adhuri kahani-pain of love episode 18

Hi guys!! After a looong …loong break I start to write my ff ADHURI KAHANI-PAIN OF LOVE!. Guys I really don’t know wat to say. Thanks is not enough for ur support&love towards me!! After all I am not a good writer,but u always give me encouragement&inspiration to write. .. & thanks a lot for every one who gave the support to my both ff!!.
I just want to say one more thing,especially for RAFEE- thanks a lot for ur comments. I saw that u asking me to post this ff in somany time. So it is specially for u!!!


Scene 1
MM. Sanskar& Ragini coming down after their meeting…
Sanky felt very shame about laksh’s behaviour!!
sanskar:sorry Ragini..
Ragini:sorry??? For wat?
Ragini:Laksh!! Laksh ko kya hua? Are sanskar,don’t feel bad! I can understand wat u r thinking. Sanskar,u saw na laksh was in a sleepy mood. So may be he didn’t notice his dress!!
Ragini:kyaa but?.sanskar can u pls stop this stupid thinking! U always getting bother in every thing even in simple things.
Sanky embaressed to hear her!! Bcoz it was his real nature. He know that,so now he trying to change it,hardly. But Ragini understood it in a very single day!!!
He stopped walking& looked at Ragini!
Ragini saw this!!
Ragini:wat sanskar?
Sanskar:how do u know that?
Sanskar:I mean,how can u said that I am a sooo bothering guy
Ragini:it is right,is’n it?
Sanskar:yea! I know that! But….u…after all we became friends only just 2days?
Ragini:so?? We became friends, he na? Ek ache dosth ko samachne ki koi waqt nahi chahiye!!
Sanky smiled hear this.
Sanskar:yea, u r right.we r best friends now.
They both smiled&came down.

Scene 2
Laksh’s room.
Laksh rush to room& bolt it. He take his dress and went to wash room to change. He came out in just seconds,after became fresh.
Laksh:wat r u done u fool lucky? Ohh!!! Bhai I am gonna kill u today,oh!!! Wat will she think???
Thinking about past incident he became more restless…
Laksh:y she came in soo morning? ?? And wat was the need ,bhai to call me??
He comb his hair. He think about go out ..
Laksh:how will I face her??
So he decide don’t go to hall to meet her..

Scene 3
MM Hall.
Ap,suja,uttara all r there to meet Ragini.
Sanskar&Ragini came down.
Ragini:sanskar,kyaa aap mujhe apni family ko introduce na karooo?
Sanskar:oh!! I forgot that, I will tell u
First Ap
Sanskar:she is my lovly,cuty mom. Sooo good in nature&always keep herself happy &will make others happy too…world’s best mom for ever….
He gave a kiss in ap’s cheek.
Then suja
Sanky:my sooo sweey chachiji….kitni pari lagrahi he na? Always a caring chachi….
Sujatha blush to hear that
Then uttara’s turn
Sanky:she is my cute little sister. Soo beautiful hei,but some time sooo irritative bhi hei.
All laughed hear this…
Uttara:bhaai… u….
She hit him hard…
Sanky:ouuuch…it is really painful…
uttara: achaa hua…
She go&hugged Ragini …
Uttara:meim uttara,in donom ki chotti behen hei! But wat to do they always tease me like this!!
She made a sad face…
Sanky:ohhh!!! Meri little princess sad hogaya…
He hugged her…
sanskar:come Ragini I will show u our family photo..
He show her the family photo &introduce his father& chachaji…
Ragini:sanskar,u introduce all of them to introduce me to them..
sanky:yea,I will!
Uttara:no need of that,we all know that now ur the best friend of my bhaai..
All laughed.
Ragini:vise sanskar…laksh…
Sanskar &Ragini looked at each other& remember the incident they both start laughing….
Uttara:wat bhaai? Wat is the matter?
Sanskar:kuch nahi,uttara!
Suja:bathao,sanskar kyaa baath hei?
Sanskar:are kuch nahi chaachi…
Ragini:sanskar,where is his room? I will go&meet him..
Sanskar:voh hei …
He pointed towards a room..
Sanskar:want me to come?
Ragini:no sanskar,I will…
Ragini go towards Laksh’s room..

Scene 4
Laksh’s room.
Still laksh was restless…he rethink so many times about the past situation.
Laksh:stupid lucky…..
He throw a pollow towards the door!!
Just in that time Ragini opened the door!! Pillow hit in her face!!!!
She shocked!!!
laksh saw Ragini..
Laksh:oh!!! I ….I am sorry Ragini I didn’t see u…
He went to her.. when saw him she started laughing… laksh feel soo shame…he didn’t say any thing..
Ragini:Laksh…tum..tum kyum mujhe dekh kar bhaag liya? Haaa…haaa
Laksh give her an angry look…
Ragini controlled her laughing&looked arround his room..
Ragini:soo…this is ur room?
His room’s condition was really pathetic!!! All in a mess!!!
Ragini:laksh,I am wondering!! How can u keep ur room sooo good like this?
Laksh understood that she teasing him..
Laksh:haaa!! Kyaa karoo yaar,I take soo much effort to keep this room beautiful like this….
He tease her back…
Ragini:oh…really Mr. Laksh Maheshwari??
said this she step forward…..
Her leg hit in the table&she lost her balance…..
Laksh:carefully Ragini….
she lost balance..and…fell upon laksh..!!!
Laksh try to stop her ..!!! But they two fell in to bed…!!!
A thick silence came between them!!!
The cool breeze came…!!!
they two felt some thing stuck on their throut!!!
Ragini’s lip started shivering….!!!

Song SANAM RE… Playing in the back ground….

In that time they two think about their first meet in the temple….their first eye-lock…!!! First kiss..!!!!
In the very moment Laksh realize one thing!!!… that he started to love her!!!
He look deeply in to her eyes…
She get some strange feeling to look at his eyes too…
She try to get up…
They two get up…
They two remain speechless!!!
After one second Ragini go to out side….!!
Laksh stood like a statue&he can felt her smell in his room!!
Ragini came to hall…
Sanskar:kyaa unko mila?
Ragini try to smile!!,sanskar meim chaltha hum..
Sanskar:y soo fast? Any thing urgent…
Ragini:nahi…voh….actually…I &my sister planned to go for I want to go now…
Ap:but,we couldn’t treat u properly…
Ragini:koi baath nahi maa…meim phir se aavoongi!!!
Laksh came to hall…
Saw him Ragini’s heart beat started to raising………
Ragini:maa ..chachi chalthe hum….
She folded her hands…
Ragini:by uttara…
Uttara:by…Ragini…phir bhi avoonga ,he na?
Ragini:yea sure…
Sanskar:come I will drop u..
Ragini:no need sanskar,I came in my car.
sanskar:ok…then by..
They shake their hands
She looked at laksh!! But didn’t say any thing and went out side…
Suja:kithni achi ladki he voh!!! Ithni maan sammaan se doosaroom se baath kartha hei!! He na jiji?
Ap:haam…sujatha…bilkul. she is really a good girl!!
She think some thing!! A smile came to her face…
Hear this sanskar&laksh feel happy!! They both smiled…
Laksh look towards her way…..!!!!


Dears,I don’t know it is good or bad!! After a long time I continue this. Pls do comments..I really need that to improve. Pls it is a request….

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