away angrily.

In the hall panditji says that soul rests in peace only when her last wish is fulfilled. He asks whether anyone knows about her last wish.
Janhvi looks at Om and Anika and tries to say something. Om stops her.
Anika: She wanted our marriage, mine and Om’s marriage.
Everyone looks in surprise. Janhvi asks Om whether he will fulfill his Dadi’s last wish.
Om: I will not say anything. Its better if u ask Anika.
Everyone looks at Anika. Anika thinks of Shivaye saying that he can leave Tia.
She replies ” YES”
Billu shocks Omika roccccckkkkkkssssss!!!

Precap: Omika’s marriage.

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  9. i juz wanna know wat is meaning of this ff title.i know only little bit hindi.can anyone say me???

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    i don’t like this episode in the sense tha you took dadi out of the story now. 🙁 but it was amazing with respect to omika 🙂

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