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Hi friends,I know that I always ask sorry for every time that I may be late for post my ff. Once more I ask u sorry. Today I will try my best to post 2chapters back 2 back.&thanks alot my dears-aditi,aditi singh,meghs,devi,jyoty,kaira,,tania&surbhi-for the valid comments.&also thanks 2 my silent readers.

Scene 1
Scene starts from hospital.
After dressing the wound,swara is about to leave the room.but then she saw that thing she scremed out louldy.

Sanskar was in outside of the room,when he heard the screme he rush to the dressing room.when sanskar is about to enter the room,swara comes fast&collapsid with him.
Sanky:swara,what happend? Y r u screamed out?
Swara pointed to some thing.he saw &started laughing.
It was a nurse with needil!!!
swara is very fear of injuction.
Sanky:swara,is u have fear to take injuction?
swara:yes,I don’t like to have injuction&I don’t need that.
Sanky:(while laughing)ok I will say them.
to the nurse;
sanky:is it really need?
Nurse(in an angry tone):kyaa he ye,tum donom kyaa sochtha hei?do u think that we don’t have any other job,?u should tell ur wife to be calm &have the injection.
He shocked to hear that nurse mentioned swara as his wife!!!.
& he looked at swara. Swara was also shocked too.
Nurse :wife or girl friend,I don’t want to know that. The injuction for to reduce pain.that is why doctor priscribed it.come on,tell her.
Sanskar thinking his self:stupid,why them reffered swara as my wife/girl friend.
he turns &said to swara that:swara,pls doctor priscribed it to reduce ur hand pain.
Swara:but now,I don’t have any problem.even,I don’t feel pain.
actually,she feels very pain to her arm.but,she lied.
Sanky can understand it.
Sanskar:don’t lie swara.
He catches swara’s hand.she tried to loosen it &go away from there.but he tighten his grip in her hand&make her sit in the chair.
Sanskar:(to nurse)come sister do it fast.
Swara:sanskar,no pls.
Nurse came next to her.swara make faces to saw the needil.sanskar felt very funny&watch her each&every actions.
Nurse:pls don’t shake,if not,it will hurt u.
Swara:will it hurt?
Sanskar:yes it will,so don’t shake ur self.
When nurse placed needle on swara,she placed her other hand on sanskar’palm.but when nurse injucted swara,sanky&swara both of them made a screme!!!
Nurse look them surprisingly&goes from there.
Swara:she gave injection to pains me.then y u made screme?
Sanskar:(painfully)will u pls remove ur hand from me.
Then only swara notice his hand.she shocked!!!
bcoz her hand made a nail mark on his hand.when nurse injected her she tight her grip in his hand &it hurts him.
Swara:I really really sorry.
Sanskar:it’s ok(he made a puppy face&said)but I didn’t expect this from u.
Swara made a sorry face &hold her two ears she said:sorry.
Sanskar:hey,cool.I said it just to tease u.
Swara made a angry face&hit him slightly in his shoulder.
they both laugh.
Only then he notice time. It was 11.30.he fixed his meeting with partners at 12.00pm.he remember it&shout.
Sanskar:oh god…
Swara:what happend?
Sanskar:nothing,pls get in car,I will drop u at ur home.come on
But swara felt bad to see his tensed face.she ask him again.then he replaid that he have an urgent meeting with partners.
Swara:then why u wait here just go &attend the meeting.
Sanskar:what the hell r u talking swara?I will drop u. Comr
Swara:sanskar today u late bcoz of me.the accident’s reason was my fault.bcoz of my carelessness all this happend.I will go my self
Sanskar:no swara it is not good in this situation.after all I know thay,ur hand hurt a,it..
he is interepted by swara.
Swara:ok.I will do one thing I will call my mom&ask her to send a car for me.
Sanskar:I will call a cab for u.
Swara:no need sanskar may be pappa will come to take u can go.
Sanskar:thinking :are u sure?
Swara:don’t think too much sanskar,my didi tells every time that,if we think more it will became more do what we think first.
Sanskar smile hearing her words &think that he will leave now.
Sanskar:so,swara,I am leaving.
Swara:(smiling)go &blast out.
they shake their hands
Sanskar:take care ur self,swara
Swara :u too.
They smile each other&swara wave hand while he leaving.
They two felt some thing good by heart.
Swara called sumi:hello,mom…..

Screen freezes

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Credit to: Lakshmi

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