adhuri kahani-pain of love episode 19

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And my dears-PINKY REDDY,ANU,ABI JWALA- So sorry dears… I don’t think to hurt any one’s feelings&it is SURE that SWARA is one of the lead in my ff. I wrote yeaterday episode after a long I continue it from previous chapter. I just want to finish that scene. Not try to make Ragini more top. But I am asking u sorry from my core of my heart.. I will take ur comments as suggetion&will try my best to give equal importance to all lead. Once again sorry my dear friends,if I hurt u..&gave suggetion to improve my writing.


Scene 1
Night. MM.
Sanskar’s room. He was checking some files&working on laptop.
Just then laksh came to his room.
Laksh:are bhaai!! Wat r u doing yaar?
Only then sanskar notice laksh!
Sanskar:Lucky!! Come. I was just verifying files. It is finished!
He closed the laptop.

Laksh pick one of the files&just look.
Suddenly he notice Ragini’s signature in the bottom of the paper. A smile came in his face. He touch in her sign.
Laksh wispered her name!!
But sanskar heared this!
Laksh:wat bhaai?
Sanskar:wat r u said lucky?
Laksh understood that sanky heared that!!
Laksh:voh…bhaai…I saw her sign…so just tell her name!!
He close the file&gave to sanky!!
Sanskar think some thing,&dialed Ragini’s number in his phone…
But it was not reachable…
Sanky cut the call
Laksh look at him.
Laksh:bhaai,to whom ur calling?
Sanskar:are yaar,I am calling Ragini!!
Laksh felt a little shock in his mind!! But he didn’t express it!!
Laksh ask
Sanskar:haam.. lucky,I already tried 3 or 4 times!! But her number is not reachable…
Laksh:but y bhaai?? I mean…. any thing important?
Sanskar:no nothing important…. just to talk… after all she is my friend,he na?
Laksh felt a little irritating to hear that!!

Sanky tried one more time. But still her number is not reachable!!
Sanskar felt disappointed!! See this laksh became more tension…
Sanskar think some thing&suddenly called laksh..!!
Laksh was in the thinking of Ragini& sanskar behave towards her. Think that he felt a little pain in his heart !! Bcoz now he know that he started love Ragini!!
Sanskar shake laksh,bcoz laksh was in a lost state!!
Laksh:haan bhaai!!!
He became sense!!
Sanskar:wat r u thinking??
Laksh:kuch nahi bhaai!
Sanskar:lucky,r u ready to come with me?
Laksh:come?? To where bhaai??

Sanskar:first answer me, r u ready to come?
Laksh:hmmm?? Yea I am ready!! But tell me to where?
Sanskar take car’s key&said: to Ragini’s house.
Laksh:ok……. sorry,to where??
Sanskar:to Ragini’s house,wat? Don’t u come with me?
Laksh surprised to hear that!! He felt happy&pain in same time.!
Laksh:but… bhaai! Wat the need of that?
In this night… voh bhi 2 boys… in her home…
Sanskar:are..lucky!! Wat r u thinking? I am not going to see my LOVER in night!!! Just to gave this..
He take a little chain from his pocket!!
Laksh:wat is this bhaai??
Sanskar:it is her chain Lucky!! I got it from balcony,where we sit!!
I called her to inform that!! But couldn’t contact her!! So I think to go there &give this to her, it will be a surprise for her!!
Laksh felt soo relaxed to hear that!! He felt soo happy,bcoz he was soo confused in sanskar activities. Now his doughts r cleared ..
Laksh:then come bhaai!! We will go there&give her a shock!!!
Laksh went out from the room fastly..!!!
Sanskar remain cluelessly bcoz of laksh excitement!!
Sanskar:y he look soo happy&excited, just like he is going to meet his girl friend!!!
He also went to car porch to take car!!

