adhuri kahani-pain of love episode 9


Hi dears,as I promised here is 9th chapter

Scene 1
GH.swaragini’s room.
swara is walking here &there.
Swara:(to her self)be smart swara,be smart. U r going to face ur daadi,who is not in a good mood.any thing can happend to u.but don’t step backward,only forward.this is for ur behan.
She makes her two hands join&try to encourage her self.
Swara:shona,yes now u r ready to face daadi.
she goes near to door. But she become tensed again.
Swara:oh no no…
She go back to bed&sit.
Swara:if the plan is going to flop, then daadi gonna kill me!
just now ragini entered the room her face look so sad.swara saw her face.she felt very pain.she think that,through any way she will stop the alians.
ragini shaked swara a little,swara came to sense!
Ragini:shona what are u thinking?
Swara smiled thinking about the plan.&look ragini.
Swara:nothing laadoo,u just sleep.every thing gonna be good!
Ragini gave a question look.
Swara:believe me, laadoo.tumhari behan he na?
Both smiled&ragini gave a kiss in forehead of swara.
Ragini:if my shona is with me I am not afraid of any thing
swara:I will come back soon.
she left from room.

Scene 2
Daadi’s room.she was checking her ornaments which gave by her mother in her marriage day.
She heard a knocking in the door.
Daadi:who is that?
Swara opened the door
Swara:mem hoon,ur pyaari shona!
daadi smile,but change her smile to angry face.swara understood it.she go to next to daadi&sit beside her.
Swara:ohhohhh.. my beautiful princess in angry,oh I can’t imagine that!her beautiful face will become red.eventhough she is angry she look so pretty!
Daadi blushes. Dida was out of the room .she can hear their conversation.
Dida(to herself):what? She look pretty while she become angry.ohhoh how she felt like that!kyaa shona,don’t u have eyes in ur face.when she was in angry I felt that she is look like a ghost!! With red eyes&sharp look!oh God I can’t imagin that!
Then she observe what next swara is going to said
Swara(to daadi):daadi,kyaa u still angry at me?
daadi looked swara.swara made a puppy face.daadi burst out of laughing&hugged her
Daadi:how I can angry on my pyaari bachi…
Swara smiled&gain confidence to speak ragini’s matter.
swara:I know is ur heart. But daadi now laadoo is unhappy with ur decision.
Daadi:shona,r u come here to change my decision.?
Swara:no daadi,I don’t.&I know y u r trying to do this marriage quickly!
Daadi look at swara with excitement.
Swara:bcoz,our tradition is that,&if we r not do this now our society will not give us respect.
Daadi:meri shona thouh bade samachdaar banti hein.!
Swara:but our laadoo is more important to us isn’t it?so we should gave her time to think.he na..?
Swara said this in a hesitated tone.she was observing daadi keenly.she can see the +ve changes in daadi’s face.she become happy,but control her self .
Daadi:I know shona,laadoo is not happy with my decision.but what can I do?they called me&they said me about the aliance.bcoz from childhood they know laadoo.&they want a relationship with us.
swara understood that daadi have only half she can take her next step.
Swara:daadi,so..if they were not ask for a aliance now,u r ready to give enough time for laadoo to take a stand her own.. isn’t it?!!!!!!
Daadi was in deep thinking
She replaid with out any doubt.!
Swara felt super happy!!she hugged&kissed daadi!!!
Daadi:shona,what is this?!!!
Swara:nothing good knight.
She run from the room.
Daadi:to her self:kyya hua issko?

Scene 3
Balcony,dadi&swara discuss about the progress of their plan.
Swara:so dida,our first move is good.
Dida:yes.but y did u say that?
swara couldn’t understand what dida is talking.
Swara :what? I mean what r u asking about?
Dida:I heared that u said ur daadi that,while she is angry she look so pretty!! u know when she is angry I felt that she is a ghost!!!her face become such a look horrible!!
Swara couldn’t control her laugh.
Swara:(try to control her laugh) dida,I thought u r a brave lady.but now I understand u don’t have brain.
She started laughing again.
Dida gave her a angry look
swara:I told daadi that,to cool her.don’t u have enough brain to understand that??
Dida :I know that, u said it bcoz to cool her
Dida was not ready to admitt her self that she became fool.
swara understood it.
Swara:ok dida,so we r going to make our next move,r u ready.
They give tumb-ups……


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Credit to: Lakshmi

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