adhuri kahani-pain of love episode 4


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Scene 1
After jogging sanky&lucky came to their own rooms.after getting fresh they came to hall.just then ap&suja came from mandir.
Sanky&lucky(together):gudmorning ma,gud morning chaachi.
ap:gud morning meri bache.
she kissed their forehead.
sanky&lucky take blessings from suja.
Suja:hamari chore ….khush raho.

lucky:chaachi,where is she?our little princess,didn’t she awake?
Chaachi:lucky,it is 8.30 now.u know that ur pyaari behen will leave for college early morning(to her self) only God know that y she leave for college so early?
Sanskar:chaachi,y u think like this?she is a good girl.may be she will have any important work,that’s why she leave early.
Suja(while walking to her room):oh I forgot that,she have two bhais to always support her.
lucky&sanky smile and look at each other. Then they hear a sound of heavy boots. Ap,Laksh&Sanskar looked to the staircase. A man coming down,he has very serious face.he is dp.sanky goes near to him&wish gud morning.dp replaid same.then he looked at that time laksh was thinking about something.sanky gave him a action through eyes.then lucky come in to his sense&wish dp. Dp gave him a sharp look.then said.
dp:are u not ready still now?
Sanky&lucky looked each other cluelessly.they cannot understand what dp says
Sanky:papa,what are u talking about?
Dp:sanskar,Laksh kyaa tum donom bhoolgai?
Just then sanky remember was the day they fixed an unofficial meeting with their partners.and also have some important office works about their new project. He hit his forehead .just then lucky also remember it.
Dp:if u get what I am saying just go and get ready soon.sanky&laksh rush to their rooms.they get ready fast and came down to hall.

They complete their breakfast&after taking blessings from dp&ap they go to the parking area.
Laksh wearing a blue jean&white color shirt,with dark blue color coat.sanky wearing also a blue jean&yellow color shirt with a dark blue color coat. Both look so handsome in their dresses.they each have black color benz.
Sanky:lucky, I will go to meet the partners,in the mean time u complete office works,ok?
Lucky:ok,bhai.I am ready.
Sanky:then come we are going to blast out it.
They give hi -fi to each other. They take the cars &go different direction

Scene 2
Swara’s college. Every one was mesmerized seeing her.she look so beautiful!.she have short hair,stepcutted.her open hair style increased her beauty.
Every one looking at her.when her perfomance time no one can divert their concentration from her.she played violin beautiful. After perfomance;
Swara:(to her friend)I am leaving.
Friend;why so early?
Swara:nothing special.I just want to go home.
Friend:then ok we will meet tomorrow.&how u r going to home.?through bus? by see u tomorrow.
She began to walk to busstop.there was a ‘U’turn in the way to bus stop.
When she entered to the turn a car came &hit her!!! It was a black color benz!!!


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Credit to: Lakshmi

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