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You are truly a great person Naksh the girl you marry must be very lucky; Said keerthi to Naksh.
Thanks ah lot, Me, Naksh singhania anyways said her , but I don’t know why I’m having some kind of feeling on her… yes I know she is a divorcee , she already faced many problems in her life and now I can’t be another problem to her but I PROMISE GOD I’ll really make her happy…
Naksh bhai come here once Cried out Naira, His sister.
Yes, tell me naira… how can your brother help you?
Bhai, actually keerthi di is goingout; can you please drop her in her friend’s house?
Yes sure! Naira

Thanks bhai!
Wow! I’m going to drop keerthi… so I’m going to spend some time with her! I felt as if god heard me!
Naksh! Do you have any work? If you have you can go and do that I’ll manage!
No! No keerthi… I always have time to you!
What do you mean by that Naksh?
I… I… I mean I’m always free to do whatever my sister says and as she said to drop you I’ll definitely have time!
No Naksh! I don’t want to trouble you please you can do your work! Thank you
Keerthi! You don’t want to trouble me but I want to follow my sister and yes… I’ll do it! And please keerthi we are after all one family you are not going to be a trouble to me!
Okay then! Let’s go Naksh!

Sh….silence existed everywhere and in every corner of CAR!
O my god! What’s this silence? Speak out something Keerthi…. (Naksh thought in his mind)
What should I speak and how should I start Naksh! Actually I have some feeling on you but I’m a divorcee and will your family accept me or at least you? No, I should not build such hopes and what will the society think about me? (Keerthi thought in her mind)
Hm…. So what’s the occasion you are meeting your friend now? Finally Naksh dared to speak out

Thanks god he spoke out Keerthi thought!
Ah…ah… just like that to get out of bad memories! Keerthi replied!
Oh! Is she your best friend?
Yes Naksh actually we both share a great bond!
Great! So where should I take a turn?
No…thanks please… stop near that tree and I can go by walk there! Keerthi replied
No! No! You can tell me the address I’ll drop you out there! Naksh said
Please Naksh it really mean a lot to me that you came to drop me and now these lanes are very narrow! It will be a problem to you again while returning! Thanks anyways please stop the car!
Oh! Okay if you insist he sighed out

Naksh dropped her and she preceded her walk to her friend’s house.
Where Naksh just stopped there and was seeing her!
His eye now changed place to see his mobile because His mobile was ringing and he lifted the call
Hey naira! Tell me anything more you want?
No bhai did you drop keerthi di?
Yes naira! I’m just returning from here! Tell me!
Bhai… I’m really worried for keerthi di!

Why naira! is anything wrong?
Yes bhai! ADITYA, he is trying to kidnap keerthi di for taking revenge on her as she gave him divorce!
What? Is that so naira? if it’s true I’m not going to leave him!
Naira! I’ll call you later bye!
Bhai what happened is everything fine?
I’ll call you later… [Ends the call]

KEERTHI… [Naksh cries out coming out from the car]
He finds keerthi nowhere!
Keerthi… keerthi… (He continues shouting)
He sees a van going with a high speed! And hears Keerthi’s voice!
HELP ME! HELP ME! Keerthi shouts in grief
Shut up you blo*dy! A cruel man, ADITYA, Her ex. Husband beat her!
So… Aditya kidnapped keerthi! I should save her and I promise nothing will happen to her! [NAKSH SAYS TO HIS HEART]

He follows the car and he see the van disappeared
OH NO! Now how should I save her? Naksh think… think… (Naksh thinks in tension)
Later he remembers Keerthi’s words “these lanes are very narrow and it will be difficult while returning”
Yes! This means the van will definitely be here facing problem in moving! I should go fast.
Naksh starts his car and moves with a high speed and he sees that the van got freed from the narrow lanes and moving!
Naksh follows the van!

(In van)

Leave me Aditya! We are divorced and what you want from me? MY LOVE? And that’s just impossible!
OH! Your love you just keep with you! I want your sister in law’s sorrow she is the one who booked me! In front of your families!
Shut up Aditya! She is a very kind girl! If you want anything you can take me and do whatever you want!

