AdiZa FF: Love Matters For Me (chapter 1)

a girl is seen standing in front of a man who is sitting in a chair with a serious look. the girl is wearing black jeans with a white shirt and a black blazer. she had her hair in a pony tail with a little makeup. her earrings were dancing as she stood there in a bit vibration mode. she is non other than aditi rathore. and in front of her is the head of the popular magazine “QUEENS AND KINGS”. his name is ayushmaan.

ayushmaan: hmmmm, hmmmmmmmmmm, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………..

aditi:( getting irritated, murmurs to herself) this sir also na………… there he is doing his hmmm hmmmm song and here I am feeling weak of receiving satisfication limit only. oh god I hope I get at least exceeds expectations limit.

ayushmaan: aditi. your work is indeed in the level of exceeds expectations but there is some errors on your grammer. but overall everything is perfect and I do hope u will improve it. now u can go.(hands her the file. as aditi turned to go and was about to exit the cabin, ayushmaan interrupts her n she turns) aditi my hmmm song is not so bad. don’t u think. (chuckles when aditi exits from there without saying anything with a flushed face)

aditi: (mummers to herself) good lord. I feel so embarrassed in front of ayushmaan. it was his kindness that he didn’t take any action against me or else…

person: oyee…..

aditi: lisa. Say what happened. (lisa is aditi’s co worker).

Lisa: I have something to tell you. and mind it. It will be the best thing you had ever heard.

Aditi: oh really! I hope it’s not something stupid sleepovers or something to do with troubles landing.

Lisa: your so mean. It wasn’t something about sleepovers and I know how much you hate this type of things. It is something else. And the thing is..

Person: I told you she did react like this and I won. Now give me my special cappuccino.

Aditi: what the hell akash! you both were betting on my reaction. I so seriously want to smack you right across your faces.

Akash: shhh!!! Adu don’t shout so much! It isn’t bad. (earns a dead glare from aditi) I mean it’s bad but not that bad so just chillax. And yah lisa I think you should tell here fast.

Lisa: yes I should but you won’t come to my house at night to ruin my sleepovers with my friends. Last time you came with a rubber snake and we thought it was a real snake until naina saw you climbing down the pipe.

Akash: yah because you didn’t invite me.

Lisa: and why the hell will I invite you? probably to come and flirt with my girl friends.

Aditi: (akash had opened his mouth to argue or agree but before that aditi spoke) guys! Will you tell me the so called “SPECIAL THING” or shall I do my work silently. I already have work to do rather then to listen to your stupid arguments.

Akash: no no no!!!!! listen, listen! Lisa tell her.

Lisa: you know every year 1 lucky journalist gets the chance to do a full coverage on a particular celebrity.

Aditi: yah I know. Than what’s the rubbish you all are talking. It isn’t related to me.

Akash: huh! What rubbish we r talking says aditi! Oh my sweet sis adu. Now hold on tight because you are going to get the biggest shock of your life. Your dream will come true. (akash grips on her shoulder with his hand while he is standing at her back side with his face near her shoulder and his free hand moving in front of her face as if to show something).

Aditi: and what is that???

Lisa: that is you are this year 2012’s lucky journalist.

Aditi: oh (realizes what she heard) WHAAAATTTTT!!!!!!!!!! You aren’t kidding right?

Akash: off course we are not kidding! Why will we?

Aditi: but how is that possible?

Lisa: and why isn’t it possible?

Aditi: because I had been in satisfaction limit only.

Akash: whatever! But it will be you only. One and only you and besides you have…. (a peon comes there and tells aditi that she had been asked to come and present herself in ayushmaan’s cabin).

Lisa: see I told you. you are the lucky winner and you will do it because you have that potential to do it. I agree that your grammer is not that okay but you still have that potential. you have the thirst to prove yourself as a writer, as a journalist and……

Akash: (interrupts lisa) woah woah woah!! Lisa calm down. Aditi you go because it is true that you are. now go before lisa again bursts out.

Aditi: okay..

Aditi leaves from there and enters ayushmaan’s cabin after knocking on the door.

**knock knock**

Ayushmaan: come in.

Aditi: sir you wish to see me.

Ayushmaan: yes miss aditi. As you may be aware of the lucky journalist selection is in this month who gets to meet a celebrity who spends an entire year with the person to do the full coverage.

Aditi: yes sir.

Ayushmaan: and as far as I know you are also aware of it that this time you are the chosen one (chuckles when aditi’s mouth got open).

Aditi: sir how did u…

Ayushmaan:  know. I am your boss miss aditi and I all know what, where, who, how is doing. So you see. Anyways its time that you make a leave to Mumbai and after you reach Mumbai just call me and I will tell you who the person is that you have to cover.

Aditi: okay sir thank you.

Ayushmaan: you can take a leave right now so that you can pack your necessary things. I had book your ticket to Mumbai and it’s after 2 hours. so go now and all the best.

Aditi: yes sir and also thank you for giving me this opportunity and trust. I will not let you down. I will take my leave sir. Thanks for everything.

Aditi leaves from then and she holds the knob of the door. She twisted it to open it but before she went outside ayushmaan called her and aditi didn’t move. She only glanced sideways to view her boss.

Ayushmaan: believe in yourself and you will do great. All the best.

Aditi: thanks sir.

And then aditi leaves her office to go to her apartment to grab the necessary things and leaves towards the airport. Little did she know that it’s going to be a difficult thing but she will do her best in that. She didn’t know that this brief encounter with someone reaching at the airport or at the Mumbai will completely change her life.


hello my lovely readers. this is dedicated to @ZaInAhOLicZ for believing in me that i can also do something extraordinary and also for supporting me when i was in no mood to express this idea. guys do check her ff on adiza in wattpad. it is wonderful and you will love it. don’t forget to like and comment.




P.S. thought to use my real name instead of pen name for this is not a ff on daily soap. for it is actually on the real people.

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