adhuri kahani-pain of love episode 3


Hi my dear friends.I hope my ff is not going in a good track.bcoz,when I writing this chapter I can only found few comments.I u don’t felt good pls express it.I will try my best to give u a good reading experience.I will expect ur valuable comments.thank u all of my silent readers&commentators.

Scene 1
GH,swaragini’s room.
Ragini:(she help swara to wear saadi)yes,it is complete!
Swara:(looking to her self) laado,am I look bad in saadi.
Ragini look at her.she saw swara’s face.swara is anxiously looking at her. Ragini smiled.she pulled swara to infront of the mirror.swara is surprised seeing her reflection in mirror.
Ragini:u say how do u look?
Swara is look damn good in saadi.she wore a deep red color saadi.her eyes also started shining.she felt blush to see her face.
Ragini rest her hands in swara’s shoulder from back&then she pointed the mirror with her finger&said.
Ragini:my shona look gorgeious in saadi,he na?
Swara smiled.but try to provoke ragini.
Swara:achaa,then u felt ur shona beautiful(she said this point to the mirror)don’t u felt swara beauty.
Ragini slightly hit swara in her shoulder.they look at each other &smile
in background SWARAGINI…. plays.
Ragini:come lets have breakfast.(she takes swara’s hand)
They two go to hall.

Scene 2
In hall.
all others are waiting for swaragini.when they saw swaragini came down.they emberassed see swara in a traditional attair.she look so beautiful.
swara:(to ragini)see laado,I told u na I will look good in saadi.why u tell me to wear jean&top.(swara played a pramk on ragini)
Ragini winked her eys on ragini
Ragini:swara u…
she snatched swara’s ears.
Swara:ragini,leave me..oh,it is paining.
All smiled.
Shekher:meri,pyaari shona,became young lady today! He na sumi?oh, from where will I get a prince for my princess?
sumi smiled.swara became blushed.
Swara(while controling blushing)I will not leave here so easily.
Dida:so,we don’t get mindpeace so easy na?
Dida gave hi-fi to ragini.
Swara(fake angry):dida…
All became happy.
daadi:(pointed to the clock)shona get ready fast,u have perfomance he na?just leave in correct time.
Swara:oh..I forgot that.
she ate the food fast.
Swara:I done every thing(thinking)did I forgot any so leave swara,and blast ur perfomance.
She go to daadi&dida.they hugged her and gave best wishes.daadaji gave her kiss&wishes.
Sumi&shekher also gave kisses&blessings.
Sumi:shons,u take all the things.isn’t it?
swara:yes mom,I take all things.

Shekher:don’t forget any thing.u checked it na?
Swara:yes papa.pls come fast &drop me.
She about to turn but ragini called her.
Swara:ohh..oh sorry dear I forgot u,
she rush to ragini&hugged her
Will meet in after noon
She is about to turn but ragini asked her that;
Ragini:shona,why are u going college,for what purpose?
Swara can’t understand it.
Swara:u know na?I have competiton.
Ragini:then why u didn’t take this along with u?
ragini shows some thing to her.It is swara’s violin!(swara is a wonderful violin player)
Swara make a puppy face &looked to every one
Daadi:when she gonna become responsible?
Sumi placed her two hands in her two side of waist&looked swara,keenly
Swara understood that the situation is not she take the violin from ragini’s hand&run.
Swara:(while running)by everyone,see u all in evening.
All smiled suddenly,thought about her behaviour.


Hope that all enjoyed it.if not,gave me ur valid comments. Thank u

Credit to: Lakshmi

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