adhuri kahani-pain of love episode 8


Hi friends,sorry my exams on the way. That’s y I can’t post my ff regular.but I will try my best to post 2 chapters in coming day. Thanks my dears for ur valid comments.

Scene 1
GH,hall. All r shocked to hear daadi’s words.!!!
Ragini:daadi what r u talking?r u serious?
Daadi:laado,do u feel that I am jocking?marriage is not a funny matter.
Ragini &swara looked at each other.
Swara:but,daadi laado is not ready for a marriage now.
Ragini:haam daadi. I don’t want to get marriage to any one fastly. Now,I have only one wish. I want to stand upon my own.I want to work.
Daadi:what need of that? They r very rich&they don’t need ur money for live.
Dida:parvathy,y u r become soo adament?if she don’t want to get marry now then don’t force her.
Sumi:haa maa. If she is not interested then let her choose her way.
Daadi become very angry!
Daadi:sab log chup karo….
I know what to do.&don’t try to change my decision. If u r forget,I will remind u all that.when laado want to study furtur.we all take a decision together.that after her studies we will fix her marriage quickly.
Swara: but, y daadi,y so quickly?
Daadi:In our family that is regular.

Swara:but daadi….
Daadi not allowed her to continue..
Daadi:shona don’t make me angry,ok?
Daadi left from there. There was a heavy silence!
No one speak any thing.
All r looked to Ragini. Her eyes were filled with tears.suddenly she stand up &go to her room.
She try to follow ragini,but sumi stops her.
Sumi:no shona,don’t disturb her.let her alone.
Swara:but maa,I know her very much.she need me now with her.
Sumi:but now,let her think about her future,her marriage.
Swara:what?? Marriage?maa do u think she will agree with it?I know her mind very well,now she don’t want to be married.
Sumi: but shona,what daadi said,is right! It the time for her marriage!
Swara become shocked to hear sumi!!
Swara:maa,do u want her marry now!
She saw that shekher remain speechless.

Swara:papa,y r u become silent?or do u also want her to be married ?
shekher didn’t respond. From his silence she understand that he also want the marriage to be done!
Swara wondered what is going on in house! She also go to the room.
Scene 2
Swaragini’s room. Ragini stand near by window. Swara entered the room
She placed her hand on ragini’s shoulder. Ragini looked back &hugged swara tightly.
Ragini:shona,what will I do?I don’t want to get marry now.
Swara:don’t be sad laadoo,I am hear na? I will make daadi understand.
“She is not gonna change her decision”
Suddenly they heared a voice&looked back. It was dida!
Swara:dida I am sure she will understand.
Dida:shona,I know her very much,more than u .if she take a decision she willnot change it!
Swara looked ragini sadly.ragini feel very much pain in her heart .she left to balcony.
Swara(to dida):I don’t know what to do?
Dida:I can’t see my laado such a bad situation
Swara:me too dida.but how we can over come this?
They two think theirself.suddenly their face brightened.they looked at each other.
Swara:didaaa.kya tum ko kuch mila?
Dida:haam&what about u?
Swara:I also got the same idea!

Dida look at her with a excited expression!
In this time at balcony;
Ragini:God pls help me. Now I don’t want a marriage.I want to stand own my step.I want chase my ambitions!.help me to get my happiness back.
She folded her hand&closed eyes.she prayed to God.
mean time dida&swara shared their ideas. They laughed&gave a hi-fi to each!!!.
Screen splits in two shows,prayering face of ragini&hi-fi of swara and dida.


Credit to: Lakshmi

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