Adhuri Si Yeh Kahani (episode 2)

Hey guys this is the 2nd episode. Hope u all will enjoy the story.

Sanskar goes and sits inside his car. The boy comes and handovers the guitar to him. Sanskar smiles a little and closes the door of the car. The media is running after him to take atleast one pic. Sanskar pats on the driver’s shoulder and the car moves on.
The girl sees him leaving from the window on her office. A man enters the office and knocks on the door. The girl turns.
Man: Sasha…

So the girl’s name is Sasha. She is Sanskar’s manager and friend.
Sasha: Mr. Maheswari come and have a sit…
So the man in Sanskar’s father, Ram Prasad Maheswari.
He sits on the chair.
Sasha: the day went smoothly…

Ram: I am glad… I feared how he will manage…
Sasha: Sanskar is mature and responsible sir…
Ram: I know… situations have made him like this…

Sasha: I hope he comes out of this soon… it is one year today…
Ram: I can never forget the day…
He hangs his head nd looks down. Sasha sits on the window pane and looks out.

Sanskar’s car stops infront of a small cottage. He gets down and signs the driver to go. The car backs and goes back. Sanskar slowly walks upto the door step of the cottage and opens the door slowly.

The room was dark but the opened door welcomed the warm sunlight in and it was welcomed. Sanskar forwards his first step and unknowingly steps on a glass piece and it breaks. He moves his feet and in the broken pieces sees his face and the tears in his eyes. The room is covered with dust and spiderwebs. Carrying the guitar and the bunch of flowers in his hand, Sanskar walks past the sofa set the dinning table all covered with dust. As he walks he hears laughter echoing all round the room and a girl calling him by his name…”SANSKAR…. SANSKAR”…
He goes and stops infront of a table above which a photoframe was hanging tht too covered with dust. Sanskar wipes the photo and a beautiful girl’s picture is revealed.
Sanskar: Swara…
The girl is Swara Gadodia, Sanskar’s life and….

Sanskar looks at the picture and tears roll down from his eyes as he sails to his past tht was as beautiful as a fairy tale.

The clock is striking 7 in the morning.
An ashram sort of a place is shown where at the courtyard some girls are doing classical dance. A car stops in front of the ashram with the heading “GURUKUL” and Sanskar steps out. He smiles looking at the heading and takes his bag out. Ram gets down from the other side and comes and hugs him.
Ram: enjoy the music of life…

Sanskar: thanks dad..
Ram: u r welcome by son…
Some boys come and shake hands with him. They r his school friends and have joined Gurukul too to learn music.
Sanskar: ok dad… take care and keep my mom happy bye…
Ram: bye…

The car backs and leaves.
Sanskar along with his friends enters through the gate of Gurukul. Just then a sweet melodious voice is heard singing…
Mann Mohana aaa
mann mohanaaa
Kanha sunona aaa
Tum bin paun kaise chaina

Tarsu tumhi ko din rain
Chodke apne kashi mathura
Chodke apne kashi mathura
Aake basao more nain
Tum bin paun kaise chain
Tarsu tumhiko din rain

Sanskar walks inside the temple area and sees the girl’s back. The courtyard of the temple is now filled with girls and boys. Sanskar tries to see the girl’s face. His friends see his attempts and smiles.
One of the friend: her name is Swara… Swara Gadodia… the melody queen of Gurukul… her voice is enough to hypnotise the audience..
Sanskar smiles hearing all these…. The song continues.

Ek pal ujiraya aaye
Ek pal andhiyara chaye
Mann kyun na ghabraye
Kaise na ghabraye
Mann jo koi dhara ha
Apni rahon mein paaye
Kaun disha jaye
Tum bin kaun samjhaye
Tum bin kaun samjhaye

She takes the aarti plate and stands up and continues singing and sways the aarti plate side to side…
Raas rachiyan brindavan ke gokul ke basi
Radha tumhri daasi
Darshan ko hai pyaasi
She picks flower petals and sprinkles them on the idle…

Shaam shalone nand lala krishna banwari
Tumri chab hai nyari
Mein to hoon tan man hari
Mein to hoon tan man hari
Mann mohanaaaa mann mohanaaaa
Mann mohanaaaa mann mohanaaaaa
Kanha sunona aaa

Tum bin paun kaise chain
Tarsu tumhiko din rain
Sanskar manages to go a little near her and sits on the floor…
Just then Swara turns and her face is revealed… sanskar keeps on staring at her…
Jeevan ek nadiya hai lehron lehron behti jaye
Ismein mann ki naiyaa doobe kabhi tar jaye

She starts distributing Prasad to everyone..

Tum na Khewaiya ho to koi tat kaise paaye
Majdhaare rehlaye
Toh tumri saran aaye
Haan tumri saran aaye
Sanskar’s turn comes but Swara doesnot notice him properly and just gives him the Prasad and turns and continues the bhajan…
Mein hoon tumhari hai tumhara yeh mere jeevan
Tumko hi dekhon mein
She turns to the idol and places the plate down and folds her hands.
Dekhun koi darpan

Bansi ban jaungi in hooton ki ho jangui
In sapno se jalthal
Hai mera maan angan
Hain mera mmmm…
Swara bows her head as the bhajan completes. Sanskar is still in statue mode holding the Prasad in his hand and looking at her. Swara turns and smiles at Gurumaa of Gurukul…(played by Indira Krishnan). She walks up t her past Sanskar and touches her feet.
Swara: how was it gurumaa…
Gurumaa: as usuall amazing… ask them wht will I say… I am proud of u…
Swara hugs her and leaves the temple.

Sanskar’s friends come and taps him of his shoulder: wht happened bro???
Sanskar: she sings so amazing… and she is sooo beautiful…
One of them: yeah we know… Swara is the best….
Sanskar smiles to himself and looks down.

PRECAP: Swara is chosen for National singing contest female voice but who will accompany her as the male voice???

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