adhuri kahani-pain of love episode 7


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Scene 1
Sumi was so upset due to swara’s call. Just then a car entered to gate.swara&shekher get out from the car.
sumi hugged swara
Sumi:what happend to my child?
Swara:don’t cry ma.u can see na?.I am ok.
Sumi:how this happend?
Swara:don’t u want to take ur child to the room? or want full explanation now?
Sumi take her to room.
Sumi:so,tell now what happend?
Swara:I will ma,but where is my daadi,dida&daadaji,?
Just then they 3 entered the room.dida was crying.
Daadi hugged swara&kissed her.
Daadi:kyaa hua meri bachi?
Swara:nothing,daadi.don’t worry.&tell dida to stop crying.
Daadi:(to dida)tum sunthi nahi,rone band karo.
Swara:yaa dida,u can see my daadi na?she is very strong.not like u.
Dida:tum aane se pehle voh ro rahi dhi.he na sumi?
Daadi:tum kyuoom voh baath ab kahtha?

They startd a little fight
Swara:oh oh..daadaji,tell them pls to stop it.!
Daadaji:betta,hum ko ek nadi ko bhi band kar saktha hum.but,ye do nom ki moond kabhi bi band nahi kar saktha.
Swara&sumi laughed. Daadi&dida gave him a sharp look.
Suddenly they hear a was the sound,a car made a hand break.all are get affraid,except swara!!
Swara:don’t be panic.It will be laadoo.
then she looked sumi.
Sumi made a sorry face
Sumi :sorry shona,I …
Swara:maa I told u na don’t tell it to laadoo now&u gave me promise.I know that she will become so worried.that’s y I told u so.
Ragini entered the room in rush.
Ragini:shona what happend to u?
Swara:nothing laadoo.
Ragini:don’t lie to me. Mom told me thar u met with an accident.
She was so shows a lot in her face.
Swara :u can see na?nothing serious.only 2-3 scratches.
Ragini hugged swara.she take a sigh.
Ragini:I become so scared.

Swara:y u become scared,when I am ok? Mem hu na?
They laughed.
In background song SWARAGINI…plays.
when they break the hug,their eyes was filled with tears.
Swara(in a teasing tone):u r so week&emotional,be strong Miss. Ragini Gadodia.
Ragini:u too Miss. Swara Gadodia.
They all laugh&swara tells them what happend!!!.

Scene 2
Sanky came mm after the meeting. He went to kitchen.he saw ap in there.he went near to her &hugged from back.
ap:why u r so late?
Sanky:the meeting finished late ma.
ap:go&fresh.come fast we will have dinner together.
sanky:ma,don’t u have ur dinner till now,it is late ma.
Ap turned &cuppled his face
Ap:bcoz I want to eat dinner with my children.
sanky kissed her in forehead.
sanky:I will come soon ma.
He go to his room.he remove his overcoat. Suddenly lucky&uttara jumped over sanskar&screme.

sanky:what r u doing.?
Lucky:just to fear u,bhaai y u become so late today.even u didn’t pick my call.
Sanky:it was in silent lucky.
uttara:bhaai go &get fresh .come down soon.I feel so hungry.
sanky:I will come fast.
but on that time she noticed the nail mark on his hand.
Uttara:bhaai..what is this.?
Uttara:in ur hand.
she pointed to it. Only then lucky saw that.
Sanky:it just a scratch.
Lucky:but it seems like a nail mark. is a nail mark.she made it to me.
lucky,&uttara became shocked!!!
Uttara:so,it is happend by a girl.
Sanky:yaaa.what?y u feel so surprise?
Lucky:uttara,I think it is a love simbol(he made a naughty smile)
Sanky:no lucky.stop it now.
lucky:so uttara I think bhaai got his future.
lucky&uttara dance rounding him
:hamari bhaai ki sapnom ki raani kabir aye gi tum….
Sanky:lucky,uttara pls stop this nonsense.
Uttara:when u two met bhaai?is she is beautiful?

Sanky:uttara,I met the girl today.but..I
Sanky couldn’t continue,lucky interrupted him.
Lucky:what?u met her on the first time in today. But u made a love simbol in ur hand!! U r so fast&romantic bhaai.
Sanky:lucky I will tell how this happend.
He tell them everything.
uttara:so,u hit girl by ur car&take care her &she made the nail mark.isn’t it?
sanky:yaa.that is truth.
Uttara:sorry bhaai for misunderstand u.
Sanky push them out &tell:go,I will get fresh &come fast.
Lucky(thinking):bhaai if u want a girl friend, u can select her
Sanky didn’t understand what lucky says
sanky:what u mean?
lucky:yaa u can met the girl again&try to fall in love with her.just like movies.what about the idea?
Laksh run from there.

Sanky close the room’s door&look at the nail mark on the hand. A smile came to his face.
Scene 3
GH,all are gathered in hall for dinner. Sumi serves dinner to every one. Ragini feeds swara.bcoz she was unable to eat her self.
Daadi:shekher,they will come tomorrow isn’t it?
Shekher didn’t look at her but replaid:humm…
others looked cluelessly.
Swara:who daadi,who will come tomorrow?
Daadi:my childhood friend Devi sharma&family she come to meet her childhood friend, not bad.
Daadi:not only meet me also see laadoo for her grandson.
All are shocked,except shekher!!!


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