adhuri kahani-pain of love episode 20


Hi friends!!! I know that all were waiting for SWASAN’S second meeting!! Sorry guys due to some problems I couldn’t post it in past days.a small accident,it made me week. But chill guys,today I am gonna write about our cute swasan. ……..

Scene 1.
GH. Swaragini’s room.
Swara&sanskar collide&fell down…..
Room was in darkness, so swara couldn’t see sanky!!!
She quickly jump up&.became fear!!..
Swara:who r u??? Maa… Ragini,come yaham ….yaham koi choir hei….maaaa!!!
Swara started to shouting loudly!!!
Sanskar understood that it is not Ragini!!! He became tensed!!
Sanskar: cool…cool I am not theaf!! Just …just hear…
He couldn’t see her face, but can see her shade.. He came towards her!!
But!!! Swara..
Suddenly sanky became tensed & covered her mouth with his hand!!!
Swara: hmmm..
Sanskar:listen.. I am not a theaf.pls ..listen!!
Swara: hmmmm…
Swara try to remove his hand.. But efforts were in vain!!
Suddenly her hand hit in table& also in flower vase!! She think some think&take that vase!! She gave a strong hit to sanskar’s head!!!!!
Sanky lost his balance!! His hands got loosen& fell down,while that he hit in table’s side!!! He became unconscious!!
In that time hall….
Laksh was talking to shekher&sumo!!
While that,suddenly Ragini came to there from outside!
Laksh became clueless to see her! He was thinking that she is in room!
Ragini too became shocked to see Laksh there!!
Ragini: Laksh! U….here???
They both look at each other.
Sumi:where r u laadoo?
Ragini:voh..maa I got a call from I go to out side to speak.
Sumo: I think ur in room,vise yeh donom tum ko Milne aye she.
Ragini:to see me…donom? Mathlab?
Laksh:haaam…Ragini! Me & bhaai..
Ragini:bhaai? Mathlab,sanskar? Then where is he?
Laksh:we thought that u r in go to ur room…
Just then then hear swara’s shouting!!!
Swara: maa …papa…Ragini!!
Swara ran & came down!!
All became shocked!!
Ragini: swara!!
Sumo:swara! Wat happens?
Swara came & hug Ragini.
Ragini: swara,r u OK? Wat happened?
Swara couldn’t breath properly& talk too!!
She was in so fear!!
Swara:voh..voh…one man …in..too.aaah!! One….man..
They all understood that it is sanskar!!
Swara: vohh..voh..mujhe pakada!! I… I gave ..a hit !!
Then only swara see Laksh there!!
Ragini:wat??? Swara do u hit him?
Swara: haamm.. He ..he became unconscious..!!! But who …who is this?
Laksh& Ragini became shocked!!
Laksh: ohhh shit!!bhaai..
He ran towards room Ragini too followed him!
Others became so tensed!! Swara didn’t understand wat happened!
Swara:wat is this maa?& who is that guy?
Sumi:come on swara,will tell u! First come..
Sumi,shekher& swara also go to swaragini’s room!!

Scene 2.
Swaragini’s room.
Laksh&Ragini entered the room!
Laksh: bhaai??
Ragini switch on the light!! They both became shocked!! Sanskar was lied on floor. They both sit near to him!!
Laksh:bhaai.. Bhaai..
Ragini: sanskar! Sanskar udo na…
Swara ,sumi&others too entered to room!!
To see the man’s face swara became super shocked!!
Swara: sanskar????
Ragini&laksh ,both look at swara!!
Swara ran towards sanky& she too sit near him!!
Ragini:swara,do u know him??
Swara: haam Ragini! I told u na,in that accident day! His car was hitted me!! Sanskar..
Ragini take jug & spray water on sanky’s face.
Ragini: sanskar…
Sanskar’eyes moved! He slowly opened eyes!!
They made him sit!!
Laksh: bhaai..
Sanskar was silently look at all of them! He widened his eyes!!
Ragini: sanskar..r u OK??
Swara felt so sad!!
Swara: sanskar! Sanskar…
But sanky was in a lost stage!!
Laksh: bhaai.u OK na?
Sumi: beta,much bathvo,kyaa tum teek ho na?
Sanskar widened his eyes& asked
Sanskar: bhaai?? Who r u??
All became shocked to hear his question!!
Laksh: wat?? Don’t u understand me?? I am Laksh! Ur brother…
Sanskar: brother?? I don’ t know u!!
Laksh : kyaa??
Ragini: sanskar…
Sanskar: who r u?? & y I am here??
Laksh& Ragini both became confused!!
Laksh asked swara.
Laksh:wat have u done to my bhaai??
Swara: I …I just gave him a hit with flower vase!!
Swara: haam.. But I think that it was a thief!!
I was don’t aware that it was sanskar!!

