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Hi dear friends,I am Lakshmi.Iwas a great fan of the show Swaragini.when the show started to divert from the orginal plot of the story,I felt disappoinment and hadn’t watch for a long time.but I find out daily episodes in site.when I read so many ff I like it,so many have different ideas.I was a silent reader,but now I ‘m decided to write a ff bcoz I have story in my mind,and I just want to express it.I don’t know is it gud or guys pls gave support to me.not only through gud comments if u don’t like my ff pls express ur opinion,I really like guys pls pls pls do comments on my is the introduction part.

Introduction of characters
Ragini-a beautiful girl with independent thinking&strong personality,have a strong bond with family and love her sister a lot.she consider her happy on the happiness of her family(she like both attair-modern&traditional but prifer traditional first)
Swara-a cute&free thinking girl,have strong will power,love family a lot especially sister(complete modern girl)
Ragini and swara are sisters,ragini is elder than swara by 2 years.they are daughters of shekher gadodia&sharmishta gadodia.
Shekher-owner of gadodia industries pvt.L.t.d,father of swaragini,a family man,love his daughters a lot,a broad minded man.
Sharmishta(sumi)-a cultured lady,wife of shekher and mother of swaragini,believe in traditional values,but also have strong decision.
Daadi-mother of shekher,and mother-in-law of sumi,highly believed in social status&traditional values,but love her family a lot especially her pyaari ladoo&shona(ragini-ladoo,swara-shona)
Naani-mother of sumi,mother- in- law of shekher.she i s a good lady,love swaraginies a lot, gave prime concern to their wish.
daadaji-a loving man,but have no courage to speak in front of his wife,shekher’s father.
They all are live in Gadodia house(GH)
MM house
Laksh-a handsome guy,love family a lot especially his elder brother.good personality and have his own views in every matter
Sanskar,-a charming guy,loves family a lot and have strong bond with brother not only as brother but also as a good friend.a hardworker and ambitious guy.
Laksh&Sanskar are brothers and sons of ap and dp,they help father on business.
Durga prasad maheshweri-dp-father of laksh&sanskar,hus of ap and owner of maheshweri&group,a stubborn man gave imp to social status,love family but don’t express that.
Annapurna-ap-wife of dp and mother of sanlak,a simple women,loving mother and responsible wife,not have the courage express opinion in front of her hus.
Ram prasad-younger brother of dp,love his brother a lot and obey his orders happly,hus of sujatha ,father of Uttara.
Sujatha-wife of rp,mom of Uttara,a simple women but have secret thinking in every matter.
Uttara-daughter of rp,-sujatha,love her cousin brothers a lot,as her own brothers.she is a pretty girl.

My introduction part is over,if u find it gus pls comment,or find it bad always comment it and gave suggetions for guys pls pls pls comment. I need u r valid comments for my first capter of ff,I will try my best to give a good story experience to all, thank u.

Credit to: Lakshmi


    • Lakshmi

      Thanku dolly,u r my first reader.thank u so much for ur comment.&I will revel the pairs in next part,dear

  1. Sahima ( fan of swasan and abhigya)

    Intro is nice.waiting for the next episode. But plz make swasan and raglak.

  2. Amy Jake

    Nice start…
    I wish to read ragsan story as most of the stories give importance to swalak,swasan and raglak pairs..
    Its just my wish ,u can choose as u wish.Anyway nice intro…

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