adhuri kahani-pain of love episode 2

Hi dear friends,I know that I am a bit sorry about that&thank u so much for ur I will reveal the is raglak&swasan.I know that there are somany ff based on this pairs.first I decided my pairs as ragsan&swalak.I am a big fan of tejaswi&varun.they are perfect in their acting.I love them a lot.but as pairs I like raglak is the most.they (tejaswi&namish)have an unnarratable chemistry in on screen.swasan(varun&helly) also share a good pair that I chose them.I know that there are somany fans of ragsan& sorry my dears.I hope u can understand me.but don’t feel bad.I assure that there will be a great bond between ragsan&,pls give ur support just as before.once again thank u all who gave me comments&support&also thanks to my silent readers.

Scene 1
GH,hall. Ragini is still laughing at swara.swara become very angry.
Swara:stop it laadoo,if u not I am gonna kill u.
Ragini:shona,how can I? What is this?
Ragini can’t control laughing.bcoz swara is wearing a saadi.but it is not in proper way.look like she just cover herself with the saadi.
Ragini:if u don’t know how to wear it,then y didn’t call me or mom.
Swara:ok it is over.I don’t know to wear a saadi.I t is u r the reason for all this.
Ragini:what?me,but how?
In the meantime they forgot that all are their.shekher,sumi etc..all r looking them &smile thinking about their childish behavior.
Swara:yes,ladoo u r the was u told me that wear saadi in college on arts day.(with sad face)u can see na,how I look so horrible in this dress.
Ragini:swara,I told u to wear it&not cover it.
Swara:so funny.
Ragini:come I will help u.
They two went to their room.

Scene 2
Scene starts from the road.the 2 sides of the road have big trees. The road is filld with leaves. The morning,shining sunlight is coming down through the gaps of trees. A cool breeze passing through the leaves of trees. They began to fall down. Two handsome boys are coming.they are jogging

1st boy wearing a blue color tracksuit&white t-shirt&also have a blue color jacket on him.he have a cute smile in his face. The charming guy is Laksh!
Next to him also have handsome boy.he is wearing a black color tracksuit&white t-shirt. He also have a black color jacket on him. His face is seem to be serious. He is the stylish guy sanskar!

Laksh:(with an anxious tone)bhai,what happened?everything is fine na?why u look like so serious.
Sanskar:no,lucky,nothing serious.I just think about our new project.the meeting is posponded to next monday isn’t it?
Laksh:oh bhai! Come on yaar.why u r thinking about it all the time. It will be gonna good.
Sanskar:lucky,it is our’s first project in our career.we two are going to do this project alone,do u forget that?
Laksh:bhai! If u don’t mind i just want to tell u something.
Sanskar:(serious tone)what?
Laksh:it is the 6th time u tell me the same dialoge.
Sanskar:(in an angry tone)don’t lie is the 1st time in today I told this.
Laksh:ha.ha.yes bhai…1st in today.but yesterday u told this 5times.
Sanskar:(fake anger tone)ok,ok we will stop the talk right now.
Laksh:(in a teasing tone)even I don’t want to continue it.u r the reason of it?
Sanskar:me? Lucky u started the conversation.
Laksh:yes,but just to know the matter.
Sanskar:I don’t meant that,I mean u r starting to tease me.
They looking at each other&started laughing.
Laksh:ok bhai,I agreed.I am started it.
Sanskar:lucky don’t mind it.I just tried to tease u.
Laksh:bhaai u….
Laksh started to chase sanskar.sanskar started running.while running he started laughing&try to fool laksh.
Sanskar jumped over the sitting bench &laksh do the same. Laksh try to catch sanky’s jacket&he got it.but sanky free his body from the jacket and sanky’s jacket is in laksh’s hand. He threw it in the sitting bench&started chasing again. When laksh reach next behind sanskar,he climbed up to sanskar.sanky started run carrying laksh both started laughing.
finally,near a sitting bench sanky put down lakah.
Laksh(trying to breath):kyaa bhai,how do u feel now?
Sanskar:(also trying to breath)I feel very gud.not just good I feel perfect hu hoo….
Laksh:now u became tension free isn’t it?
they two look each other&hugged.
Sanskar:I got the world’s best brother,he na?
Lakah:no,I don’t agree with u. Bcoz I got the world’s most perfect brother forever.
They two slightly hit their head together&started walking.

So friends,how is this chapter.If u like it.pls give ur valuable comments. Thank u.

Credit to: Lakshmi


  1. atiya

    sorry to hurt u lakhshmi but im really not satisfied wid ur ff im sorry but i cant be able to read ur ff and bye not gonna read dis ff

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