Ragini: ohhh oh! Wat to do now?
Laksh: bhaai! Come we will go to home back,let’s go!
Laksh try to up sanskar,but..
Sanskar:is this is not home? Then where is this?
Swara felt so sad! she shake sanskar& call his name…
Suddenly! Sanskar look at her&shake his head in fast! Then he became normal!
Sanskar: swara?? U?? Here??
Listen this all became happy!
Swara: sanskar,do u remember me?
Sanskar : haan !!!…but y u r here?
Swara: meim or Ragini behen hei!
Sanskar: oh really?
Ragini: sanskar,r u OK now? Kyaa aap ko mujhe pehachan kar saktha hei?
Sanskar felt so pain in his head! He touch his head& said..
Sanskar: haaan Ragini! Y u ask me ?
Ragini: kuch nahi!
Laksh: bhaai,come get up,now we will go home!
Laksh help sanky to get up…
But suddenly swara see blood in his forehead!!
Swara: wait!! Blood!!
All see his forehead& they make him to sit in bed! Swara became super shocked!!
Swara: Ragini, take the first aid box,jaldi!!
Ragini take the first aid box& gave that to swara…
Sumi: come we will go hospital, I will tell shekher!
Sanskar: nahi aunty,iski koi zharoorat nahi hei!! I am OK now!
Sumi: r u sure?
Sanskar: yes, now I feel better!
Sumi: then take some rest here! Swara,Ragini inko khyaal raho..I will come now!
Said this she go to down…
Suddenly Laksh started to laugh loudly!! All r see him with shocked!! He couldn’t stop his laughing!!
Ragini:wat happened to u Laksh?? Aap kyuum itni hasi kiya??
All look Laksh in clueless!!

Laksh: Ragini, we came here in this time to gave u a super surprise & shock!! It was bhaai’s plan to come here…
Laksh: haaaa…but wat happened now?? Super shock dene keliya aaya,but meri bhaai ko itni super HIT mila… Haaa…soo funny na??
Sanskar look at Laksh with an angry face!! All face came a laugh!!
Ragini also couldn’t control that she laughed loudly..sanskar became super angry!!
She suddenly stopped it!
Ragini: sorry sanskar..
Sanskar: ouuu …wat a hit was that??
He looked swara.
Sanskar:swara,kyaa tum itni strong hei?? Mujhe pehle jaantha nahi dha!!
Swara silently look at sanky!!
Sanskar: Ragini,I need some water!
Ragini take jug. But it had only some water.
Ragini: sanskar meim abhi paani laker aathi him.
Laksh: Ragini, I will also come with u..varna,meim hasi karthe maarungi!!
Laksh once again look at sanskar& laughed..
Sanskar: Laksh…
Laksh : sorry bhhai!..
Ragini: Laksh, come.nahi thoh he is gonna kill u!!
She dragged him out…
Now swara& sanskar is alone in there!
Swara was silently clean his wound..she was so sad..
Sanskar:swara,I didn’ t expect that our second meeting itni painful hoongi! Aah!
Swara: sanskar is it so paining?? Want to go hospital?
Sanskar: no no…but ur soo strong swara! Wat a hit was that? I didn’t get any thing like that before! I felt that my he’d became crashed!!do u know karate? Or some think else??
Suddenly he headed a weeping sound! He look at swara!!
Sanskar: swara!! Look at me..swara
Sanskar up her face by chin!!
Swara had teares in her eyes!!
Swara:sorry sanskar!! Really sorry… I think it was some thief or some one!! That ‘s y I… Sorry..
Sanskar felt also bad to see her!! He didn’t think that she will cry ..
Sanskar:hey swara,don’t cry…I just try to tease u!!! Don’t cry..acha sun now I am OK! I don’ t have any pain…
Swara couldn’t control her tears..
Suddenly sanky cupped her face!!!
Sanskar: I told u swara,don’ t cry! & don’ t feel bad! .if I was in ur position, I will be also do that. So don’ t feel sad..
He wiped her tears with his hand!
Sanskar: just smile all time. U have really a beautiful smile… So just smile!!
Swara didn’t smile ..
Sanskar: pls,I want to see ur smile …just for once..pls for me..pls..
A smile slowly came in to her face!!
Sanskar: wow!! Now u look soo beautiful. A beautiful girl with beautiful smile!!! How is it??
Swara laughed to hear this!!!
Sanskar also felt happy.he too laughed…


I don’t know it is good or bad. If bad,pls gave ur suggestion,friends. Thank u…

Credit to: Lakshmi

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