Adi-Nisha or Adi-Janvi??

New show ‘Woh Apna Sa’, which shows Sudeep Sahir, Disha Parmar and Riddhi Dogra in lead roles, has got an amazing storyline.. Nisha who is Aditya’s wife, is after the property of the Jindal industries. On the other hand, Janvi who is Aditya’s employee, is a sweet heart. Adi is very well aware of Nisha’s true colours. But, as we all know, Aditya will be finding love in Janvi. So, here the question arises…….

Which couple, do u think, will be the end game?? Aditya-Nisha or Aditya-Janvi??
In d beginning promos, they said rishton ko todegi ya jodegi ‘woh’?? So do u think the ‘woh’ will lead to Aditya-Nisha divorce..

Relationship break..Or will the ‘woh’ help in mending Aditya-Nisha relationship.. Relationship build..??’

Let me know your views through your comments…

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  1. Jhanvi is perfect for adi n want adivi to unite but anything may happen as it is serial n jhanvi doesnot want to break relationship so anything may happen.

    1. but janu does not know abt nisha true face then she ll slowly find out about nisha true evil face and janvi ll break relationship with adi and nisha??how did u say like that”janu ll never break realtionship adi-nisha?? u know adi s so much suffering….nisha ll never change and wants to money oly…….janu ll reunite with adi-nisha?janu did not getting married with adi?? say answer

  2. This is my take on it…… Since Adi is married to Nisha and they have kids, Jhanvi, whose father left her mother for another woman, will have difficulty in committing the same deed that is so abhorrent to her. I wish Jhanvi can be the partner for Adi in the end, breaking the stigma of finding love the 2nd time around but seeing how her mother has struggled through the years to rear 2kids ,it’s highly likely that she will resist staying with him , and opt to walk away. If Adi obtains a divorce, before falling for Jhanvi, then the chances are higher for her to be the life partner for Adi, because then there would be no feeling of guilt in Jhanvi ‘s psyche that she came between the couple and separated mother from kids…..then, as we all know, Adi ‘s marriage is without doubt, already destroyed since a long time ago, Adi is already thinking of divorce but that is unknown to Jhanvi, so in my humble view, I think Adi and Jhanvi should be the couple who are united in the end. Nisha ‘s intent is a fact, her priorities lay in a different direction from her husband, Adi can’t bear to look at her face, he told her she’s a pest, finds it unbearable to stay near her, prefers to sleep in the office rather than in his marital bed… much worse can it be?? Once a person can experience such emotions then it’s highly improbable that the feeling of love can ever be restored in a relationship as in Adi’s life. It’s best to cut ties and live on your own terms, finding happiness in other ways. At the end of the day, a person is entitled to their own happiness wherever they find it. In this serial, I support the relationship of Adi and Jhanvi. Writer have to find a way to let this happen. Who says that you have to stay in a marriage till the end while it’s the most unhappy of relationship???? Happiness, trust, love, commitment, understanding and patience, is the glue which keeps a marriage intact and that’s what is missing in this equation.

  3. I think the path is already there the little clash here and there is an indication of the two been thrown by faith…the helping of Adi’s aunt is another way of winning there hearts …Adi’s path is already on the verge od new love but will he trust again??

  4. Hey priya di,
    U r right but janu has already said that she doesn’t want to be a reason to break relationship but if she finds out Nisha’s true face then she may try to change nisha or may be Nisha would play cheap tricks.I do hope adivi would be the couple at end.Let’s hope for the best.That’s all we can do.

    Hey naz,
    Woahhhh one more epi analysis.That’s absouletely true…Their is no trust,happiness n faith in the relationship of adisha n it just leads the relation to mess…U r right adi prefers to sleep in office than on their maritial bed…adi hates seeing Nisha…n nisha she doesn’t deserve a guy like adi…Hope for adivi reunion at the end…

    1. ok twinj i agree but we want to qucikly married couple aditiya and janvi…..dont want to climax of the adivi marriage before nisha and adi scence was show boring……u r saying adivi marriage end of the’s means climax ??

      janvi character is full of fun and adventure….hope soon she ll fight against nisha….we are family film is not basic version of woh apna sa….its different story and unqine story….

      did u see that woh apna sa wikipedia or….adivi happily married couple then janvi ll playing the second women

  5. Hey priya di,
    Thanks for clearing my confusion.I just now read woh apna sa wikipedia.I used to only see spoiler n I didn’t mean that adivi union then show finish.I mean to say however at last they should unite as this is the title of this epi analysis adivi ya adisha at end.

    U r absouletely right Janu is a very interesting character as she plays the role of ‘woh’. N after adivi’s union it would really be very interesting to watch janu win the trust of the family,childrens,she would complete adi’s life n obviousely nisha would play cheap tricks.So a high voltage drama is ahead.

    1. yeah absolutely right

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