That’s what I’m doing now! Keerthi! If I take you somewhere and kidnap you she will definitely die there minute by minute she will definitely near to my feet! For taking you and then I’ll be satisfied!

OMG! Where is he taking her? No problem I’ll save her! (Naksh says to himself)
Where Aditya sees a car following him and finalizes that it would be Naksh!
So… now Naksh came to help her! Not bad! Naira you got trapped so easily both your bhai and bhabi will be kidnapped today! (Aditya thinks with a cruel mind)
Aditya tries to confuse Naksh and he calls his friend to join him with the same type of vans!
With in time four vans come and join Adyta’s van and four vans go in different directions!
Now we will see how Naksh will help this Keerthi (thinks Aditya)
What these four vans of same type! Damn it! I did not even notice the number of the van! What to do now? (Naksh tries to think something)
Yes Naksh! You have Keerthi’s number you can track where she goes! But how will I?
Yes! I should ask Gayu to track the van as she know how to!

Gayu is his Friend who is very interested in doing such things!
Naksh calls Gayu and explains what the situation is!
Sure Naksh! I’ll help you obviously! But I think the phone should have GPS on! (Assures Gayu)
Oh! I’ll text her!
Naksh texts Keerthi to switch on the GPS in her mobile!
Keerthi sees the message and feels happy! She switches on the GPS and gets glad that her mobile is in silent mode!
Keerthi texts Naksh back that SHE SWITCHED ON THE GPS!
Naksh gets glad and informs to Gayu!
Gayu tracks the van and instructs Naksh about the directions!
The van reaches to BUNGALOW! It’s scary very scary to see

Naksh parks his car and go by walk!
Naksh sees Aditya forcing Keerthi to come in!
Gayu suggests Naksh to call Karthik and police so that they can save Keerthi!
Naksh thanks Gayu for an IDEA and he calls to Karthik and informs about Keerthi’s kidnap! And he asks Karthik not to bring police in police van but in a normal car!
He ends the call and Karthik rushes to the place with policemen.
Naksh finds no one in the surroundings…
He goes inside the bungalow and sees keerthi being tortured by Aditya!
Naksh beats up Aditya and confronts him…

Keerthi gets overjoyed seeing Naksh standing up for her!
I’ll kill you both now! Damn it! I don’t have anyone now in my side all friends came to confuse you! Shit (ADITYA SHOUTS IN IRRITATION)
Aditya tries to capture Naksh but by the time Karthik along with POLICEMEN arrived there.
Karthik beats up Aditya! He hugs keerthi!
Policemen arrests Aditya…
Karthik thanks Naksh for saving his sister! And even keerthi does!
Policemen ask Karthik to come with them for completing formalities!
Naksh I’ll complete the formalities and you take keerthi to house! (Karthik tells to Naksh)
Yes! Sure… Naksh replies!

Policemen and Karthik leave along with Helpless Aditya!
Later! Keerthi and Naksh have an eye lock!
Shall we move? Keerthi interrupts
Wait keerthi I want to tell you something!
What’s that Naksh? Keerthi asks in confusion!
Naksh! Are you sure?

Yes I’m keerthi…
But society will poke me, you and our families with Thorny words! Naksh
Just say me do you love me or not! If yes I’ll fight with whole world! If not I know how to MOVE ON!
No Naksh I love you too! I don’t know whether its correct or not but I love you and I can marry you!
Naksh gets delighted
Are you sure keerthi?
Yes Naksh! I’m sure!
Keesh share a lovely hug and returns back to their house!
Hey guys… how this? Just wanted to write an OS on Keesh and here it is!
Hope you all liked it!
Thank you!
This is lasya!
Stay tuned!!

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      hahah! Thanks vrushy!
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  2. Fenil

    Loved it Bff Lasiii
    how can u someone write so beautifully !!?
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    Wonderful job
    give me more os yrr

    love u

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      thanks fenil! this really means a lot to me!

      and even you can write very well just i’m a big fan of your writing!

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    Wow lovely part just loved it

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        Not at all

  5. Sanyuktha

    hey lasyashree this one is great nyc one new thought and it’s toh aadventurous aand mysterious good one good going

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