adhuri kahani-pain of love episode 5


Hi dears.I am so happy to see the comments for my ff&thanks a lot for support me.I saw a lots of comments demand the pairs as swalak. I already present the pairs.that is raglak&swasan.I know that there is bit confusion in the precap.first meeting of’swalak’means starting of their friendship.if any one got confused by the pairs sorry dears.I always findout that I am a bit dragging,isn’t it? Sorry dears I will soon enter into the main plots.keep reading&give comments( don’t have any problem in bad comments.bcoz I like it,through that I can improve my writing.)
Scene 1
Scene starts from road.

Swara hit by a car,a black benz!!swara fell down to road,but it was not so hard.her head hit the made a scratch on her forhead.&also she got some scratches on her legs&right hand’s palm.swara screamed out
Just then a man came out from the car.he take off his sunglass.It was our hero,sanskar!
Sanskar:oh my God!
He run towards her.&sit near her.

But she couldn’t continue.then only she notice him.he is sitting very close to her.even she can feel his breath.his face filled with sad expression.she felt his face as a kid’s face.
Sanskar:I am so sorry,I t was my fault,only my fault.I didn’t notice u when I …….
He gave her a long explanation.but swara don’t hear any thing. She was just staring at him&think” y he behave like this.afterall it was my fault.i didn’t see the car coming.If there is some one else they will be kill me for this.I think he is so stupid or too innocent by heart.”think this she smile a little&he saw that.
Sanskar:why u smiling,am I said any thing wrong?
Swara stop smiling&think her self”swara,what is this?”then she asked him with fake anger
Swara:don’t u have eyes on ur face?
after asked this she realised that she told this in a calm tone.she wondered &ask her self that what happened to her.

While she thinking sanskar interepted her
Sanskat:ur hand wound is bleeding heavily.just then she only saw that.she felt very pain in her hand
Sanskar:come lets go to the hospital.
Sanskar:don’t tell anything get up.
Swara try to stand up but she can’t.sanskar forward his hand to her.but he understood that she can’t do that also bcoz.her hand is bleeding.sanskar think a while&then he take her hand.swara looked him wonderly that she don’t get any idea what he is going to do.
Suddenly sanskar LIFT HER UP!! Swara became supershocked!! Swara felt something strange in her heart,some thing new!!!?

Even sanskar felt some thing strange.suddenly there came a breeze,it shaked swara’s hair,some of her hair touched sanskar’face! They looked each other in same time.they shared an eye-lock.!
in back ground we can hear the tune of the song dil gho gaya,from the movie sing is king.

Sanskar came to his sense&started walking towards his car, carrying swara.swara is still staring at him.sanky opened the door &placed swara in the seat.then he rushed to hospital.
Scene 2
They reached hospital. Sanskar get down from car&open the side door of swara.he is about to take her in his arms.but swara said.
Swara:thank u for the concern,but I can walk my self. Only my hand have pain.
They two enter thr hospital.on the way to doctors room swara ask sanskar.
Swara:if u don’t mind mr…

Swara don’t know his name. He understood that.
Sanskar:Sanskar,I am sanskar maheshweri .he forward his hand.but swara can’t do that bcoz of the pain.she made a puppy face.he realized it and rub his hair with hand&said
Sanskar:sorry,I forgot it.
Swara:it’s ok.any way I am swara gadodia.
they smiled.
After consulting the doctor.
Sanskar:doctor,any problem?is need scanning?
Doctor:no,she is perfectly all right.just need to dress the wounds.nothing more.
sanskar: thank u doctor.
doctor:it’s ok
Doctor leaves.they went to dressing room.swara got dressed the wounds.she is about to leave but saw some thing she scremed out!!!.


So,friends gave comment on today’s chapter.hope u all like it.&from now there is gonna happen lots of twists.wait for it……thank u.

Credit to: Lakshmi

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