Adni FF – Love Heals All the Wounds -Episode 1

Advay – Barun Sobti.
Chandni – Sanaya Irani
Guruji – Sonu Nigam

The story begins with Advay seeing the school boys playing cricket at the roadside. He remembers the days when he is lonely. His only companion is his guitar. Advay hears a voice, “Advay.”
He turns back & to his surprise it is Murli.
Advay: When did you come from your music class?
Murli: Just now. I have a surprise for you.

Advay: What is that?
Murli: I spoke to my Guruji about you. I told him that you play guitar very well. He asked you to meet him.
The next day, both meet Guruji. Advay plays the guitar & impresses him.
Guruji: You can join the class from tomorrow.
Advay: Thanks a lot.
Murli: Shall we watch a movie?

Advay: Why not?
Both go to the theatre. Chandni too comes to watch the same movie in the same theatre. But she gets discouraged seeing the crowd. She approaches Advay & said, “Can you please take the ticket for me? This is my 100 Rs. When you take you and your friend, please take it for me. I join my hands & fall on your feet.”
Advay: You don’t have to do that. I will take it for you.
As promised, Advay takes the tickets & gives one to Chandni. After watching the movie, all of them go home. The next day Advay & Murli go to the class.
Guruji: Wow, you play guitar well but to touch others hearts, it needs to have feelings & emotions which is there but one thing is lacking.

Advay: What is it?
Guruji: Did you have any tragedy in your life?
Advay: I am all alone. My father was having an extra marital affair. He used to come drunk & was abusing my mother. One day, he pointed out fingers at her character. So, she burnt herself. My father didn’t have any remorse. He threw whisky on her dead body. I lost my temper & stabbed him. I spent 15 years of my life in juvenile. They gave me the education. I am at present staying with Murli at my house as he does not have a home.
Guruji: That is really sad. It seems that you get angry very quickly.

Advay: Yes, I do.
Guruji: To bring more emotions in your music, you need to love someone.
Advay: But who will fall for a prisoner like me?
Guruji: The world is wide open. There is a woman for every man. You are not lacking in anything. You have got good looks, good education, & a good flair for music which can take you to the heights. Till then we will continue with the class as usual.
After the class, Advay is on the way to his house. He sees some men misbehaving with a woman begging on the streets. He comes & thrashes them, giving his jacket to the woman to cover her body. The entire crowd gathers. Chandni is touched with Advay’s kindness when she saw him giving money to the woman.

The other men asked, “What does this lady mean to you?”
Advay: All the helpless women are like my mother.
They laughed and said, “It seems all p*****s are his mothers.” Advay punches them and the men run away.
After they go home, Chandni goes to the church & prays before Jesus, “If you have appointed any man in my life, he should give respect to women.”

She thinks about Advay.
The next day, Chandni goes with her friend named Payal to the post-office. Both are confused with the pens having red ink & blue ink. Advay is also there at the post office. Chandni jerks the pen. The red ink falls on Advay’s white shirt.
Advay glares at the girls: Red ink.
Chandni & Payal are speechless. After they leave, Advay laughs. The next day, Advay is waiting at the bus stop. Seeing Chandni, he gets into the bus. Chandni gets disappointed. The next day he does not see Chandni and deliberately misses the bus. Chandni & Advay meet.
Advay: Do you know why I avoided you?

Chandni: Yes.
Advay: I am used to lonely life. My dad was not a good person. He used to drink daily & was talking rubbish about my mom. He had disgraced her for the mistake that she didn’t commit. Even after she committed suicide, he was rejoicing with his drink. I had killed him & don’t have any regrets. I don’t want your reputation to go down because of me.
Chandni: Would you stop living with the fear of death? How long will you be alone & stop others coming close to you?
Advay: I have lived like that for 10 years. The 3 things have never left me. They are my music, loneliness and my bad reputation.

Chandni: I understand your feelings. But just think over what I said & get back to me.
Advay goes to music class. Guruji begins to find perfection in his guitar play & singing.
Guruji: It seems you have fallen for someone
Advay blushes.
Guruji: Your face says everything. If you have not confessed your love to her, do it immediately.
He calls Chandni at the night & said, “Chandni, I love you.”
Chandni: I love you too.
Both of them meet.
Chandni: There is a concert where top singers are participating. I thought about you. I talked to my mother through my dad. She agreed to it but please don’t show your temper if anything irritates you.

Advay: What to do. I lose my temper.
Chandni: When you get angry or nervous, count 10. Your anger will disappear.
The next day the competition takes place. The ministers are present there. It is Advay’s turn. The minister keeps chatting which distracts Advay from starting it. But remembering Chandni’s words, he starts counting. Then suddenly he starts his fast beats and draws the attention of the entire crowd. All become his fans. Advay wins the competition.
Guruji, Chandni, & her family clap & congratulate Advay.
Indrani sees the glow in Chandni’s face for Advay & brings the proposal to him. Advay & Chandni get married.

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