Scene 2
Sanskar&Laksh reached GH. Sanskar stopped his car out side the gate of GH.
they stepped out..
Sanskar is about to go towards the gate ..
But laksh drag him in to side&gave an action to don’t make noise.
Sanskar didn’t get y! !!
Suddenly laksh try to climb up on the wall&he done it!!
Sanskar:Lucky, wat r u doing??
Laksh:come on bhaai,I will help u!!
He forewarded his hands!!!
Sanskar:wat?? Help me? For wat? &y u climb up the wall?
Laksh:ohh.. wat a brother u r!! Don’t u have any sense!! U r such a waste fellow!! We r came here to gave surprise to Ragini,right??
Sanskar:yes,but !! y u do this?
Laksh:we will go through garden&will find her room. Then will go there through window&give her surprise!!! How is it??
Sanky gave him an angry look.!!
Sanskar:lucky…. I don’t know wat may I do if ur near to me!”
Laksh:wat bhaai? Y r u talking like this? Don’t u like my plan? No problem I will think another, or do u already have any other plan??

Sanskar:stop the rubbish lucky! Wat r u thinking? We came here to meet our girl friends? Come we will go only through front side!!
Laksh:are bhaai! Come one yaar!! Wat is the surprise in that? It will be a common visit!!
Sanskar:through surprise I mean,gave her a sudden visit!!
Laksh:ohh!! That u wanted to do!!!
Sanskar:yes!! I just mean that. If u want to come with me,then come or u can choose ur own ways! !
said this sanskar opened the gate!! Laksh also followed him!!!
Sanskar done calling bell. Servent came&opened the door.
Sanskar:we want to see Mr. Shekher Gadodia.
Suddenly shekher came&ask
Shekher:who is that? Come in..
Sanky&laksh entered to GH!!
Laksh looked arround. He find a family photo in the wall. In that pic have Dadi,dadaji,dida,shekher,sumi,Ragini&Swara!!!
Laksh:so..Ragini have a sister….
sanskar: hai uncle!
shekher looked him keenly!! He felt that he know the face of sanskar!! But couldn’t remember!!
Shekher: hmm…who r u? Sorry to say that,it seem like I know u before! But not remember when!
Sanskar:yea uncle,we met in a business meeting !& I am the son of Durgaprasad Maheshwari!!
Shekher:haa!! Now I got it! U r sanskar right?
Sanskar:yes uncle!!
Shekher:nice to meet u Mr.brilliant boy!!

They hugged..
Sumi&all others came there.
Sanskar:uncle this is my brother …
Shekher:nice to meet u mr. Young Maheshwari ……
shekher hugged laksh..
Shekher:u r ….Laksh,he na?
Laksh:yea!! How do u know me uncle? We didn’t meet yet!
Shekher:I know! Ragini told me!
Laksh:wat !! Ragini told about me!
Shekher:yea! Yesterday she told a lot about both of u…
Sanskar:vise…uncle where is she?
Shekher:oh.!!! I forgot!! Sumi Laadoo ko bulavo..
Sumi:Ji shekher!!
Sumi:haam.voh Ragini ki pet name hei!!

Shekher:soo,y ur in night, I mean r u going to some where or….
Sanskar:nahi uncle…. we came here to meet Ragini…to give this.
He showed the chain.
Sanskar:she lost it in our home!
But Ragini didn’t came down.
Sumi is about to go to Ragini’s room..but sanskar stops her..!!
Sanskar:aunty ji wait,I will go,it may be a surprise for her!!! Where is her room?
Sumi:teek hei betta! It is her room.
She showed him swaragini’s room.
Sanskar go to the room. Laksh think to go with him. But then change! !
Sanskar opened Swaragini’s room!!!
Sanskar:Ragini…!!! Surprise!!!!
But there was no body!& also the lights were off!!!
He slowly stepped in to the room!!
Sanskar:Ragini…? Ragini…?
He go near to the wash room!!!
Suddenly some one came out from wash room!! &collide with him!!

it was SWARA!!!
She lost the balance & fell upon him!!
They two fell down!!!…


Hei guys!! I know that somany SWASAN fans r eagerly waiting for their meeting!!! Keep reading…&wait for it!! .do comments&suggetions also. Thank u….

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