Adhuri Prem Kahani Hamari (Kasam Tere Pyar Ki and Naagin) Episode 1


Guys it’s my 18 ff hope you all will like it.

Ritik Singh Bedi:He is a boy who never beleive in God and love.His age is 25.

Rishi Singh Bedi:He is Ritik’s small brother.He also don’t believe in God and love.His age is 23.

Shivanya Raheja:She is a naagin and Tanu’s sister.She was cursed by Indra Dev n because of that she got a naagin.Her age is 24

Tanu Raheja:She is Shivany’s sister.Her age is 22.

Rishi is sleeping when Ritik comes and says

Ritik:Rishi wake up its morning.How much will you sleep?

Rishi:Let me sleep know bhai today is Sunday.

Ritik:Then let’s have jogging.Come wake up

Rishi:Bhai you go for jogging let me sleep.

Ritiki takes jar which is filled with water and throws it on Rishi’s face.

Rishi:OMG!What happen?

Ritik:Nothing happened I have thrown water on your face.

Rishi:But why?

Ritik:Because we have to go jogging.

Rishi:Okay bhai you go I will get ready.


Ritik goes out of room.And Rishi goes on bed and sleeps again.Ritik comes in his room and thinks

Ritik:I was knowing he will sleep again.

Ritik goes to Rishi.


Rishi Jerks from his sleep.

Rishi:Bhai I am coming.

Ritik:Get ready fast.

Ritik goes from there and Rishi thinks

Rishi:Now I will not sleep or don’t know what what torture bhai will use on me to wake me up.

Rishi goes to washroom.After sometimes he comes with wearing jogging suit.Ritik comes inside his room.

Ritik:So if you are ready then let us go?

Rishi:Yeah bhai.

Both go to garden.They do jogging.Rishi starts running.He is running in garden when he bumps to a man.

Rishi:Oh I am sorry sir.

Man:It’s okay.

Man goes from there and Rishi thinks

Rishi:Who was that man?I thought we have met him before also.

Rishi is thinking when Ritik comes there and asks him

Ritik:What happen Rishi what are you thinking?

Rishi:Bhai actually I bumped into a man and I thought I have met him before.

Ritik:Which man?

Rishi tries to find the man.

Rishi:Bhai see that man who is walking.

Ritik turns and sees the face of Man and he is shocked that he also thinks same.

Ritik:Who would be that man?

Rishi:Don’t know.

Ritik:Let it be now let’s do exercise.

Ritik and Rishi starts doing exercise.

After complete ting the exercise they leave for home.Both are silent as they are thinking about that man.

They reach home.

Ritik:Now we have to leave or office.

Rishi:Yeah.Raman uncle make some coffee for both of us.

Raman uncle:Yes sir.

He goes to make coffee.By that time Ritik and Rishi goes and changes for office.They come and drink coffee and goes from there.

Ritik and Rishi reach to office.Ritik is about to going to cabin when his PA Akash Verma comes there.

Akash:Sir today many people are came for job interview.

Ritik:Okay so call Rishi and tell him to come in my cabin.

Ritik goes inside his cabin.He removes his jacket and keeps it on chair and he sits on chair.Rishi knocks the door and Ritik asks him to come.

Rishi:What happen bhai?

Ritik:Actually Akash told me that today many people have came for interview so dont we to take interview together?

Rishi:Ofcourse bhai we have only choosed all the employees.

Rishi sits on chair.Many people comes for interview.Both reject everyone.

Akash:Sir only two girls are left.

Ritik:Okay send them.

Akash goes and Two girls come there.Seeing them both Rishi and Ritik are lost in them.

Ritik:So what’s your name.

Shivanya:My name is Shivanya Raheja.

Tanu:And my name is Tanu Raheja.

Rishi:Oh nice name.

Both take their interview and they get selected.

Ritik:Tomorrow you both come at sharp 9 pm.

Shivanya and Tanu:Okay sir.

Both leave from there.

Precap:Tanshi and Rivanya moments.

Credit to: Siddhi

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