Adhuri Si Yeh Kahani (episode 1)


A dark is seen. Just then a spotlight glows and there someone is sitting on a chair just under the light. The person is a boy. His short hairs made it easy to recognize. There is silence everywhere. His face is not revealed as he is hanging his head. The music starts in the background and he places his hand on the guitar and starts playing it and starts singing…
Tum mere ho iss pal mere ho, Kal shayad ye alam naa rahe,
Kuch aisa ho tum tum naa raho, Kuch aisa ho hum hum naa rahe,
Yeh raaste alag ho jaaye, Chalte chalte hum kho jaaye….

(He slowly lifts his head and his face is revealed. His eyes are filled with pain and his voice is echoing in the room.)
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga…Main phir bhi tumko chahunga ….
Is chahat mein marr jaunga….Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Meri jaan mein har khamoshi hain…. Tere pyaar ke nagme gaungaaaaa….
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga…. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Is chahat mein mar jaunga….. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga
Aise zaroori ho mujhko tum, Jaise hawa ye saanson ko,
Aise talashun main tumko, Jaise ke pair zameeno ko,
Hasna yaa rona ho mujhe, Paagal sa dhoondhun main tumhe,

Kal mujhse mohabbat ho naa ho, Kal mujhko ijazat ho naa ho,
Tutte dil ke tukde lekar, Tere darr pe hi reh jaaunga,
Main phir bhi tumko chahunga…. Main phir bhi tumko chahungaaaa….
Is chahat mein mar jaunga….. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga….

The song ends. The lights turn on the entire crowd infront stands up applauding. He stands up and gives a cool smile. A boy comes and takes the guitar from him. He starts leaving the stage just when an interviewer calls him.
Interviewer: Sanskar sir.
So his name is Sanskar Maheswari, the present heartthrob of musical world.
Sanskar turns and smiles: plzzz no interview… I have to go somewhere.
A girl is standing near a wall from where she sees him refusing the interviewer.
Girl: he will never miss this day for an interview…

Sanskar walks inside the makeup room and sits infront of the mirror.
The same girl enters and hands him a bunch of white flowers.
Sanskar takes them and looks at the mirror and sees his red eyes.
Girl: where ur sunglass the media should not see all these…
Sanskar wears his sunglass and leaves the room. The girl sees him leaving and looks down sadly.
Girl: only he knows how he manages all these…

PRECAP: Sanskar’s car stops infront of a small cottage. He opens the door and steps on a glass piece and it breaks into pieces and he sees his face in it and tears fall from his eyes.

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