adhuri kahani-pain of love episode 17

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Scene 1.
GH. Morning. Swaragini’s room.
Ragini is getting ready to go some where!!
She wearing a beautiful saadi-dark blue bloue&pink saadi&her long hair opened!
She look soo gorgeous in that attire..
Swara was sleeping.after some time she opened her eyes slowly. She saw ragini &smiled
Swara:good morning laadoo!
Ragini:ahhh.. u wake up!!
Swara:where r u going in morning !
Ragini:first temple,then…..

Ragini:to meet Maheshwaries!!!
Swara:wat? But y?u didn’t even told me that u have any meeting today!
Ragini:it is not an official meeting shona,actually I verified the files yesterday night. I found some mistakes in I am going to clarify that.
Swara:ok baba,u go &come back soon. Don’t forget about the shopping plan.
Ragini like a little kid
Ragini:ok mamma.
they laughed.
Suddenly shekher came inside
Shekher:r u ready,laadoo?
Ragini:yea papa.
Shekher:don’t worry. Driver know Mahashwari house.
Swara:is the meeting in their home?
Ragini:yes dear.

Shekher:did u inform them about ur visit?
Ragini:no papa. Actually I am going to gave them a surpise visit!
Shekher:ok is waiting.
Ragini:ok papa,by shona,by papa.
Ragini leave.
Scene 2
Ap&suja making arrangements for breakfast. Uttara came there.
Uttara:good morning maa,good morning badi maa
Ap:good morning betta,where is r ur bhaies?
Uttara:sanskar bhayya came aftet jogging&laksh bhayya is still sleeping!
Ap:kyaa,laksh aaj jogging ko nahi gaya?
Ap:he became lazy day by day.
Suddenly they heared calling bell!
Uttara:I will see u.

Uttara go &opened the door.
It was Ragini! Uttara looking at her with amazement! Ragini look soo beautiful.
Ragini smiled at her!
Uttara:kon he aap?
Ragini:hai I am Ragini,Ragini Gadodia.
She said that in a loud voice Ap&suja heared it &came to hall.
Ragini:kyaa,meim andar aa sakthi hum?
Uttara:oh..sorry,come come…
Ragini saw ap&suja she folded her hands&said”namaste”
Ap&suja became soo happy to her behaviour..
They smiled&replaid same to her.
Just then sanky came down for having break fast. He saw Ragini.became excited!!
Ragini:hi sanskar!
Sanskar:How ur here!! I mean It is really a surprise!
Ragini:just to meet u sanskar!
Sanskar:wat? Only to meet me!
Ragini smiled to hear his replay.
Ragini:actually,I saw some mistakes in the I decided to meet u &clarify them.
Sanskar:ohh.. come we will sit in balcony.
They go to balcony.
Sanskar& Ragini sit opposit directions.
Sanskar:gave me the files Ragini&wat r the mistakes?
Ragini gave the files to sanskar
Ragini:these r.
She show it.
Ragini:BTW sanskar where is laksh?
Actually enter in MM,ragini’s eyes where searching laksh! But she didn’t know y!
Sanskar:ohh I forgot that,I will call him.
Sanskr dialed laksh’s number!
Laksh was sleeping.he heard the phone ring&wake up.
Laksh:who is in the morning?
He saw sanskar’s number.
Laksh:kyaa bhai?
Laksh pick the call.
Laksh:wat bhai?
Sanky:laksh came balcony, quickly!
Laksh:wat! Balcony? But y?
Sanskar:come I will tell after u came here!
Sanskar:come lucky,here is a surprise for u!
Sanskar:haam.. here is some one to meet u!
Laksh:oh tell to come tomorrow.
Laksh:ok ok .don’t be angry! Iam coming!
Sanskar:good boy.
He cut the call&to ragini;
Sanskar:he will come now!

Laksh came there in sleeping mood.
Ragini&sanskar shocked to see him!!!!

Bcoz he is wearing only a shorts!!nothing else!!
Laksh didn’t notice Ragini!
Ragini felt very funny!but controlled her laugh&looked down.
Sanskar:wat is this lucky?!!!!
He asked that in an angry tone.
Laksh:u called me!! Now y r u scolding me?
Just then he saw Ragini!!
He became sense!!! And shocked to think about his dress.!!
While said this he run from there!!
Ragini couldn’t controlled her self see that!! She burst out of laughing.!!!
Sanskar hit his forehead with his hands!!!

PRECAP: ………….

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